Pompano Beach Girls, Boys Sweep Coral Springs, Piper, Stranahan

By Sharon Robb

POMPANO BEACH, September 27, 2019–A week before the Oct. 5 BCAA Championships in Plantation, Pompano Beach swimmers got in some good racing while picking up three girls and three boys wins in Wednesday’s four-team home meet.

The Tornadoes girls defeated Piper, 107-34, Coral Springs, 103-50, and Stranahan, 116-0, by forfeit. Coral Springs topped Piper, 76-53.

Pompano Beach won all three girls relays and five individual events.

Victoria Zlateva led the Tornadoes as a double winner in the 50-yard freestyle in 27.03 and 100-yard freestyle in 1:00.22.

Lauren Suglio was a double winner for Coral Springs in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:39.83 and 100-yard butterfly in 1:13.26.

The boys team beat Piper, 104-40, and Coral Springs, 99-61, and also picked up a forfeit win from Stranahan. Coral Springs defeated Piper, 95-47.

Pompano Beach also swept all three boys relays. The Tornadoes won six individual events including double winners Steven Gary and Jake Schulte.

Gary won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:59.05, 500-yard freestyle in 5:09.44 and anchored the winning 200-yard freestyle relay.

Schulte won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:17.56 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:11.34. He was a member of two winning relays.

Stranahan did not compete and forfeited wins to opponents.

Pompano Beach 116, Stranahan 0
Pompano Beach 107, Piper 34
Pompano Beach 103, Coral Springs 50
Coral Springs 76, Piper 53
Coral Springs 98, Stranahan 0
Piper 66, Stranahan 0


200-yard medley relay:
1. Pompano Beach A 2:08.43 (Summer Schulte, Emma Gurdus, Victoria Zlateva, Victoria Debrito), 2. Coral Springs 2:27.71, 3. Pompano Beach B 2:29.97.

200-yard freestyle:
1. Lorelei Bennett, PB 2:12.15, 2. Sophie Lichtenstein, PB 2:29.01, 3. Amanda Lieber, CS 2:38.17.

200-yard individual medley:
1. Lauren Suglio, CS 2:39.83, 2. Veronica Meyer, PB 2:50.53, 3. Madison Perez, CS 3:08.64.

50-yard freestyle:
1. Victoria Zlateva, PB 27.03, 2. Fernanda Andino, PB 29.62, 3. Amaya White, PIP 32.15.

1-meter diving:

100-yard butterfly:
1. Lauren Suglio, CS 1:13.26, 2. Kamryn Phillips, PB 1:19.15, 3. Raniyah Hardanian, CS 1:27.88.

100-yard freestyle:
1. Victoria Zlateva, PB 1:00.22, 2. Sarah Colado, PIP 1:04.40, 3. Raniyah Hardanian, CS 1:18.71.

500-yard freestyle:
1. Lorelei Bennett, PB 5:43.01, 2. Megan Roberson, PB 7:10.24, 3. Madison Perez, CS 7:25.11.

200-yard freestyle relay:
1. Pompano Beach A 1:57.21 (Victoria Zlateva, Lorelei Bennett, Veronica Meyer, Fernanda Andino), 2. Piper B 2:12.45, 3. Pompano Beach A 2:23.01.

100-yard backstroke:
1. Sarah Colado, PIP 1:13.60, 2. Virag Mahler, PB 1:33.22, 3. Marissa Ruggierro, PB 1:33.42.

100-yard breaststroke:
1. Veronica Meyer, PB 1:27.72, 2. Lindsay Putney, PB 1:31.19, 3. Samantha Sterghos, PIP 1:36.34.

400-yard freestyle relay:
1. Pompano Beach A 4:26.73 (Lorelei Bennett, Veronica Meyer, Fernanda Diniz, Summer Schulte), 2. Coral Springs 4:58.64, 3. Piper 5:09.02.

Pompano Beach 116, Stranahan 0
Pompano Beach 104, Piper 40
Pompano Beach 99, Coral Springs 61
Coral Springs 112, Stranahan 0
Coral Springs 95, Piper 47
Pipr 64, Stranahan 0


200-yard medley relay:
1. Pompano Beach A 1:48.37 (Alexandro Marquez, Jake Schulte, Rafael Santos, Charles Wingold), 2. Coral Springs 1:59.31, 3. Pompano Beach B 2:04.48.

200-yard freestyle:
1. Steven Gary, PB 1:59.05, 2. Joshua Cajuste, PB 2:01.61, 3. Joshua Arteaga, CS 2:13.44.

200-yard individual medley:
1. Jake Schulte, PB 2:17.56, 2. Jonah Bennet, PB 2:21.13, 3. Noah Gilman, CS 2:29.62.

50-yard freestyle:
1. Immanuel Olmos, CS 23.45, 2. Jayden Scarlett, PIP 23.94, 3. Charles Wingold, PB 24.44.

1-meter diving:

100-yard butterfly:
1. Jayden Scarlett, PIP 58.32, 2. Immanuel Olmos, CS 59.57, 3. Jonah Bennet, PB 1:03.66.

100-yard freestyle:
1. Charles Wingold, PB 53.35, 2. Luis Acosta, PIP 56.38, 3. Jason Gregory, CS 57.14.

500-yard freestyle:
1. Steven Gary, PB 5:09.44, 2. Carson Davie, PB 6:14.88, 3. Justin Kinggard, CS 7:07.83.

200-yard freestyle relay:
1. Pompano Beach A 1:41.51 (Joshua Cajuste, Jake Schulte, Jonah Bennet, Steven Gary), 2. Piper 1:47.49, 3. Coral Springs 1:51.52.

100-yard backstroke:
1. Fabrizio Parraga, PB 1:02.25, 2. Brandon Holder, PB 1:24.23, 3. Davyne Fuller, PIP 1:32.26.

100-yard breaststroke:
1. Jake Schulte, PB 1:11.34, 2. Noah Gilman, CS 1:18.68, 3. Nick Chong, CS 1:27.10.

400-yard freestyle relay:
1. Pompano Beach A 3:28.95 (Rafael Santos, Alexandro Marquez, Charles Wingold, Joshua Cajuste), 2. Coral Springs 3:52.79, 3. Pompano Beach B 4:17.82.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Mother Nature Cuts Cooper City Home Opener Short; Kaplan, Biro, Wilson Double Winners

By Sharon Robb

COOPER CITY, August 31, 2019–Despite Mother Nature cancelling six boys and five girls events, Cooper City was able to sweep Coral Springs and Coral Springs Charter in its home opener.

In the girls’ competition, Cooper City defeated Coral Springs, 63-41, and Coral Springs, 68-16. Coral Springs Charter defeated Coral Springs, 70-24.

The girls’ 500 freestyle, 200 freestyle relay, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke and 400 freestyle relay events were cancelled because of the inclement weather.

Cooper City was led by double winner Kate Kaplan in the 50-yard freestyle in 25.71 and 100-yard freestyle in 59.00. Kaplan was also a member of the winning 200-yard medley relay.

Coral Springs Charter’s Delaney Biro was also a double winner in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:57.01 and 100-yard butterfly in 59.44.

