SOFLO Swimmers Shine At Three-Day SoFlo Memorial Day Intrasquad Long Course Challenge

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, May 30, 2021—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers rose to the occasion at the SoFlo Memorial Day Intrasquad Long Course Challenge at Academic Village Pool.

After the third and final day of competition on Sunday, SOFLO swimmers totaled a one-meet record 131 new long course Junior Olympic qualifying cut times.

After nearly two years of not being able to swim long course meets because of the COVID-19 pandemic, swimmers more than made up for lost time and looked good doing it.

In the girls’ competition, Jemma Baldwin, Elise Dinehart, Jenesys Amores and Nat Gembicki were double winners.

Baldwin, 10, won the 50-meter freestyle in a best time 34.01, dropping 3.76 and 200-meter freestyle, also a best time 2:42.97, dropping an impressive 22.03. The 50- and 200-meter freestyle times were two of four new JO cuts over three days. She also had new cut times in the 400 freestyle and 100 freestyle.

Amores, 12, won the 50-meter freestyle in 31.91 and 50-meter backstroke in 37.60. She had new JO cuts in the 50 butterfly, 100 freestyle, 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke and 200 freestyle.

Dinehart, 12, won the 50-meter breaststroke in a best time 41.50, dropping 5.06 and 200-meter freestyle, another best time in 2:27.17 and whopping 22.72-second time drop. She posted JO cuts in the 400 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, 200 IM, 50 breaststroke, 50 freestyle and 200 freestyle.

Gembicki, 16, won the 50-meter freestyle in 29.65 and 200-meter freestyle in 2:18.90.

In the boys’ competition, Jose Rincon, Giorgio Rusconi, Javier Colmenares and Hashan Ekanayake were double winners.

Rincon, 12, won the 50-meter freestyle in a best time 30.46, dropping 6.72 and 100-meter butterfly in 1:13.77. He posted new JO cuts in the 400 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 50 backstroke, 100 freestyle in addition to the 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly.

Rusconi, 14, won the 50-meter breaststroke in 34.80 and 200-meter breaststroke in 2:50.25. He had new JO cuts in the 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke.

Colmenares, 14, won the 50-meter freestyle in a best time 25.96, dropping 4.60 and 100-meter butterfly in a best time 1:00.12, dropping 3.90. He had a new JO cut in the 50 freestyle.

Ekanayake, 14, won the 200-meter backstroke in a best time 2:28.11, dropping 8.82 and 200-meter freestyle in 2:09.69, dropping 6.90 seconds. He posted new JO cuts in the 400 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 50 freestyle, 200 backstroke and 200 freestyle.

The three-day meet was part of a holiday doubleheader at Academic Village Pool. It gave 114 SOFLO swimmers (64 boys and 50 girls) the opportunity to race long course, fine tune, improve times and make qualifying cuts for various meets.

Between sessions of the two meets, the always-entertaining SOFLO alum and coaches Jack Davies and Jessica Rodriguez came out of retirement briefly for a Battle of the Sexes. Davies just out-touched Rodriguez. “Almost had him,” Rodriguez wrote on social media.

All COVID-19 pandemic safety precautions were observed. The venue was not open to spectators. Face coverings were worn at all times within the venue. Only athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers were allowed on the pool deck.


50-meter breaststroke: 11-12: 1. Elise Dinehart 41.50, time drop 5.06, 2. Ainsley Miller 42.53, 3. Olivia Wilson 45.70, time drop 7.76.
13-14, 1. Fiorella Di Salvo 38.54, time drop 1.95, 2. Dahlia Hirsh 40.05, time drop 1.10, 3. Anjana Andapally 43.26, time drop 7.09.
15-18, 1. Sofia Osorio 44.96, time drop 1.35.

200-meter breaststroke: 13-14, 1. Isabella Perez 3:08.07, time drop 5.04, 2. Dahlia Hirsh 3:08.85, time drop 21.19, 3. Fiorella Di Salvo 3:16.30.
15-18, 1. Sally Golding 2:59.40, 2. Maria Legaspi 2:59.88, time drop 4.71, 3. Mariann Catalasan 3:00.30.
50-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Jemma Baldwin 34.01, time drop 3.76, 2. Christie Ann Lumsden 35.55, 3. Jianna Amores 35.68.
11-12, 1. Jenesys Amores 31.91, 2. Elise Dinehart 32.15, time drop 2.72, 3. Lydia Smutny 32.28, time drop 2.72.
13-14, 1. Katelyn Gembicki 30.71, 2. Dahlia Hirsh 30.86, time drop 2.97, 3. Genesis Escobar 31.44, time drop 1.71.
15-and-over, 1. Nat Gembicki 29.65, 2. JennaMarie Brames 30.98.

100-meter butterfly: 11-12, 1. Amanda Grubbs 1:14.29, 2. Lydia Smutny 1:14.78, time drop 10.97, 3. Mackenzie McPherson 1:24.17.
13-14, 1. Gabriella DeLuna 1:09.58, 2. Isabella Montes 1:15.72, 3. Sarah Vasquez 1:18.66, time drop 18.28.
15-18, 1. Michelle Marinheiro 1:10.81, 2. Sally Golding 1:12.29, 3. Lucy Smutny 1:14.09.

50-meter backstroke: 11-12, 1. Jenesys Amores 37.60, 2. Alexandra Strong 38.36, time drop 2.88, 3. Amanda Grubbs 38.50.
13-14, 1. Pilar Duranti 36.51, time drop 5.67, 2. Sarah Bedoya 38.36, time drop 3.96, 3. Kaylee Del Rio 41.84.

200-meter backstroke: 13-14, 1. Gabriella DeLuna 2:38.56, 2. Fiorella Di Salvo 2:40.15, 3. Izzy Wilson 2:41.28, time drop 11.50.

200-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Jemma Baldwin 2:42.97, time drop 22.03, 2. Sofia Rodriguez 2:48.06, 3. Jianna Amores 2:50.76.
11-12, 1. Elise Dinehart 2:27.17, time drop 22.72, 2. Jenesys Amores 2:29.72, 3. Lydia Smutny 2:31.11, time drop 14.41.
13-14, 1. Izzy Wilson 2:22.26, 2. Amelie Bicerne 2:26.73, time drop 4.08, 3. Sarah Vasquez 2:27.10, time drop 7.28.
15-and-over, 1. Nat Gembicki 2:18.90, 2. Lucy Smutny 2:19.56, 3. Michelle Marinheiro 2:19.63.

