SOFLO Swimmers Will Compete In Rescheduled FGC Swimming Open Water Championships On Friday

By Sharon Robb
POMPANO BEACH, April 28, 2022–Two weeks after rough water conditions postponed the Florida Gold Coast Swimming Open Water Championships, event organizers will try again on Friday, weather and race conditions permitting.

South Florida Aquatic Club will have 18 swimmers compete in either the 5K or 2K races off Pompano Beach Pier. The 100- and 500-meter races were cancelled.

Swimmers ages 11-12 who want to be considered for FGC Open Water Zones will compete in the 2K.

Swimmers ages 13 and over who want to be considered for FGC Open Water Zones will compete in the 5K.

SOFLO swimmers entered are:
Jaden Amores, 15, 5,000
Gabriela Avila, 16, 5,000
Jemma Baldwin, 12, 2,000
Amelie Bicerne, 15, 5,000
Kaylee Del Rio, 15, 2,000
Hashan Ekanayake, 16, 5,000
Garrett Garcia-Studdard, 16, 5,000
Natalie Gembicki, 17, 5,000
Ivan Grass, 17, 5,000
Ryan Harries, 13, 5,000
Derek Hau, 15, 5,000
Adrian Hernandez, 17, 5,000
Dahlia Hirsh, 16, 5,000
Alexander Miller, 16, 5,000
Abraham Penaloza, 15, 5,000
Mallory Schleicher, 19, 2,000
Rose Seniuk, 13, 2,000
Juan Vallmitjana, 13, 5,000

Due to covid-19 guidelines complimentary hospitality will not be available to competitors, officials, or volunteers, only water will be available.

Results will be posted on the Pompano Piranhas website within 24 hours of the meet’s conclusion at

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