In the boys’ competition, Cooper City defeated Coral Springs 68-16 and Coral Springs Charter 66-16. Coral Springs edged Coral Springs Charter, 39-31.

Cooper City’s Robert Wilson of SOFLO led the boys with two individual and one relay win. He won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.31 and 100-yard butterfly in 55.69.

Cooper City 68, Coral Springs 16
Cooper City 66, Coral Springs Charter 16
Coral Springs 39, Coral Springs Charter 31

200-yard medley relay: 1. Cooper City A 1:45.18 (Cline, Roman, Robert Wilson, Mark Zhang), 2. Coral Springs Charter 1:53.44 (Aiden, Sam, Andrees, Andrees), 3. Cooper City B 1:54.01.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Mark Zhang, CC 1:53.34, 2. Reilly, CC 1:54.46, 3. Alex Golding, CC 2:05.43.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Michael Cline, CC 2:06.53, 2. Javier Roman, CC 2:10.69, 3. Christakis, CC 2:18.23.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Robert Wilson, CC 23.31, 2. Gregory, CS 23.37, 3. Rivira, CC 25.12.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Robert Wilson, CC 55.69, 2. Sam, CSC 59.74, 3. Christakis, CC 1:03.33

1-meter diving: 1. Tyler Flowers 255.15.

Cooper City 63, Coral Springs Charter 41
Cooper City 68, Coral Springs 16
Coral Springs Charter 70, Coral Springs 24

200-yard medley relay: 1. Cooper City A (Coughlin, Kate Kaplan, Mallory Schleicher, Molly Golding) 1:55.28, 2. Coral Springs Charter (Amber Candido, Bri, Delancy, Reily) 1:57.12, 3. Cooper City B (Ranalli, Sally Golding, Mirabel, Brames) 2:00.47.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Delaney Biro, CSC 1:57.01, 2. Mallory Schleicher, CC 1:51.59, 3. Brames, CS 2:07.46.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Molly Golding, CC 2:16.75; 2. Imriel Coughlin, CC 2:19.99, 3. Amber Candido, CSC 2:20.88.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Kate Kaplan, CC 25.71, 2. Sahara, CSC 26.97, 3. Mirabal, CC 28.00.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Delaney Biro, CSC 59.44, 2. Molly Golding, CC 1:00.20, 3. Riley McCormick, CSC 1:05.65.

100 Freestyle: 1. Kate Kaplan, CC 59.00, 2. Frank, CS 1:04.37, 3. Gaby, CSC 1:08.70.

Diving: 1. Cara Barkey, CC 181.13, 2. Brianna Grave, CC 137.56.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Cypress Bay Sweeps Coral Springs, South Broward, Ready To Defend BCAA Titles

By Sharon Robb

HOLLYWOOD, September 25, 2018—Defending champion Cypress Bay tuned up for Saturday’s Broward County Athletic Association Swimming and Diving Championships with one-sided victories over Coral Springs and South Broward Monday at the Bulldogs pool.

The Lightning girls team defeated Coral Springs, 82-12 and South Broward, 77-17. Host South Broward edged Coral Springs, 49-45.

Cypress Bay swept all three girls relays and won seven of eight individual events.

Among individual winners were sophomore Paige Lane in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:59.30, junior Jacqueline Lugo in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:04.36 and senior Daniela Kim in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:08.24.

The boys’ team defeated South Broward, 67-25, and Coral Springs 72-18. South Broward defeated Coral Springs, 56-36.

Cypress Bay won the boys 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle relays.

Luis Bucaro won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:51.71 and Diego Machado won the 100-yard freestyle in 52.61.

South Broward’s Andy Rogatinsky won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:01.53 and second in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.61.

Cypress Bay 82, Coral Springs 12
Cypress Bay 77, South Broward 17
South Broward 49, Coral Springs 45

200-yard medley relay: 1. Cypress Bay A 1:55.55 (Ellie Koch, Daniela Kim, Elizabeth Riley, Gaby Banks), 2. Cypress Bay B 2:02.43, 3. Coral Springs 2:03.92.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Paige Lane, CB 1:59.30, 2. Allyson Modrak, CB 2:25.87, 3. Nathalia Martinez, CB 2:26.46.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Lauren Sugho, CS 2:19.35, 2. Gaby Banks, CB 2:23.64, 3. Andrea Toledano, CB 2:23.87.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jemma Kelly, CB 26.17, 2. Emily Lopez Diaz, CB 26.28, 3. Mikaela MacKenzie, SB 27.31.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jacqueline Lugo, CB 1:04.36, 2. Alesia Vazquez-Quiroga, CB 1:06.39, 3. Alexandra Ruiz, SB 1:11.60.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Elizabeth Riley, CB 58.73, 2. Victoria Bruno, SB 1:00.65, 3. Mikaela MacKenzie, SB 1:04.30.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Ashlynn Amon, CB 5:43.43, 2. Anastacia Van Gent, CB 6:36.66, 3. Riya Girish, CB 7:23.91.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cypress Bay A 1:45.20 (Paige Lane, Jacqueline Lugo, Gaby Banks, Emily Diaz Lopez), 2. Cypress Bay B 1:47.23, 3. South Broward 2:06.39.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Ellie Koch, CB 1:04.83, 2. Andrea Toledano, CB 1:09.56, 3. Madison Wyche, SB 1:23.53.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Daniela Kim, CB 1:08.24, 2. Marianna Serrao, CB 1:18.91, 3. Karina Umana, SB 1:33.28

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cypress Bay 3:59.04 A (Marianna Serrao, Daniela Kim, Emily Lopez Diaz, Ellie Koch), 2. Cypress Bay B 3:51.67, 3. Cypress Bay C 4:06.58.

Cypress Bay 67, South Broward 25
Cypress Bay 72, Coral Springs 18
South Broward 56, Coral Springs 36

200-yard medley relay: 1. South Broward 1:43.69, 2. Cypress Bay A 1:45.33, 3. Cypress Bay B 1:45.81.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Luis Bucaro, CB 1:51.71, 2. Andy Rogatinsky, SB 1:54.61, 3. Justin Whitaker, SB 2:04.72.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Philopatier Ibrahim, CB 2:03.78, 2. Jason Rosenberg, CB 2:20.47, 3. Christian Arbelo, SB 2:23.04.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Juan Rosas, CB 23.28, 2. Sebastian Santiago, SB 24.06, 3. Danyil Kovalov, SB 24.45.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Yeshwanth Mandava, CB 58.14, 2. Justin Whitaker, SB 1:07.82, 3. Ishola Adefunmi, SB 1:10.57.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Diego Machado, CB 52.61, 2. Ethan Daniels, CB 55.32, 3. AJ Lopez, SB 55.46.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Max Miller, CB 5:00.43, 2. Tom Liraz, CB 5:08.43, 3. Isaac Paiz, CB 5:35.58.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cypress Bay 1:34.32 (Maxwell Miller, Luis Bucaro, Jack D’Avi, Diego Machado), 2. Cypress Bay B 1:35.18, 3. South Broward 1:41.40.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Jack D’Avi, CB 1:01.21, 2. Kobe Noraton, SB 1:05.12, 3. Patrick Loeber, CB 1:23.21.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Andy Rogatinsky, SB 1:01.53, 2. Santiago Homes, CB 1:08.25, 3. Jason Rosenberg, CB 1:09.72.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cypress Bay A 3:28.38 (Diego Machado, Maxwell Miller, Jack D’Avi, Luis Bucaro), 2. Cypress Bay 3:29.83, 3. Cypress Bay 3:36.96.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SOFLO Takes Early Lead On Day One Of Florida Gold Coast Short Course Junior Olympics

By Sharon Robb

March 4, 2016—Defending champion South Florida Aquatic Club leads after Day One of the Florida Gold Coast 14&Under Short Course Junior Olympics.