50-meter breaststroke: 11-12, 1. Joshua Menezes 40.87, time drop 3.41, 2. Ryan Harries 40.92, time drop 3.55, 3. Connor Jimenez 41.69, time drop 6.52.
13-14, 1. Giorgio Rusconi 34.80, 2. Felipe Rodriguez 37.24, 3. Nicholas Pelaez 38.79, time drop 6.10.
15-18, 1. Vinay Gurnani 35.22, 2. Sebasti Fernandez 38.30, time drop 5.63, 3. Giovanni Otrello 39.73.

200-meter breaststroke: 13-14, 1. Giorgio Rusconi 2:50.25, 2. Felix Gonzalez 2:51.42, 3. Ethan McPeek 2:58.78.
15-18, 1. Manuel Melendez 2:37.99, time drop 5.91, 2. Alan Bertea 2:51.89, 3. Zackary Harris 2:52.42.

50-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Eric Ferrer 34.13, time drop 13.39, 2. Guillermo Mantilla 34.16, time drop 9.89, 3. Noah Mejias 35.88.
11-12, 1. Jose Rincon 30.46, 2. Connor Jimenez 31.25, time drop 0.51, 3. Ryan Harries 31.76, time drop 5.64.
13-14, 1. Javier Colmenares 25.96, time drop 4.60, 2. Hashan Ekanayake 27.85, time drop 2.98, 3. Luca Hincapie 27.90, time drop 3.08.
15-and-over, 1. Michael Arias 25.30, 2. Robert Wilson 27.08, 3. Enrique Rodriguez 27.37, time drop 1.65.

100-meter butterfly: 11-12, 1. Jose Rincon 1:13.77, 2. Juan Vallmitjana 1:13.79, time drop 11.12, 3. David Valdiviezo 1:26.25.
13-14, 1. Javier Colmenares 1:00.12, time drop 3.90, 2. Luca Hincapie 1:06.54, time drop 12.46, 3. Jaden Amores 1:07.49, time drop 16.24.
15-18, 1. Adrian Hernandez 1:02.99, time drop 1.06, 2. Brennan Binder 1:03.80, 3. Christian Tijero 1:04.81, time drop 1.96.

50-meter backstroke: 11-12, 1. Connor Jimenez 35.89, time drop 0.37, 2. Jose Rincon 36.57, time drop 8.42, 3. Maximilliano Remmele 38.35.
13-14, 1. Matt McVeigh 35.70, time drop 4.40, 2. Benjamin Kim 36.17, time drop 2.51, 3. Mason Jimenez 37.40, time drop 6.12.
15-18, 1. Diego Nazario-Vazquez 31.60, time drop 3.24, 2. Zackary Harris 31.78, time drop 0.78, 3. Nico Rossi 33.85, time drop 6.22.

200-meter backstroke: 13-14, 1. Hashan Ekanayake 2:28.11, time drop 8.82, 2. Andres Tejada 2:32.00, 3. Jaden Amores 2:33.67.
15-18, 1. Enrique Rodriguez 2:24.52, 2. Nathaniel Garrick 2:30.31, time drop 2.88, 3. Zackary Harris 2:40.73.

200-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Noah Mejias 2:44.84, 2. Eric Ferrer 2:45.05, 3. Guillermo Mantilla 2:52.52.
11-12, 1. Juan Vallmitjana 2:15.90, time drop 13.31, 2. Joshua Menezes 2:31.01, time drop 21.71, 3. Martin Petkov 2:44.92.
13-14, 1. Hashan Ekanayake 2:09.69, time drop 6.90, 2. Luca Hincapie 2:15.95, time drop 18.47, 3. Jaden Amores 2:16.00.
15-and-over, 1. Ivan Grass 2:06.36, time drop 9.15, 2. Adrian Hernandez 2:07.20, time drop 0.54, 3. Manuel Melendez 2:08.10, time drop 15.30.

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Kathleen Golding Top SOFLO Finisher On Day Three Of Southern Zone South Sectional Championships

By Sharon Robb

GAINESVILLE, July 8, 2018—Kathleen Golding was South Florida Aquatic Club’s top finisher on Day Three of the Speedo Champions Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championships Sunday at University of Florida’s O’Connell Center Pool in Gainesville.

Golding, 17, was second in the 200-meter individual medley in 2:18.34 behind future Cal Bear Isabel Ivey in 2:17.47. It is her highest finish of the meet. She was also 11th in the 50-meter freestyle in 27.05. Golding has 97 points.

The only other SOFLO girl swimmer to finish in the Top 10 was Jessica Rodriguez, 19, sixth in the 50-meter breaststroke in 35.19. She has 46 points.

SOFLO’s top boys’ finisher Lance Lesage, 15, was eighth in the 100-meter backstroke in 1:02.09 with a time drop of 0.59. He has 42 points.

SOFLO’s women’s 400-meter medley relay was fifth in 4:31.64 with Kelley Heron, Jessica Rodriguez, Kathleen Golding and Paige Lane.

In the most exciting race of the evening between Florida Gold Coast swimmers, Davion Conley, 21, of Westminster Academy outsprinted Azura’s 21-year-old Marco Guarente, 28.63-28.67.

After three days, SOFLO is fifth in combined with 881 points. Host Gator Swim Club has already clinched the combined team title with 2,456 points. East Coast Aquatic Club is the highest Florida Gold Coast team, third with 1,007 points.

SOFLO is fourth among men’s teams with 413 points and fifth among women’s teams with 390. Gator Swim Club leads both categories with more than 1,000 points.

In addition to SOFLO, other top teams entered are host Gator Swim Club, Bolles, Sarasota YMCA Sharks, AquaKids Sharks, Gulliver Swim Club, Club Seminole, Westminster Academy, Trinity Prep, Metro Aquatics, Swim Florida, Highlander and Hurricane Aquatics.

The Speedo Sectionals Series display some of the top swimming talent across the U.S. The series has several stops in various zones. The full results can be found on Meet Mobile which has improved its speed on posting results. The four-day meet concludes Monday with prelims and finals.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Gator Swim Club 2,456, 2. Bolles 1,227, 3. East Coast Aquatic 1,007.5, 4. Swim Florida 922.5, 5. South Florida Aquatic Club 881.

MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Gator Swim Club 1,010, 2. Bolles 623, 3. Metro Aquatics 584, 4. SOFLO 413, 5. Westminster Academy 354.

WOMEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Gator Swim Club 1,274, 2. East Coast Aquatic 610.5, 3. Bolles 604, 4. Swim Florida 556.5, 5. SOFLO 390.


100-meter backstroke:
1. Isabel Ivey, Unattached 1:02.25, 2. Caitlin Brooks, GSC 1:03.02, 3. Emma Ball, GSC 1:03.71; SOFLO: 15. Kelley Heron 1:07.58.

50-meter breaststroke:
1. Nicole Hunnewell, GPA 33.35, 2. Evita Leter, MAC 33.39, 3. Ryan Flynn, ECAC 34.63; SOFLO: 6. Jessica Rodriguez 35.19, 14. Jennifer Rordiguez 35.65, 23. Molly Golding 36.54.

50-meter butterfly:
1. Grace Redding, SWIM 27.32, 2. Talia Bates, GSC 27.40, 3. Letizia Bertelli, GPA 27.56; SOFLO: 19. Paige Lane 29.57, time drop 0.24.

200-meter individual medley:
1. Isabel Ivey, Unattached 2:17.47, 2. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 2:18.34, 3. Olivia McMurray, SWIM 2:18.66.

50-meter freestyle:
1. Isabella Garofalo, GSC 26.41, 2. Mary Smutny, AKS 26.50, 3. Chloe Grimme, PS 26.51; SOFLO: 11. Kathleen Golding 27.05.

400-meter freestyle:
1. Kensey McMahon, Bolles 4:16.07, 2. Emma Weyant, SYS 4:17.28, 3. Olivia McMurray, SWIM 4:17.48.

400-meter medley relay:
1. Gator Swim Club 4:18.58 (Caitlin Brooks, Juliana Lopez, Talia Bates. Sydney King), 2. East Coast Aquatic 4:24.58, 3. Swim Florida 4:26.02, 5. SOFLO A 4:31.64 (Kelley Heron, Jessica Rodriguez, Kathleen Golding, Paige Lane).


100-meter backstroke:
1. Ethan Beach, QSTS 56.80, 2. Miguel Cancel, AKS 57.93, 3.Dakota Mahaffey, Bolles 58.16; SOFLO: 8. Lance Lesage 1:02.09, time drop 0.59, 23. Ricardo Roche 1:03.96.

50-meter breaststroke:
1. Davion Conley, WA 28.63, 2. Marco Guarente, Azura 28.67, 3. Jared Pike, PS 29.30; SOFLO: 12. Marc Rojas 31.07, 13. Juan Pineda 31.24, time drop 0.92, 26. Samuel Quintero 32.16.

50-meter butterfly:
1. Jan Switkowski, GSC 24.37, 2. Isaac Davis, MAAC 24.51, 3. Runar Borgen, PAQ 24.54; 30. Juan Serna 27.31.

200-meter individual medley:
1. Mark Szaranek, GSC 2:03.32, 2. Grant Sanders, TBAY 2:03.55, 3. Marco Guarente, Azura 2:05.91; SOFLO: 16. Rafael Rodriguez 2:15.77, time drop 2.35.

50-meter freestyle:
1. Enzo Martinez Scarpe, GSC 23.07, 2. Khader Baqlah, GSC 23.27, 3. David Lambert, WA 23.33.

400-meter freestyle:
1. Jan Switkowski, GSC 3:51.31, 2. Khader Baqlah, GSC 3:56.70, 3. Clark Beach, QSTS 3:57.84; SOFLO: 31. Rafael Rodriguez 4:16.34, 32. Ricardo Roche 4:17.41.

400-meter medley relay:
1. Gator Swim Club 3:53.40 (Trevor McGovern, Dylan Brisco, Mason Wilby, Alec Dawson), 2. Bolles 3:56.36, 3. Westminster Academy 3:59.90, 10. SOFLO A 4:08.92 (Ricardo Roche, Juan Pineda, Rafael Rodriguez, Robert Wilson), 12. SOFLO B 4:10.15 (Jonathan Farah, Samuel Quintero, CJ Kopecki, Juan Serna).


What: Speedo Champions Series: Southern Zone South Sectional Championship

When: Monday

Schedule: Monday, 9 a.m. prelims, 4 p.m. finals.

Where: University of Florida, O’Connell Center Pool, Gainesville.

Of note: Gator Swim Club is hosting the four-day meet. Admission is $5. For more information call 352-375-4683, ext. 4545.

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SOFLO’s Jessica Rodriguez Signs With University Of Florida

By Sharon Robb

April 7, 2017—Jessica Rodriguez became the first South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer to sign with the University of Florida, one of the nation’s top collegiate women’s programs.

Eight years ago when she joined SOFLO, Rodriguez never dreamed she would be swimming for a Division I program.

The dream came true on Friday when the Hialeah Gardens High School senior officially signed her letter-of-intent in front of family and friends.

Rodriguez, 18, an Academic All-American and junior national qualifier, is the total student-athlete package that Florida coaches were looking to add to their successful program.

She felt comfortable with former Gulliver Prep head coach Jeff Poppell, associate head coach at Florida, who recruited her and good friend Kelly Fertel of Miami and Gulliver Prep alum, who is finishing her freshman season with the Gators.

“I am so excited to go to Florida,” Rodriguez said. “I didn’t plan on even applying to Florida. But after visiting the campus and talking to the coaches and Kelly, I really felt comfortable there. There was just something about the coaches that I thought I would do well with them and knew I would fit in there.”

Rodriguez, an honor roll student, was also excited that Florida offers an undergrad program in veterinary medicine, which she plans to pursue.

“I can flow right into grad school after that,” she said.

Rodriguez is expected to compete in both breaststroke events, individual medley and relays.

For SOFLO, it was another milestone.

While SOFLO has had dozens of swimmers commit to Division I, II and III programs, Florida carries a stature all its own in the swimming world.

Rodriguez has been a role model for young swimmers coming up and will continue to be one as she moves on. She has been a team leader and motivator and helped several swimmers with her positivity and work ethic in training including four-time Olympian Alia Atkinson of Jamaica.

“This is all pretty surreal,” Rodriguez said. “It feels like eight years ago was just yesterday and now I am one of the oldest swimmers going to Florida. It doesn’t feel like it is actually happening.