SOFLO totaled 318 points to take an 18-point lead in the combined team standings Friday night at the Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions in Coral Springs. East Coast Aquatic Club is second with 300 and Pine Crest Swimming is third with 293.

SOFLO had two individual champions, two boys’ relay champions and relied on its’ depth to pile up points.

SOFLO’s 11-12 boys’ relay of Sebastian Lares, Javier Roman, Christian Vasquez and Nicolas Rossi won the 400-yard freestyle relay in 3:45.29.

SOFLO’s 13-14 boys’ relay of Juan Serna, Rafael Rodriguez, Leonardo Mateus and Luke Lezotte won in 1:31.15.

SOFLO’s 13-14 boys’ relay of Leonardo Mateus, Rafael Rodriguez, Juan Serna and Jie Hoon Lee was third in the 800-yard freestyle relay.

Kayla Cunningham, 12, won the 200-yard backstroke in 2:09.04, a time drop of 4.12 seconds. Her previous best was 2:13.16. Cunningham was also 13th in the 100-yard butterfly in a best time 1:06.22.

Alejandro Mateus won the 10-and-under 100-yard butterfly in a best time 1:05.13, shaving 3.54 off his previous best. Mateus was also third in the 500-yard freestyle in a best time 5:42.26.

Other top SOFLO finishers and point-scorers:

Valerie Vank, 10, second in the 10-and-under 100-yard breaststroke in a best time 1:19.36 and third in the 100-yard individual medley in a best time 1:11.80.

Molly Golding, 12, second in the 11-12 100-yard breaststroke in a best time 1:09.21.

Elise Larin, 14, third in the 100-yard breaststroke in a best time 1:07.84.

Tyler Bland, 14, second in the 100-yard breaststroke in a best time 1:01.70.

Nicolas Rossi, 12, fourth in the 11-12 50-yard freestyle in a best time 24.84.

Javier Roman, 12, fourth in the 11-12 100-yard breaststroke in a best time 1:11.45.

Sebastian Lares, 11, second in the 200-yard backstroke in 2:09.61, fourth in the 11-12 100-yard butterfly in 1:01.74; and fourth in the 100-yard individual medley in a best tie 1:03.56.

Rafael Rodriguez, 14, fourth in the 13-14 100-yard butterfly in 54.13.

Christian Tijero, 10, fourth in the 500-yard freestyle in a best time 5:54.68.

Elvis Kotikovski, 14, of Pine Crest Swimming tied the Florida Gold Coast open record in the 200-yard backstroke in 1:49.95.

SOFLO swimmers are seeking an unprecedented sixth consecutive team title in the club’s 16-year history including seven as SOFLO. Last year SOFLO won the overall team and girls team titles and finished runner-up to Metro Aquatics in the boys’ team standings.

More than 800 swimmers and 48 teams including Azura Florida Aquatics, Jupiter Dragons, Hialeah, East Coast Aquatic Club, Gulliver Swim Club, Miami Swimming, Pine Crest Swimming, Swim Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach Piranhas and Wahoos of Wellington are competing in the three-day meet.

The top six finishers in each JO event qualify for the Florida Gold Coast All-Star team.



1.South Florida Aquatic Club 318, 2. East Coast Aquatic Club 300, 3. Pine Crest Swimming 293, 4. Hialeah Storm 192.50, 5. Jupiter Dragons 152.50, 6. North Palm Beach 113, 7. Coral Springs Swim Club 98, 8. Metro Aquatics 94, 9. Azura Florida Aquatics 87, 10. AquaKids Sharks 81.


200-yard freestyle relay:

13-14, 1. East Coast Aquatic Club 1:37.78, 2. Pine Crest 1:38.18, 3. North Palm Beach 1:38.71; 5. SOFLO A 1:42.99 (Katrina Del Vecchio, Paige Lane, Marianna Serrao, Jacqueline Lugo), 7. SOFLO B 1:44.33 (Daniela Curbelo, Elise Larin, Kyana Castro, Annita Huang).

50-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Aspen Gersper, SAS 27.00, 2. Michelle Fernandez, HSC 27.06, 3. Morgan Cogle, JDST 28.22; 11-12, 1. Megan Murphy, ECAC 25.18, 2. Ana Kondratovitch, HSC 25.66, 3. Isabella Chambers, PST 25.73; 13-14, 1. Chade Nersicio, ECAC 23.28, 2. Alexandra Meszaros, PCS 24.29, 3. Sydney Torres, SAS 24.30.

100-yard breaststroke:

10-and-under, 1. Michelle Fernandez, HSC 1:15.39, 2. Valerie Vank, SOFLO 1:19.36, best time, 3. Erin Miller, JDST 1:20.93; 11-12, 1. Anna Auld, ECAC 1:08.01, 2. Molly Golding, SOFLO 1:09.21, best time, 3. Josefine Richter, PCS 1:09.43; 13-14, 1. Chade Nersicio, ECAC 1:05.54, 2. Savannah Yates, PCS 1:05.66, 3. Elise Larin, SOFLO 1:07.84, best time.

100-yard butterfly:

10-and-under, 1. Erika Pelaez, Unattached 1:05.71, 2. Aspen Gersper, SAS 1:09.94, 3. Sophie Lamelas, GRSC 1:14.22; SOFLO: 8. Kerry Cunningham 1:18.64, best time; 11-12, 1. Madelyn Hebert, ECAC 59.11, 2. Emily Trieschmann, SAS 1:00.16, 3. Ana Kondratovitch, HSC 1:00.38; 13-14, 1. Alexandra Meszaros, PC 56.63, 2. Madison Cummings, ECAC 57.95, 3. Jennifer Secrest, NPB 57.96; SOFLO: 6. Paige Lane 59.72, best time, 9. Kyana Castro 1:01.79.

100-yard individual medley:

10-and-under, 1. Michelle Fernandez, HSC 1:09.26, 2. Morgan Cogle, JDST 1:11.14, 3. Valerie Vank, SOFLO 1:11.80, best time; 11-12, 1. Madelyn Hebert, ECAC 1:01.65, 2. Emily Trieschmann, SAS 1:02.74, 3. Heidi Smithwick, JDST 1:03.37; SOFLO: 8. Molly Golding 1:05.03.

500-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Erika Pelaez, Unattached 5:38.73, 2. Erin Miller, JDST 5:52.22, 3. Riley Macvane, NPB 6:13.45.