“I am glad to be a role model to those girls,” Rodriguez added. “When you hit 14 or 15 it gets really hard and you get unmotivated as we grow and struggle at times. I want to encourage them to continue their swimming and careers as collegiate swimmers.”

Rodriguez says she is ready for the rigors of a Division I program. She plans on kicking up her dryland and pool training during the summer with SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson.

“I am up for the challenge,” Rodriguez said confidently. “A year ago when I went through a rough spot, I wasn’t sure whether I would keep swimming. Chris helped me so much last year, and encouraged me through it and really helped me come to terms. I was able to become a better athlete.”

Rodriguez plans to visit her mother’s family in the Canary Islands during spring break before returning to SOFLO. She also wants to look into dual citizenship and would love to represent Spain internationally.

Despite his busy schedule, Anderson attended the signing on Friday morning.

“I am super excited for Jessica,” Anderson said. “She is confident she is going to be very happy and that means the most to me. The fact she has worked so hard on academics the last five years and is an Academic All-American speaks volumes.

“I really feel it is a great place as far as the state of Florida for her,” Anderson said. “She is going to be very challenged but she is already starting to make adjustments to prepare herself for the rigorous workouts at Florida.”

Anderson was impressed with her swims at junior nationals and Futures two years ago, but what sets her apart is her role as a team leader.

“Anyone that’s been on a team for eight years and found a way to get to the national group has leadership skills,” Anderson said. “At Senior Championships, she was motivating the freshmen and sophomores on how to be more successful. She took that role on her own.

“She has a stake in one of Alia’s world records because she motivated her in practice and helped her through those bad days every swimmer has and motivated her to do better things. She will continue that tradition when she moves on to Florida.

“She knows how to work and motivate. When she talks, people listen. I would like to think she will continue to be a role model for our club even when she is gone. It’s really nice to have someone at Florida for our club.”

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SOFLO Among Top Teams At Southern Zone South Sectional Championships In Plantation

By Sharon Robb

South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented at the Speedo Championship Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championship that begins Thursday at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

Twenty-eight talented swimmers will represent SOFLO during the four-day meet.

They are: Max Asnis, 17; Tyler Bland, 15; Heath Brames, 17; Maya Coffey, 15; Juan Diaz, 17; Jonathan Farah, 19; Kathleen Golding, 16; Molly Golding, 13; Kelley Heron, 17; CJ Kopecki, 17; Elise Larin, 15; Luke Lezotte, 15; Ervin Marin, 17; Melissa Marinheiro, 19; Leonardo Mateus, 15; Matthew Menocal, 17; Abby Oyetunji, 17; Delanie Perez, 16; Kevin Porto, 17; Samuel Quintero, 16; Ricardo Roche, 17; Jennifer Rodriguez, 16; Jessica Rodriguez, 18; Rafael Rodriguez, 15; Marc Rojas, 23; Juan Serna, 15; Marianna Serrao, 15; and Luis Villanueva, 17.

If the seeds are true to form, there will be some great head-to-head matchups for swimmers and teams.

Isabel Ivey, 16, of Gator Swim Club and SOFLO’s Jessica Rodriguez are the top two seeds in the 100-meter breaststroke.

SOFLO’s Marc Rojas, who competes for the Dominican Republic internationally, is seeded third behind Julio Horrego of Hialeah and Jackson Seith, 18, of Kentucky in the 100-meter breaststroke.

Ivey, SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding and Andrea Santander of Pine Crest Swimming are the top three seeds in the 400-meter individual medley. Ivey and Golding are one-two in the 200-meter individual medley.

Talia Bates, 16, of Gator Swim Club and Golding are one-two in the 50-meter freestyle.

Golding is third seed in the 100-meter freestyle behind Amelia Maughan, 20, and USC-bound Marta Ciesla, 18, of Pine Crest Swimming.

Jessica Rodriguez is seeded second in the 200-meter breaststroke behind Ivey.

SOFLO’s women’s 200-meter medley relay is seeded first in 1:54.38 ahead of St. Andrew’s Swimming (1:55.55) and Bolles (2:02.41). SOFLO is seeded first in the mixed 200-meter medley relay in 1:54.38 ahead of St. Andrew’s (1:55.55).

A field of 614 swimmers from 60 teams and 14 unattached teams will compete over four days in one of four designated USA Swimming zones. The others are Eastern, Central and Western Zone Sectionals.

The four meets attract some of the top swimming talent from across the United States and internationally.

Hawaii’s Kamehameha Swim Club, Race Aquatics Swimming of Kentucky and City of Lafayette (La.) will give Florida Gold Coast swimmers the chance to swim against out-of-state swim clubs. Bolles, Gator Swim Club, Loggerhead, Tampa, and Daytona Beach head north Florida Teams.

Among Florida Gold Coast teams entered are Azura, East Coast Aquatic Club, Hialeah, Boca Raton Swim Team, St. Andrew’s, Pine Crest Swimming, Metro Aquatics, North Palm Beach, Martin County, Hurricane Swimming, TS Aquatics, YMCA of South Florida and host Plantation Swim Team.


WHAT: USA Swimming Speedo Championship Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championship

WHEN: Thursday-Sunday

SCHEDULE: Thursday, finals 4:15 p.m.; Friday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Saturday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Sunday, prelims 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Warm-ups 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Plantation Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second Street, Plantation.

OF NOTE: Admission $5 per session, heat sheets $3 per session. For information go to

Sharon Robb can be reached at

SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Repeats As State Champion For Cooper City

By Sharon Robb

November 5, 2016—Cooper City High School sophomore Kathleen Golding defended her title Saturday night at the FHSAA Class 4A Swimming and Diving Championships at Sailfish Splash Waterpark in Stuart.

The South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:00.34, an automatic All-American time. She also finished the 2016 high school season undefeated in her specialty event.

Golding earned the top seed in morning prelims in 2:00.64, a 3.83 drop in time from her seed time. Golding also placed fourth in the 100-yard butterfly in a best time 54.63, after going 55.11 in prelims, dropping 1.39 off her seed time.

“I really wanted to break 2 minutes in the IM,” Golding said. “I wasn’t fully happy with my race but I went as fast as I could.

“I won and I am happy with that but my goal was to go under 2 minutes. I am not really sure where it slipped away but my back to breast turn wasn’t very good.

Golding also competed in the 200-yard medley relay which finished 11th in 1:51.33 with teammates Solana Capalbo, SOFLO’s Natasha Testa and Barbara Bernal and finished the meet on the 400-yard freestyle relay that finished 15th in 3:42.53 with the same trio of swimmers.

“I wanted to swim the relays, the team comes first,” Golding said. “I love my teammates. I never swim well by myself. They are a lot of fun and keep me laughing.”

The Cowboys finished 15th with 52 points among a field of 46 teams. It was the best finish by a South Florida team.

“In the fly I wanted to go best time which I did and I was happy with that,” Golding said. “There were some really fast swimmers in that race.”

The 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier now has two state meets in the books and is looking forward to competing at junior nationals.

“I knew what to expect since this was my second state meet,” Golding said. “I was a little bit more prepared. Obviously, coming off Olympic Trials was a real confidence-booster.

“I am happy with both my state meets. This meet I swam faster and that makes this one better. In both of them I went out and swam as fast as I could.”

SOFLO teammate Jessica Rodriguez of Hialeah Gardens was seventh in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:06.68 after going 1:06.55 in prelims. Teammate Jennifer Rodriguez was 16th in the breaststroke in 1:08.28.

Senior Logan Downey of South Plantation won his fourth consecutive diving title to finish his high school career undefeated in state competition. Downey finished with 493.60 points.

Buchholz defended its title winning the girls team title with 276 points. Sarasota Riverview also repeated as state champions capturing the boys team title with 276 points. Cypress Bay was the top local team placing seventh with 91 points.


GIRLS SCORES: 1. Buchholz 276, 2. Tampa Plant 204, 3. Oviedo 193, 4. Olympia 165, 5. Riverview 158, 6. Lakewood Ranch 145, 7. Lake Brantley 100, 8. Countryside 81, 9. Sarasota 77, 10. Palm Harbor 74, 15. Cooper City 52, 16. Jupiter 49, 19. Boca Raton 32.5, 26. St. Thomas Aquinas 22, 30. Western, Cypress Bay, 15, 32. Hialeah Gardens 13, 33. South Plantation 11, 34. Deerfield Beach 10.

BOYS SCORES: 1. Sarasota Riverview 276, 2. Fleming Island 189, 3. Countryside 160, 4. Buchholz 153, 5. Plant 120, 6. Palm Harbor 104.5, 7. Cypress Bay 91, 8. Seminole 90, 9. Duncan 76, 10. Lake Brantley 75.5, 12. St. Thomas Aquinas 67, 14. Boca Raton 60, 19. Douglas 32.5, 30. South Plantation 20, 35. Jupiter 17.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Buchholz 1:42.53, 2. Tampa Plant 1:43.66, 3. Oviedo 1:46.59, 11. Cooper City 1:51.33 (Solana Capalbo, Kathleen Golding, Natasha Testa, Barbara Bernal), 12. Deerfield Beach 1:52.79, 16. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:55.06.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Morgan Tankersley, TP 1:44.31, 2. Kensey McMahon, MAND 1:49.42, 3. Sofia Bernard, OLY 1:49.76, 24. Emiliana Pelaez, CB 2:00.46.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Kathleen Golding, CC 2:00.34, 2. Peyton Palsha, SP 2:02.18, 3. Ashley Boddiford, HAGR 2:02.64, 13. Victoria Miyamoto, BR 2:07.34.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Talia Bates, BUC 22.69, 2. Kaitlyn Cronin, BUCH 23.32, 3. Katherine Vasiloff, DURT 23.38, 16. Solana Capalbo, CC 25.07 (24.75 prelims).

100-yard butterfly: 1. Talia Bates, BUCH 53.83, 2. Abigail Gibbons, OV 54.16, 3. Katherine Vasiloff, DURT 54.48, 4. Kathleen Golding, CC 54.63.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Kaitlyn Cronin, BUCH 50.70, 2. Kirshctine Balbuena, BUCH 50.92, 3. Sofia Bernard, OLY 50.98, 23. Emiliana Pelaez, CB 54.50.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Morgan Tankersley, TP 4:37.60, 2. Peyton Palsha, SP 4:48.53, 3. Kensey McMahon, MAND 4:49.78, 22. Marianna Serrao, CB 5:14.83.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Buchholz 1:34.94, 2. Oviedo 1:36.28, 3. Olympia 1:37.62, 14. Cypress Bay 1:40.81 (Gaby Banks, Eleanor Koch, Ulrike Tovilla, Emiliana Pelaez).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Caitlin Brooks, BUCH 53.38, 2. Celismar Guzman, STR 55.02, 3. Courtney Chapin, LWRA 55.46.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Bella English, WP 1:02.73, 2. Laurynn Harvard, COUN 1:02.79, 3. Delaney Carey, OLY 1:04.67, 5. Victoria Miyamoto, BR 1:06.28, 7. Jennifer Rodriguez, HG 1:06.68.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Plant 3:23.80, 2. Buchholz 3:24.28, 3. Riverview 3:31.41, 15. Cooper City 3:42.52 (Natasha Testa, Solana Capalbo, Barbara Bernal, Kathleen Golding).

1-meter diving: 1. Karlee Price, STA 475.70, 2. Kara Holt, OLY 432.25, 3. Jenna Pinheiro, LNOL 405.30, 4. Kaleigh Dundov, BR 398.80, 18. Grace Koenig, BR 221.85.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Sarasota Riverview 1:33.52, 2. Countryside 1:35.02, 3. Tampa Plant 1:36.70, 8. Boca Raton 1:39.74 (Jose Garcia, Cameron Taddonio, Eric Matheus, Kyle Tatton).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Nick Hackett, FLEM 1:39.04, 2. Brendan Firlie, RIV 1:39.32, 3. Bruno Carvalho, TICR 1:40.60, 20. Eric Matheus, BR 1:45.50.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Robert Finke, COU 1:49.34, 2. John Fulginiti, HAG 1:49.53, 3. John Hutton, FLEM 1:49.55.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Gavin Jones, FLET 20.82, 2. Jack Neeley, FLEM 21.20, 3. Matt Monaghan, COUN 21.30, 5. Kyle Tatton, BR 21.70.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Nick Hackett, FLEM 48.88, 2. Mason Wilby, BUCH 49.60, 3. Conor Dacus, SMSA 50.83, 5. Jose Garcia, BR 51.25.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Gavin Jones, FLET 45.47, 2. Kyle Dimatteo, PV 46.08, 3. Lliam Dolan, WP 46.59, 14. Eric Matheus, BR 48.70.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Robert Finke, COUN 4:22.92, 2. Brendan Firlie, RIV 4:30.75, 3. Arik Katz, RIV 4:31.54, 17. Matthew Taddonio, BR 4:45.80, 23. Leonardo Mateus, EVER 4:48.73.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1.Fleming Island 1:24.53, 2. Riverview 1:25.12, 3. Plant 1:27.70.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Mason Wilby, BUCH 50.22, 2. Keanon Dols, RIV 50.28, 3. Brett Riley, RIV 50.80, 15. Jose Garcia, BR 54.37.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Paxton Rhoads, TP 56.12, 2. John Fulginiti, HAG 56.53, 3. Connor Dacus, SMSA 57.14.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Riverview 3:05.49, 2. Fleming Island 3:09.24, 3. Cypress Bay 3:10.15.