200-yard backstroke:

11-12, 1. Kayla Cunningham, SOFLO 2:09.04, best time, 2. Megan Murphy, ECAC 2:12.07, 3. Anelis Roque, MAC 2:12.97; 13-14, 1. Madison Cummings, ECAC 2:01.62, 2. Amanda Kopas, SFTL 2:08.78, 3. Madison Schain, AKS 2:11.72; SOFLO: 7. Isabella DiSalvo 2:15.47, best time.

400-yard freestyle relay:

11-12, 1. Pine Crest 3:48.12, 2. East Coast Aquatic Club 3:49.84, 3. AquaKids Sharks 3:53.33, 5. SOFLO A 3:55.42 (Molly Golding, Sarah Acevedo, Emma Twombly, Kayla Cunningham).

800-yard freestyle relay:

13-14, 1. Pine Crest 7:46.67, 2. North Palm Beach 7:50.04, 3. East Coast Aquatic Club 7:55.88, 6. SOFLO A 8:15.43 (Valentina Carrion, Michelle Marinheiro, Jacqueline Lugo, Paige Lane).


200-yard freestyle relay:

13-14, 1.SOFLO A 1:31.15 (Juan Serna, Rafael Rodriguez, Leonardo Mateus, Luke Lezotte), 2. Hialeah 1:32.44, 3. Pine Crest 1:32.58, 12. SOFLO B 1:38.24 (Sebastian Sevilla, Eiza Gantus, Jie Hoon Lee, Tyler Bland).

50-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Steven Curtis, JDST 27.57, 2. Kaii Winkler, FLA 27.60, 3. John Trieu, ECAC 27.70; SOFLO: 11. Aldo Zepeda 30.14, best time; 11-12, 1. Varis Monroe, NPB 24.43, 2. Tiago Pereira, PC 24.44, 3. Matthew Tarafa, HSC 24.49; SOFLO: 4. Nicolas Rossi 24.84, best time; 13-14, 1. Luke Lezotte, SOFLO 21.98, best time, 2. Mattheus Santos, PB 22.18, 3. Aaron Rodriguez, HSC 22.75; SOFLO: 5. Juan Serna 22.85, best time.

100-yard breaststroke:

10-and-under, 1. George Gonzalez, Unattached 1:20.65, 2. Steven Curtis, JDST 1:20.83, 3. Chipper Edwards, ECAC 1:22.80; SOFLO: 6. Alessandro Pereira, 1:23.96, best time, 8. Jacob Navarro 1:24.19, best time; 11-12, 1. Victor Valdes, HSC 1:06.63, 2. Joshua Hanks, PC 1:07.65, 3. Aiden Kohanyi, SUN 1:10.76; SOFLO: 4. Javier Roman 1:11.45, best time; 13-14, 1. Matthew Petreski, PC 1:00.13, 2. Tyler Bland, SOFLO 1:01.70, best time, 3. Brandon Moran, Azura 1:02.78.

100-yard butterfly:

10-and-under, 1. Alejandro Mateus, SOFLO 1:05.13, best time; 2. Kaii Winkler, FLA 1:06.25, 3. Lucas Bailey, Unattached 1:07.33; SOFLO: 8. Jacob Navarro 1:13.54, best time, 9. Christian Tijero 1:13.74, best time, 10. Aldo Zepeda 1:15.85, best time; 11-12, 1. Tiago Pereira, PC 58.83, 2. Angelo Martinez, NMST 59.49, 3. Isaiah Jimenez, GRSC 1:00.99; SOFLO: 4. Sebastian Lares 1:01.74; 13-14, 1. Diego Machado, Azura 53.27, 2. Quoctuan Ho, ECAC 53.37, 3. Nicholas Vale, PC 53.74; SOFLO: 4. Rafael Rodriguez 54.13.

100-yard individual medley:

10-and-under, 1. Kaii Winkler, FLA 1:09.26, 2. Luca Echeumuna, Azura 1:11.25, 3. Steven Curtis, JDST 1:11.37; SOFLO: 8. Alessandro Pereira 1:15.28, best time; 11-12, 1. Joshua Zuchowski, FAST 59.88, 2. Joshua Hanks, PC 1:01.68, 3. Victor Valdes, HSC 1:03.44; SOFLO: 4. Sebastian Lares 1:03.56, best time, 9. Zackary Harris 1:07.27.

500-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. John Trieu, ECAC 5:38.70, 2. Chipper Edwards, ECAC 5:38.82, 3. Alejandro Mateus, SOFLO 5:42.26, best time; SOFLO: 4. Christian Tijero 5:54.68, best time;

200-yard backstroke:

11-12, 1. Joshua Zuchowski, FAST 2:04.66, 2. Sebastian Lares, SOFLO 2:09.61, 3. Joshua Hanks, PC 2:10.36; 13-14, 1. Elvis Kotikovski, PC 1:49.95, 2. Bryan Rivero, HSC 1:55.99, 3. John Torres, Unattached 1:56.63; SOFLO: 5. Leonardo Mateus 2:00.80, best time.

400-yard freestyle relay:

11-12, 1. SOFLO A 3:45.29 (Sebastian Lares, Javier Roman, Christian Vasquez, Nicolas Rossi), 2. Hialeah 3:48.15, 3. Swim Fort Lauderdale 3:52.32, 9. SOFLO B 4:01.77 (Zackary Harris, Alex Golding, Mark Andre De Gracia, Enrique Rodriguez).

800-yard freestyle relay:

13-14, 1. Metro Aquatics 7:26.31, 2. Hialeah 7:26.66, 3. SOFLO A 7:29.17 (Leonardo Mateus, Rafael Rodriguez, Juan Serna, Jie Hoon Lee).


What: Florida Gold Coast Short Course Junior Olympics

When: Saturday-Sunday

Schedule: Saturday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Sunday, prelims 9 a. m., finals 5 p.m.

Where: Coral Springs Aquatic Complex Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions, 12441 Royal Palm Blvd.

Admission: $3 per session, heat sheets $3 per session. For questions, call 954-345-2121.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SWIMMING ROUNDUP: Atkinson’s Finals Will Be Live Streamed Saturday And Sunday

SWIMMING ROUNDUP: Atkinson’s Finals Will Be Live Streamed On Saturday And Sunday


August 9, 2013

South Florida Aquatic Club coaches, swimmers and friends will get the chance to watch three-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson compete in the FINA World Cup in Berlin, Germany on Saturday and Sunday.

FINA, the sport’s international governing body, will live stream the championship finals at http://ow.ly/2z1bkY or go to fina.org.

Atkinson, coming off a great opening performance at the FINA World Cup in Eindhoven, Netherlands, will not compete in the second World Cup in Berlin, Germany.

Atkinson, 24, won gold medals in the 50- and 100-meter breaststroke, bronze in the 100-meter individual medley and broke two of her own national records.

Atkinson will compete in the same events in Berlin. On Saturday she will swim the 100-meter breaststroke which she is seeded first in and Sunday the 50-meter breaststroke (seeded first) and 100-meter individual medley (seeded third).


Whole Foods in Pembroke Pines is celebrating the remaining days of summer vacation and counting down to school with a Back To School Bash on Saturday.

Parents and swimmers can get tips on preparing healthy lunches, grab some freedies and enjoy free family fun.

Whole Foods will host an entire day of fun with raffles and healthy snacks for kids and nutrition tips for parents.