1-meter diving: 1. Logan Downey, SP 493.60, 2. Tyler Coffey, JUP 473.70, 3. Jack Down, OLY 453.75.

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SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Swims Best Time At Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships

By Sharon Robb

December 11, 2015—Kathleen Golding, despite swimming back-to-back events, lowered her time in the 200-yard freestyle on Day Three of the Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships Friday at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center.

Competing in her third junior nationals, the 15-year-old South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer was 30th in the 200-yard freestyle in a best time 1:49.64, the first time she cracked 1:50. Her previous best was 1:51.58. Her splits were 25.54, 27.81, 28.52, 27.77.

“That was really a nice swim for her, we are happy about that,” SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson said.

Golding swam her best time just moments after she was 44th in the 100-yard butterfly prelims in 56.01, just off her seed time of 55.18.

Golding will swim the 100-yard freestyle (51.22) on Saturday.

Golding will also swim in Sunday’s time trials. Golding will swim the 400-meter individual medley (4:55.80) in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke (2:47.70) in Session Two.

SOFLO teammate Jessica Rodriguez, 16, competing in her second junior nationals, was 77th in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:06.91. Rodriguez has scratched from Saturday’s 200-meter breaststroke. She will also swim time trials on Sunday in the 100-meter butterfly (1:09.52) and 200-meter individual medley (2:29.15).

The top Florida Gold Coast finisher was Pine Crest Swimming’s Jessica Nava, fourth in the 100-yard butterfly in 53.46.

In other events:

Brooke Forde, 16, of Lakeside won the 400-yard individual medley in 4:07.49, nearly three seconds ahead of Savanna Faulcon, 17, of Spartaquatics.

Charlie Swanson, 17 of Nova of Virginia won the 400-yard individual medley in 3:47.65.

Grace Oglesby, 17, of Cardinal Aquatics broke the meet record in the 100-yard butterfly in 52.41. The previous record was 52.44.

Camden Murphy, 16, of Kingfish Aquatics won the 100-yard butterfly in a meet record in 46.25.

Hannah Cox, 17, of Upper Valley Aquatics won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:44.67.

Michael Jensen, 17, of Upper Dublin Aquatics won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:34.93.

Allie Raab, 15, of Nashville Aquatics won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:00.02.

Will Chan, 15, of SwimMAC won the 100-yard breaststroke in 53.99.

Alex Walsh, 14, of Nashville Aquatics won the 100-yard backstroke in a meet record 51.62. Kaitlin Harty, 18, swimming unattached also swam below the old record in 51.67.

Ethan Young, 17, of Carpet Capital won the 100-yard backstroke in a meet record 46.66, breaking Ryan Murphy’s 2011 record of 46.72.

Saturday’s events are the 200-yard backstroke, 100-yard freestyle, 200-yard breaststroke, 200-yard butterfly, 1,650-yard freestyle and 4x100yard freestyle relay.

Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m. The meet is being live streamed at

The Speedo West Winter Junior National Championships are being held simultaneously this week at the University of Texas’ Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.



400-yard individual medley: 1. Brooke Ford, Lakeside 4:07.49, 2. Savanna Faulcon, Y-Spartaquatics 4:10.32, 3. Isabel Ivey, Gator Swim Club 4;12.08.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Grace Oglesby, Cardinal Aquatics 52.41, meet record, 2. Asia Seidt, Lakeside 52.83, 3. Lauren Case, Chattahoochee 53.04; 44. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 56.01.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Hannah Cox, Upper Valley, 1:44.67, 2. Tatum Wade, Nashville 1:44.78, 3. Erika Brown, SwimMAC 1:45.32.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Allie Raab, Nashville 1:00.02, 2. Kennedy Lohman, Lakeside 1:00.14, 3. Madison Winstead, Highbridge 1:00.87.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Alex Walsh, Nashville 51.62, meet record, 2. Kaitlin Harty, Unattached 51.67, meet record, 3. Asia Seidt, Lakeside 52.57.

4×50-yard freestyle relay: 1. SwimMAC 1:30.09, meet record, 2. Nashville Aquatics 1:32.45, 3. Gator Swim Club 1:32.71.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Lakeside Swim Team 3:36.61, meet record; 2. SwimMAC 3:37.57, 3. Nashville Aquatics 3:38.66.


400-yard individual medley: 1. Charlie Swanson, Nova 3:47.65, 2. Jarrett Jones, Zuwallack, 3:49.92, 3. Cooper Hodge, Mason Manta Rays 3:51.69.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Camden Murphy, Kingfish 46.25, meet record, 2. Michael Jensen, Upper Dublin 47.28, 3. Ariel Spektor, Bolles 47.62.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Michael Jensen, Upper Dublin 1:34.93, 2. Jake Sannem, Upper Dublin 1;36.46, 3. Drew Kibler, Carmel 1:37.47.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Will Chan, SwimMAC 53.99, 2. Chandler Bray, Avon 54.12, 3. Jacob Montague 54.13.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Ethan Young, Carpet Capital 46.66, meet record, 2. Dean Farris, Metro Atlanta 47.36, 3. Michael Taylor, Dynamo 48.02.

4×50-yard freestyle relay: 1. Bolles 1:21.10, 2. Upper Dublin 1:21.49, 3. Bernal’s gators 1:22.64.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Bolles (Andy Song An, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor, Tyler Rice) 3:14.51, meet record, 2. Upper Dublin 3:14.89, 3. Dynamo 3:16.53.