The schedule is:
11 a.m., the Back To School Kids Club will host an interactive class for kids ages 5-12, where kids learn how to make nutritious snacks that can taste good as well.

Noon-2 p.m., there will be a walk-through the store to sample healthy and delicious snacks for parents and kids.

3 p.m., the first 50 children to stop by the customer service counter will win a free back-to-school goodie bag filled with healthy snacks.

There will also be a Better Yummies For Little Tummies backpack raffle drawing. For more information call 954-394-3500.

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SOFLO’s Atkinson Swims In Netherlands On Wednesday

SOFLO’s Atkinson Swims In Netherlands On Wednesday

August 6, 2013

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Alia Atkinson, looking to regroup after a disappointing world championships, will compete Wednesday and Thursday at the Eindhoven World Cup in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The three-time Jamaican Olympian will compete against many of the swimmers she competed against in Barcelona last week.

The two-day FINA Swimming World Cup 2013 meet which offers prize money, features a deep, competitive short course meters field.

2012 Olympian Claire Donahue, who frequently trains with Atkinson when in South Florida at the Academic Village Pool in Pembroke Pines, is one of the few Americans entered in the predominantly international field. St. Petersburg’s Megan Romano is also entered.

On Wednesday, Atkinson will swim the 100-meter breaststroke which she is seeded first in 1:03.80. She is in Lane 4 in the second of two heats and only swimmer in the 1:03s.

Atkinson, 24, is the fastest seed (29.67) in the 50-meter breaststroke and in Lane 4 of the second of two heats on Thursday. She is one of only two swimmers in the 29s. The other is Sweden’s Rebecca Ejdervik.

Also on Thursday, Atkinson will compete in the 100-meter individual medley. She is seeded in the first of three heats. Her seed time is 58.85 and she is expected to final.

The women’s 200-meter breaststroke will have only one heat because of a lack of entries, however, Atkinson is not competing.

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu, the defending FINA World Cup series champion, has entered an incredible 11 events over two days. Also competing are Aussie James Magnussen, George Bovell of Trinidad and Tobago and Vlad Morozov of Russia.

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SOFLO Ready For Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships In Plantation

SOFLO Ready For Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships At Plantation


March 20, 2013

Three-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson heads South Florida Aquatic Club’s 49-swimmer contingent for the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

The three-day meet begins Friday with prelims at 8:30 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m.

SOFLO is riding a wave of success after winning the Junior Olympics combined team title in Coral Springs and turning in some outstanding swims two of the four days at the Speedo Champion Series Sectionals in Fort Lauderdale.

Atkinson, 24, is training for this summer’s world championships in Barcelona, Spain and continues to look great in the water. The team leader is entered in six events, 50-, 100- and 200-yard breaststroke, 100- and 200-yard backstroke and 200-yard freestyle. She is seeded first in all six events.

Atkinson will be joined by three-time Olympian Arlene Semeco of Venezuela in the women’s field

SOFLO’s Maria Lopez, 17, is seeded first in the 200-yard butterfly in 2:05.88. She is also seeded second in the 100-yard butterfly.

Melissa Marinheiro, 15, is top seed in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:51.88 and 200-yard freestyle in 1:50.71. She is seeded second in the 1,650-yard freestyle in 17:05.30.

Marcella Marinheiro, 18, is seeded first in the 50-yard backstroke in 27.11 and 50-yard butterfly in 26.57.

Other SOFLO senior champs qualifiers are: Kaitlin Armstrong, 16; Kylie Herman, 15; Kelley Heron, 13; Amber Hunter, 17; Daniela Jimenez, 17; Evelin Jimenez, 17; Whitney Johnson, 16; Bianca Monti, 13; Astrid Rigau, 16; Jessica Rodriguez, 14; Natasha Testa, 14; Haley Wright, 16; Endi Babi, 24; Xavier Brown, 18; Roger Capote, 17; Ryan Capote, 15; Jordan Colon, 15; Esteban Diaz-Velasco, 13; Edward Kon, 16; CJ Kopecki, 13; Juan Lucas, 14; Alex Monti, 14; Ivan Parada, 18; Kevin Porto, 13; Fernando Quintero, 16; Cristian Rossi, 14; Jonathan Strod, 14; Bowie Suen, 16; Nikolas Ujueta, 15; Gustavo Valery, 14; and Jacob Walters, 17.

In the Area 1, 2, 3, Senior Championships, several SOFLO swimmers are among the top three seeds in their events.

Jessie Cordero, 15, and Rigau are seed second and third in the 200-yard backstroke. Rigau is seeded second in the 200-yard freestyle, second in the 100-yard backstroke and fourth in the 50-yard backstroke. Cordero is seeded third in the 50-yard butterfly, fourth in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:12.39 and fourth in the 100-yard backstroke.

Ujueta is seeded second in the 100-yard freestyle and third in the 200-yard butterfly.

Karina Medina, 15, is seeded third in the 50-yard breaststroke and Rigau is seeded fourth. Medina is seeded fourth in the 200-yard breaststroke.

Juan Saldana, 16, is seeded second in the 200-yard individual medley and fourth in the 50-yard breaststroke.

Genesis Pabon, 16, is seeded second in the 50-yard backstroke.

Simon Ortiz, 15, is seeded first in the 400-yard individual medley in 4:46.68, second in the 1,650-yard freestyle and third in the 50-yard backstroke.

Josemiguel Fernandez, 16, is seeded second in the 400 IM.

Daniel Lee, 17, is seeded fourth in the 50-yard butterfly in 29.01.

Other SOFLO swimmers competing in the Area 1, 2, 3, senior champs are Andrea Iglesia, 15, Emely Nunen, 15, Mathew Delvalle, 15, Jie Won Lee, 17, Federico Molina, 15, and Henry Perillo, 16.

The meet is the last major short course event for FGC swimmers.


What: Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships & Area 1, 2, 3, Senior Championships

When: Friday-Sunday

Schedule: Seniors: Friday, prelims 8:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Saturday, prelims, 8:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Sunday, prelims 8:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Area 1, 2, 3 Seniors: Friday, prelims 11:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Saturday, prelims noon, finals 5 p.m.; Sunday, 11:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.

Where: Plantation Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second Street

Admission: $3 per session, heat sheets per session. For information call 954-452-2526.

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Pinon, Quintero Head SOFLO Lineup For Junior Olympics At Coral Springs

Pinon, Quintero Head SOFLO Lineup For Junior Olympics At Coral Springs


March 7, 2013

Julien Pinon and Samuel Quintero are among South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers ready to make some noise at the Florida Gold Coast 14-and-Under Short Course Junior Olympics that get under way Friday at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

Pinon, 14, competing in his last JOs, is entered in seven events.

Pinon is seeded first in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:44.04 and is the only swimmer to go under 4:45 in the boys’ field.

Pinon is also seeded first in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:41.31, more than five seconds faster than the second seeded time of 1:46.86. He is seeded first in the 1,650-yard freestyle in 16:45.85, the only seed time under 17 minutes.

Pinon is seeded second in the 50-yard freestyle in 22.39, 100-yard butterfly in 53.23, 50-yard butterfly in 24.50 and 100-yard freestyle in 47.94.