Team USA, led by American records from Simone Manuel, Cody Miller and Tom Shields and world record by the women’s 400 medley relay, Team USA took a stunning 74-48 advantage over Team Europe Friday night at the seventh Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis.

The U.S. has all but locked up its seventh victory over Team Europe in meet history.

The U.S. foursome of Courtney Bartholomew, Katie Meili, Kelsi Worrell and Simone Manuel broke the world record in the 400 medley relay in 3:45.20, breaking the 2011 record of 3:45.56.

Manuel won the 100 freestyle in an American record 51.69 breaking Natalie Coughlin’s 51.88 mark. Miller took down the American record in the 200 breaststroke in 2:02.33. Shields won the 100 butterfly in an American record 48.63.

St. Petersburg’s Melanie Margalis knocked off Russian Yulia Efimova in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:18.35 to 2:18.55.

Ryan Lochte of Daytona Beach won the 400 individual medley in 4:02.78 ahead of Dan Wallace (4:04.10). The duel continues on Saturday afternoon.

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SOFLO’s Golding, Rodriguez Swim First Events; Ciesla Top FGC Finisher On Day Two Of Speedo East Winter Junior Nationals

By Sharon Robb

December 10, 2015—Kathleen Golding and Jessica Rodriguez of South Florida Aquatic Club competed in their first event on Day Two of the Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships Thursday at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center.

Golding, 15, and Rodriguez, 16, both competed in the 200-yard individual medley.

Golding finished in 2:05.02 and Rodriguez turned in a 2:11.21.

Pine Crest Swimming’s Marta Ciesla, 17, was the Florida Gold Coast’s top finisher winning the 50-yard freestyle, her signature event, in a best time 22.52. Her seed time was 22.56.

In other events:

Hannah Cox, 17, of Upper Valley Aquatics won the 500-yard freestyle in a meet record 4:37.82. The previous record was 4:38.89 set in 2008 by Amber McDermott of Salmon Bay.

Walker Higgins, 15, of Tennessee Aquatics won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:18.40. Santi Corredor, 16, of Swim Florida was seventh in 4:25.18.

Alex Walsh, 14, of Nashville Aquatics won the girls 200-yard individual medley in 1:56.20.

Jacob Montague, 17, of Grosse Pointe, Ga. won the boys 200-yard individual medley in 1:46.72.

Michael Jensen, 17, of Upper Dublin won the 50-yard freestyle in 19.85, the only swimmer to break 20 seconds. Brody Heck of St. Andrew’s was third in 20.19 and Raiz Tjon-A-Joe of Azura Florida Aquatics was fourth in 20.36. Cody Cline of Wahoos of Wellington won the B final in 20.35.

SwimMAC broke the meet record in the girls’ 800-yard freestyle relay in 7:11.88 with Erika Brown, Alyssa Marsh, Christina Lappin and Jessica Merritt. SwimMAC also won the girls’ 200-yard medley relay.

Bolles won the 200-yard medley relay in 1:28.64 with Andy Song An, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor and Tyler Rice. Upper Dublin won the 800 free relay in 6:33.56.

For the remainder of the meet, Golding will also swim the 100-yard butterfly (55.18), 200-yard freestyle (1:51.58) and 100-yard freestyle (51.22).

Rodriguez will swim the 100-meter breaststroke (1:03.63), in which she is seeded 34th, and 200-meter breaststroke (2:17.38).

Friday’s events are the 400 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke and 100 backstroke.

Golding and Rodriguez will also swim in Sunday’s time trials. Golding will swim the 400-meter individual medley in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke in Session Two. Rodriguez will swim the 100-meter butterfly in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke in Session Two.

Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m. The meet is being live streamed at

The Speedo West Winter Junior National Championships are being held simultaneously this week at the University of Texas’ Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.



500-yard freestyle: 1. Hannah Cox, Upper Valley 4:37.82, meet record; 2. Lauren Case, Chattahoochee 4:40.28, 3. Paige Madden, City of mobile 4:43.31.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Alex Walsh, Nashville 1:56.20, 2. Isabel Ivey, Gator Swim Club 1:57.04, 3. Tatum Wade, Nashville 1:57.70; 45. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 2:05.02; 112. Jessica Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:11.21

50-yard freestyle: 1. Marta Ciesla, Pine Crest Swimming 22.52, 2. Grace Countie, Marlins 22.67, 3. Alyssa Marsh, SwimMAC 22.69.

4×50-yard medley relay: 1. SwimMAC A 1:39.75, 2. Nashville Aquatics 1:39.84, 3. SwimMAC B 1:40.10, 16. Pine Crest 1:44.31.

4×200-yard freestyle relay; 1. SwimMAC A 7:11.88, 2. Nashville Aquatics 7:12.64, 3. Gator Swim Club 7:13.66.


500-yard freestyle: 1. Walker Higgins, Tennessee Aquatics 4:18.40, 2. Trey Freeman, Baylor SC 4:18.82, 3. Jake Sannem, Upper Dublin 4:22.42.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Jacob Montague, Grosse Pointe 1:46.72, 2. Daniel Chang, Barracuda SC 1:46.82, 3. Dean Farris, Metro Atlanta 1:47.84.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Michael Jensen, Upper Dublin 19.85, 2. Drew Kibler, Carmel SC 20.02, 3. Brody Heck, SA 20.19.

4×50-yard medley relay: 1. Bolles 1:28.64, 2. Upper Dublin 1:29.36, 3. Nova of Virginia 1:29.89, 17. Azura 1:33.13, 21. St. Andrew’s 1:33.62, 29. Pine Crest 1:35.10.

4×200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Upper Dublin 6:33.56, 2. Nova of Virginia 6:34.17, 3. Bolles 6:35.11, 13. Bolles 6:45.50.


For the fourth time, Olympian Ryan Lochte of Daytona Beach will lead Team USA against Team Europe at the seventh Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool Friday through Saturday at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis. USA Swimming will live stream the event. The only other Floridian competing is St. Petersburg Aquatics’ Melanie Margalis. Among Team Europe swimmers are Katinka Hosszu, Yuliya Efimova, Lotte Friis, Hilda Luthersdottir, Laszlo Cseh, Daniel Gyurta, Vlad Morozov, Florida alum Dan Wallace, FSU alum Pavel Sankovich and Arkady Vyatchanin.