Quintero, 12, is seeded first in the 200-yard breaststroke in 2:40.28. Quintero is also entered in seven events.

Organizers will have two pools going in the morning for the boys and girls prelims. Finalists will converge on the main pool for the championship finals.

SOFLO has 51 swimmers competing in individual and relay events during the three-day meet. Zackary Harris will compete for the Comets Swim Team in four events.

The meet features 836 athletes, including 186 relay-only swimmers. There are 650 swimmers competing in individual events totaling 3,137 individual splashes, averaging 4.8 splashes per swimmer.

Most of the Florida Gold Coast’s 14-and-under top age group swimmers will compete. All swimmers had to qualify for JOs, making it the most prestigious short course meet of the season.

The competition will be fierce with other top teams Davie Nadadores, Metro Aquatics, Lake Lytal Lightning, Pine Crest Swimming, St. Andrew’s Swimming and host Coral Springs Swim Club.

SOFLO girls qualifying in individual events are: Camila Alvarez, Lilli Calero, Kyana Castro, Alexandra Crespo, Katherine De Barros, Katrina Del Vecchio, Isabella Di Salvo, Kelley Heron, Trinity Hoyos, Annita Huang, Elise Larin, Michelle Marinheiro, Stephanie Mlujeak, Anna Montgomery, Bianca Monti, Abolade Oyetunji, Andrea Pereria, Delanie Perez, Sara Quintero, Jennifer Rodriguez, Jessica Rodriguez, Isabel Shashaty, Natasha Testa, Anabel Vazquez and Kellie Wilcox.

SOFLO boys qualifiers are: Michael Arias, Brendan Cassie, Esteban Diaz-Velasco, Tyler Gibson, John Paul Handal, Akira Huang, CJ Kopecki, Jie Hoon Lee, Juan Lucas, Leonardo Mateus, Matthew Menocal, Alexander Monti, Brandon Moran, Kevin Porto, Samuel Quintero, Ricardo Roche, Rafael Rodriguez, Cristian Rossi, Nicolas Rossi, Gabriel Segui, Jonathan Strod, Baldwin Suen, Gustavo Valery and Sam Walters.


What: Florida Gold Coast 14-and-Under Junior Olympics Short Course Championship

When: Friday-Sunday

Where: Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, 12441 Royal Palm Blvd.

Schedule: Friday, girls prelims 9-11:20 a.m.; boys prelims 9-11:26 a.m.; finals 5-8:01 p.m.; Saturday, girls prelims 9-11:11 a.m., boys prelims 9-11:11 a.m.; finals 5-8:28 p.m.; Sunday, girls prelims 9 a.m.-12:45 p.m., boys prelims 9 a.m.-1:44 p.m.; finals 5-5:57 p.m.

Admission: $3 each session, $3 heat sheet.

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SOFLO Swimmers Ready For Florida Gold Coast Junior Olympics

SOFLO Swimmers Ready For Florida Gold Coast Junior Olympics


March 3, 2013

After one final tune up, South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers are ready for this weekend’s Florida Gold Coast 14-and-Under Short Course Junior Olympics in Coral Springs.

Based on the FGC Area 3 Developmental Championships that ended on Sunday at the Academic Village Pool, SOFLO will be among favorites at the annual short course meet.

Despite the cold weather and wind, SOFLO swimmers turned in another solid day of swimming against some of the FGC’s other top teams including Metro Aquatics, Blue Marlins and AK Sharks.

Swimmers and coaches used the last chance meet as a final tune up and another opportunity to earn JO cut times, improve times and fine tune starts, strokes and turns.

SOFLO swept the top three places in the 200-yard individual medley with Isabel Shashaty, 12, (2:39.40), a FGJO cut; Camila Alvarez, 11, (2:42.95) and Kellie Wilcox, 12, (2:51.00).

Sara Quintero, 9, won the 50-yard backstroke in 38.19, another FGJO cut.

Elise Larin, 11, won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:15.42.

Valentina Carrion, 10, won the 10-and-under 50-yard breaststroke in 44.69.

Annita Huang, 11, won the 50-yard breaststroke in 37.96, a FGJO cut.

Brendan Cassie, 14, won the 13-14 50-yard breaststroke in 32.40, a FGJO cut.



100-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Camila Nunez, FLA 1:12.89; SOFLO: 4. Valentina Carrion 1:15.72, 6. Katrina Del Vecchio 1:1.82, 21. Salma Hegazy 1:22.07, 25. Celenia Lumelski 1:22.84, 29. Samantha Cortez 1:25.82, 30. Daniela Barreto 1:26.01, 31. Rebekah Ling 1:26.03, 33. Kayla Cunningham 1:26.95, 34. Sophia Bedoya 1:27.33, 36. Kylie McIntosh 1:28.07, 38. Adrianna Rigau 1:28.43, 39. Morgan Cavanagh 1:28.55; COMETS: 17. Jena Legaspi 1:20.79, 22. Erika Pelaez 1:22.14, 58. Sabrina Osorio 1:47.84, 59. Sofia Osorio 1:48.34; 11-12, 1. Amber Nolan, AK Sharks 1:03.55; SOFLO: 4. Camila Alvarez 1:05.75, 5. Alexandra Crespo 1:06.11, 20. Kellie Wilcox 1:09.07, 27. Mikaela De Gracia 1:12.42, 46. Ivanna Fregoso 1:21.21, 58. Amy-Nicole Toro 1:38.56; 13-14, 1. Lorece Harris, North Miami 58.79; SOFLO: 4. Natasha Testa 58.82, 4. Abolade Oyetunji 1:01.01, 6. Stephanie Mlujeak 1:01.42, 10. Lilli Calero 1:01.68, 26. Cristina Villegas 1:04.01, 28. Zariya Harris 1:04.64.

200-yard individual medley:

10-and-under, 1. Karen Perez, Blue Marlins 2:52.61; SOFLO: 7. Salma Hegazy 3:26.26; 11-12, 1. Isabel Shashaty, SOFLO 2:39.40; SOFLO: 2. Camila Alvarez 2:42.95, 3. Kellie Wilcox 2:51.00; 13-14, 1. Liz Travieso, Blue Marlins 2:27.19; SOFLO: 3. Lilli Calero 2:31.43, 7. Natasha Testa 2:33.83, 9. Zariya Harris 2:46.01.

50-yard backstroke:

10-and-under, 1. Sara Quintero, SOFLO 38.19; SOFLO: 3. Katrina Del Vecchio 38.81, 5. Kayla Cunningham 40.97, 9. Sophia Bedoya 43.08, 19. Morgan Cavanagh 43.00, 21. Celenia Lumelski 43.17, 22. Valentina Carrion 43.30, 24. Rebekah Ling 43.88, 32. Samantha Cortez 45.80, 33. Adrianna Rigau 46.21, 34. Daniela Barreto 46.51, 41. Kylie McIntosh 48.97, 48. Valerie Vank 53.24, COMETS: 4. Jena Legaspi 39.92, 10. Erika Pelaez 41.20, 54. Sabrina Osorio 55.28, 56. Sofia Osorio 57.35; 11-12, 1. Angelina Roque, Metro Aquatics 32.76; SOFLO: 4. Kellie Wilcox 35.23, 5. Isabel Shashaty 35.60, 19. Elise Larin 36.96, 37. Ivanna Fregoso 43.08, 45. Lauren Siegman 47.81, 48. Amy-Nicole Toro 48.98; 13-14, 1. Danie Filette-Morffi, BISC 31.15; SOFLO: 6. Natasha Testa 33.13, 6. Stephanie Mlujeak 33.86, 8. Abolade Oyetunji 34.01, 16. Cristina Villegas 35.83.

100-yard butterfly:

10-and-under, 1. Stefy Gonzalez, Blue Marlins 1:26.87 and Sara Quintero, SOFLO 1:26.87, 5. Katrina Del Vecchio 1:33.62, 7. Kayla Cunningham 1:43.02, 9. Salma Hegazy 1:47.56, 8. Daniela Barreto 1:50.99; COMETS: 6. Jena Legaspi 1:36.36; 11-12, 1. Elise Larin, SOFLO 1:15.42; SOFLO: 3. Alexandra Crespo 1:16.32, 5. Annita Huang 1:19.29; 13-14, 1. Manuela Dangond, Unattached 1:06.50; 4. Stephanie Mlujeak 1:11.63, 10. Zariya Harris 1:17.37.

50-yard breaststroke:

10-and-under, 1. Valentina Carrion 44.69; SOFLO: 7. Celenia Lumelski 47.97, 10. Sophia Bedoya 51.37, 14. Sara Quintero 48.53, 16. Samantha Cortez 48.81, 34. Morgan Cavanagh 54.41, 40. Kylie McIntosh 56.47, 41. Valerie Vank 57.18, 42. Adrianna Rigau 59.35, COMETS: 35. Erika Pelaez 54.63, 39. Sabrina Osorio 56.19, 49. Sofia Osorio 1:05.43; 11-12, 1. Annita Huang, SOFLO 37.96; SOFLO: 2. Camila Alvarez 38.94, 7. Alexandra Crespo 41.40, 18. Mikaela De Gracia 41.76, 29. Isabel Shashaty 43.53, 51. Ivanna Fregoso 50.80, 52. Amy-Nicole Toro 51.04; 13-14, 1. Hannah Cordes, Miami Swimming 34.85.

200-yard medley relay:

10-and-under, 1. AK Sharks 2:41.91, 2. SOFLO “A” 2:55.49, 3. SOFLO “B” 3:03.40, 4. Comets 3:08.88; 11-12, 1. SOFLO “A” 2:20.37, 3. SOFLO “B” 2:26.83; 13-14, 1. SOFLO “A” 2:11.65.


100-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Alex Torres, Blue Marlins 1:11.46; SOFLO: 7. Akira Huang 1:15.73, 25. Tanner Gibson 1:23.54, 43. Thomas Bogota 1:32.51, 45. Mark Andre De Gracia 1:33.04, 53. Erick Quintero 1:38.05; COMETS: 32. Aldo Zepeda 1:26.35, 40. Jake Cavanagh 1:31.53, 46. Alejandro Mateus 1:33.29, 54. Miguel Crespo 1:40.11, 58. Noah Hew 1:42.52, 59. Fernando Barreto 1:42.62, 62. Nicholas Giffuni 1:43.96, 69. Pablo Navarro 1:53.15; 11-12, 1. Sean Escobar, Blue Marlins 1:02.20; SOFLO: 20. Derek Tom 1:09.36, 31. Carlo Roche 1:13.87, 36. Ethan Hew 1:15.64, 40. Sebastian Sierra 1:18.33, 47. Gabriel Garcia 1:35.10, 49. David Diaz Venturo 1:53.87; 13-14, 1. Noah Perez, North Miami 56.85; SOFLO: 4. Ricardo Roche 57.93, 2. Tyler Gibson 57.47, 3. Matthew Menocal 57.61, 18. Juan Medina 1:01.35, 10. Mathew Delvalle 1:02.04, 24. Brendan Cassie 1:02.63, 36. Marco Crespo 1:06.42.

200-yard individual medley:

10-and-under, 1. Alex Torres, Blue Marlins 2:56.18; COMETS: 3. Zackary Harris 3:06.16; SOFLO: 5. Tanner Gibson 3:18.92; 11-12, 1. Eli Horgan, Miami Swimming 2:37.62; SOFLO: 9. Carlo Roche 3:12.51; 13-14, 1. Diego Mateus, Blue Marlins 2:17.59; SOFLO: 1. Kevin Porto 2:18.87, 3. Ricardo Roche 2:20.88, 4. Matthew Menocal 2:26.36, 6. Tyler Gibson 2:30.54, 14. Juan Medina 2:37.39, 18. Adrian Marrero 2:50.26.

50-yard backstroke

10-and-under, 1. Hector Paz, Metro Aquatics 38.53; COMETS: 22. Alejandro Mateus 44.09, 44. Aldo Zepeda 48.16, 49. Noah Hew 49.49, 50. Jake Cavanagh 49.99, 51. Pablo Navarro 51.32, 61. Miguel Crespo 55.22, 68. Fernando Barreto 57.62; SOFLO: 27. Tanner Gibson 45.23, 39. Thomas Bogota 47.06; 11-12, 1. Tomas Farias, ASC 33.50; SOFLO: 3. Derek Tom 35.54, 30. Ethan Hew 42.17, 39. Sebastian Sierra 50.41, 41. Gabriel Garcia 1:01.61, 42. David Diaz Venturo 1:04.28; 13-14, 1. Pablo Luchau, Miami Swimming 30.72; SOFLO: 2. Cristian Rossi 30.66, 7. Kevin Porto 31.48, 10. Baldwin Suen 33.34, 18. Marco Crespo 37.18.

100-yard butterfly:

10-and-under, 1. Gabriel Munoz, Blue Marlins 1:21.49, COMETS: 5. Zachary Harris 1:48.84; SOFLO: 7. Mark Andre De Gracia 2:01.52; 11-12, 1. Eli Horgan, Miami Swimming 1:14.23; SOFLO: 6. Derek Tom 1:23.20, 12. Carlo Roche 1:35.95; 13-14, 1. Sebastian Pena, North Miami 1:03.90; SOFLO: 1. Cristian Rossi 1:00.50, 3. Esteban Diaz-Velasco 1:02.89, 10. Kevin Porto 1:07.09, 3. Mathew Delvalle 1:09.20, 16. Baldwin Suen 1:14.45, 21. Adrian Marrero 1:23.13.

50-yard breaststroke:

10-and-under, 1. Dylan Valdivia, Miami Swimming 44.22; SOFLO: 7. Akira Huang 47.30, 38. Thomas Bogota 55.54, 42. Erick Quintero 57.07, 53. Aldo Zepeda 1:01.21; COMETS: 31. Zackary Harris 50.39, 40. Alejandro Mateus 55.91, 41. Jake Cavanah 56.06, 49. Noah Hew 1:00.24, 56. Miguel Crespo 1:04.02, 59. Fernando Barreto 1:05.51, 60. Samuel Bullen 1:05.75; 11-12, 1. Rodrigo Gomez, Metro Aquatics 38.97; SOFLO: 3. Leonardo Mateus 39.56, 36. Gabriel Garcia 57.72; 13-14, 1. Brendan Cassie, SOFLO 32.40; SOFLO: 4. Tyler Gibson 34.44, 9. Mathew Delvalle 37.44, 18. Adrian Marrero 39.37, 19. Esteban Diaz-Velasco 41.67, 20. Marco Crespo 42.34.

200-yard medley relay:

10-and-under, 1. Blue Marlins 2:36.96, 4. Comets 3:07.02; 11-12, 1. Metro Aquatics 2:12.46; 13-14, 1. Devilrays 2:02.97, 2. SOFLO “F” 2:04.08.

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Coral Springs Swim Club’s Dara Torres Finishes Fourth, Misses Shot At Sixth Olympics

Coral Springs Swim Club’s Dara Torres Finishes Fourth, Misses Shot At Sixth Olympics


July 2, 2012

The journey ended for swimming great Dara Torres on the final night of the U.S. Olympic trials at CenturyLink Center in Omaha.

The 45-year-old mother was fourth in the 50-meter freestyle, ending her quest for a record sixth Olympic team.

Torres stared at the scoreboard, bowed her head over a lane line and then hugged and congratulated the top two qualifiers, Jessica Hardy and Kara Lynn Joyce. She waved to her 6-year-old daughter Tessa Grace, dressed in a fluorescent green t-shirt that read “Go Mom.”

“I tried the best I could, I gave it everything I had,” Torres said. “This is really over.

“Obviously, I was hoping to make the team. That was my goal and missing it by less than a tenth of a second is tough, but I don’t think there’s anything I could have changed.

“I’m most proud of the fact that I hung in there this long. I’ve had more downs than ups the past couple of years.”

Hardy, 25, won in 24.50 seconds and Joyce, 26, was second in 24.73. Torres finished in 24.82, missing a trip to London by 9/100ths of a second. It was a faster time than what she swam in 2000 (24.9) to qualify for the Olympics.

The difference for Torres was her start off the blocks. She was 5/100ths slower than her great semifinal start that earned her second in her heat and third seed overall for finals.

Torres was emotional before her race and admittedly was just as nervous as she was at her first U.S. trials in 1984.

“Being 45, getting fourth in Olympic trials against girls almost half my age, it’s OK,” Torres said. “I’m used to winning but that wasn’t the goal here. The goal was to try and make it. I didn’t quite do it but I’m really happy with how I did. I was able to hang in there.

“I was very emotional before my swim,” Torres said. “When I was putting my suit on with my trainer (Anne Tierney), we started crying because I started thinking about Michael. In July of 2010 he had said to me, ‘Let’s go for this.’ I really wanted to finish the story that I started with him. I didn’t make it but I know he would have been proud.”

After getting out of the pool for the last time at trials, she motioned to her daughter and walked into the stands, scooped her up and walked back on the pool deck with her in her arms. It was one final moment she wanted to savor with her daughter, who was only 2-years-old when Torres made her fifth Olympic team in 2008 at age 41.

Hardy said she was thrilled to race against Torres.

“I love racing Dara,” Hardy said. “I wish she could have made it this year, but swimming with her the past couple years has been really an awesome treat for sure, an honor. She is an inspiration.”

After winning three silver medals in Beijing and just missing a gold medal in the 50, Torres underwent radical knee surgery and started to work her way back defying the odds. She and her six-time Olympic coach Michael Lohberg talked about making another run at it and the two worked together until Lohberg succumbed to aplastic anemia on April 4, 2011.

Torres carried on their goal working with Lohberg’s successor, Coral Springs Swim Club head coach Bruno Darzi, a former Lohberg swimmer.

“We overcame a lot of difficulties, there were so many things we had to fix,” Darzi said. “She put 100 percent into it. She left nothing behind. She did everything I asked her to do and everyone else asked of her.

“She is an amazing person to work with. She put so much time and effort into it. She didn’t swim the way she wanted to and she is a little upset. She did everything she needed to do. By far, she is the best swimmer I have ever worked with.”

Torres retires from the sport with 12 medals, including four relay gold, tied with Jenny Thompson as the most decorated U.S. female swimmer. She also still holds the American record in the 50-meter freestyle in 24.07 she swam in Beijing.

Asked if she would pursue the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, she shook her head emphatically and said “This is it.” She said she is going to enjoy some time with her daughter, have a nice summer and cheer on the U.S. team.

In the only other race held on the eighth and final night of the trials, Andrew Gemmell won the 1500-meter freestyle in 14:52.91.

Connor Jaeger, after swimming 1600 meters by accident the night before, qualified second in the 1500 in only his fifth time ever he has swum the event in 14:52.51. They were the fourth and fifth fastest times in the world this year. Both overtook early leader Chad LaTourette who set the pace for the first 1100 meters.


On Monday night’s local news, NBC’s Justin Finch visited Coral Springs Aquatic Complex for a live remote and talked with sprint and age group coach Chris Jackson and swimmers about Dara Torres. The feature also included an old interview with Torres before she left for the trials. Several swim team members including Brandon Goldman and Emma Lincoln posed with Finch for photos poolside…

Michael Phelps decided to drop the 200-meter freestyle to focus on the 400-meter freestyle relay which the Aussies are favored to win. It leaves Phelps with seven events. It also gives Ricky Berens the opportunity to compete in the 200-meter freestyle as an individual. He was already on the team for the 400 and 800 relays. Phelps’ coach Bob Bowman announced the decision on Monday. “No one should be expected to do that twice,” Bowman said referring to Phelps eight gold medal haul in 2008. “Once was more than enough.”Phelps also repeated his plans to retire after London. “I won’t be coming back, put it on record,” Phelps said…

Former Mission Bay coach Steve Bultman of Texas A&M Aggies, with two swimmers on the Olympic team, and Todd Schmitz, Missy Franklin’s coach, were named assistant coaches for the Team USA Olympic women’s coaching staff…

Total attendance for the weeklong trials was 167,048 beating the 2008 total of 160,063…Average age of the U.S. men’s Olympic team is 26 and dominated by post-grads, and women’s team is 21…The U.S. is sending 48 swimmers (25 women, 23 men) to London after sending 43 to Beijing.


“Back to work. Dryland session and a pool workout, here we go. Felt great working out again! Teri wrote me a 4K practice I completed with my husband. I’ve got 25 days to get faster.”—Dana Vollmer

“It’s official. I am a coach on the 2012 USA Olympic staff. Thanks USA Swimming. London here USA comes.”—Todd Schmitz

“Woohoo! Yay for Ricky Berens for securing an individual swim in the 200 free at London 2012. This is so exciting.”—Rebecca Soni

“Farewell Omaha! Thanks for the amazing memories. My family and I will always remember swim trials 2012.”—Janet Evans

“Dream come true! This is incredible, can’t believe all of this is happening to me.”—Ricky Berens

“Aww Dara talked about her coach passing away. We miss you Coach Michael.”—Leonie Davies, former SOFLO swimmer

“Dara still won in my book.”—SOFLO swimmer Keegan Boisson-Yates

“Well, I gave it everything I’ve got and left no stones unturned. Time to cheer on all the amazing USA swimmers heading to London.”—Dara Torres

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com