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SOFLO’s Golding, Rodriguez Ready For Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships


By Sharon Robb

December 8, 2015—South Florida Aquatic Club’s dynamic duo is ready to take on the some of the nation’s best swimmers at the Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center.

Kathleen Golding, 15, and Jessica Rodriguez, 16, will represent SOFLO in the elite meet.

The four-day meet begins Wednesday with the 200-medley and 800 freestyle relays and ends on Saturday. Bonus long course meter time trials are Sunday.

Golding and Rodriguez begin competing on Thursday in the 200-yard individual medley. Golding is seeded seventh in her signature event in 2:00.40. Rodriguez is seeded 112th in 2:08.07. Tatum Wade, 17, of Nashville Aquatics is top seed in 1:57.53.

Golding, the TYR August Swimmer of the Month, got her first U.S. Olympic trials cut at age 14 in the 200-meter individual medley IM in 2:18.67 during the USA Swimming Futures Championships in West Lafayette, Ind.

Golding, a high school state champion as a freshman, will also swim the 100-yard butterfly (55.18), 200-yard freestyle (1:51.58) and 100-yard freestyle (51.22).

In the 200 IM, Rodriguez will swim the 100-meter breaststroke (1:03.63), in which she is seeded 34th, and 200-meter breaststroke (2:17.38).

The pair will also swim in Sunday’s time trials. Golding will swim the 400-meter individual medley in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke in Session two.

Rodriguez will swim the 100-meter butterfly in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke in Session Two.

The Florida Gold Coast will be well-represented. Among the higher seeds are Marta Ciesla of Pine Crest Swimming, Raiz Tjon-A-Joe and Marco Guarente of Azura Florida Aquatics, Cody Cline of Wahoos of Wellington and Brody Heck of St. Andrew’s Swimming.

Bolles, SwimMAC, Swim Atlanta and Spartaquatics and Gator Swim Club are among top teams.

Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m.

The Speedo West Winter Junior National Championships are being held simultaneously this week at the University of Texas’ Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.

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SOFLO Sends Three Swimmers To Colombian Nationals


By Sharon Robb

November 17, 2015—South Florida Aquatic Club will have three swimmers competing when the XX Colombian National Aquatic Championships begin on Wednesday in Antioquia, Colombia.

Olympian Carolina Colorado, Jorge Murillo-Valdes and Catalina Mendieta, all medal hopefuls, will represent SOFLO at the 11-day event that features all aquatic sports.

Colorado, 28, is a two-time Olympian and national record holder in the 50-, 100- and 200-meter backstroke events, 50-meter butterfly and relays.

Murillo-Valdes is a national record holder in the 50-, 100- and 200-meter breaststroke events and relays.

Murillo-Valdes broke the 100 (1:00.53) and 200 (2:11.62) national records at this past summer’s Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada. He also is qualified in the 200 for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Mendieta, a Douglas High School alum, is ranked among the top five in the 50- and 100-meter butterfly and 50- and 100- meter freestyle in Colombia.

The trio are members of SOFLO’s pro team.


SOFLO swimmer Kylie Herman of Brandeis University was named University Athletic Association Swimmer of the Week for her performance in the team’s season-opener.

In her collegiate debut against Wheaton College, the freshman won two events–the 200-yard freestyle in 2:03.24 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:26.35. She was also second by less than a second in the 200-yard butterfly in 2:18.01.

Herman is a Cypress Bay High School alum and lives in Weston.


SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding, a freshman at Cooper City High School, is among top-ranked swimmers on the annual Florida Swim Network Mythical High School State Championship list.

The list is the network’s annual compilation of all four classes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) held at the Pinch-a-Penny FHSAA State Swimming and Diving Championships in Stuart to determine the ultimate champion.

Golding is ranked second in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:00.40, just 1/100th behind Tampa Catholic’s Christin Rockway. Golding is also ranked eighth in the 100-yard butterfly in 55.18.

SOFLO teammate Jessica Rodriguez, a junior at Hialeah Gardens, is ranked fourth in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:03.63 ranked behind Caroline White of Trinity Prep (1:01.68), Kelly Fertel of Gulliver Prep (1:03.29) and Isabella English of Winter Park (1:03.31).

Jacksonville Bolles boys and Gainesville Buchholz girls just edged out Gulliver Prep for top team honors.

The full list can be found posted on the Florida Swim Network website.

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SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Wins Gold, Bronze; Jessica Rodriguez Takes Silver At FHSAA State 4A Meet

By Sharon Robb

November 14, 2015—Kathleen Golding of Cooper City High School became one the youngest state champions in meet history Saturday night at the Pinch-A-Penny FHSAA State 4A Swimming and Diving Meet at Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center in Stuart.

Golding, a freshman making her high school state meet debut, won the 200-yard individual medley in an All-American automatic time of 2:00.40. She finished undefeated in her signature event in her first year of high school swimming.

Golding was also third in the 100-yard butterfly in 55.18, an All-American consideration time.

Golding, who trains with South Florida Aquatic Club, is the first state swim champion in 19 years at Cooper City since Leslie Anderson in 1996.

“I am super happy,” Golding said after her race. “To be a state champion as a freshman is incredible.”

Golding pulled away from the field for nearly a four second margin of victory over Sarasota freshman Isabel Traba in 2:04.72.

“I felt my backstroke which normally is my weakest point of race had a really fast tempo and I thought it made a difference why I dropped so much time,” Golding said. “This was my best high school race.

“I wasn’t sure about the butterfly because I wasn’t focusing on it. I was more focused on the IM so I was really happy over dropping a second in the fly.”

Golding scored 36 of her team’s 38 points enabling the Cowboys to finish among the Top 20.

“Swimming high school was so much fun, I loved it,” Golding said. “All my teammates were very supportive. They were cheering at the end of my lane and it really helped me.

“I don’t think it was a perfect meet for me, there’s definitely things I could improve on. I wanted to go under 2 minutes in the IM and I didn’t get that. But for my first state meet it was pretty good.”

SOFLO teammate Jessica Rodriguez, a junior at Hialeah Gardens making her third state meet appearance, just missed a state title in the 100-yard breaststroke. The top morning seed finished second in a best time 1:03.63, an All-American consideration time. Last year she was fourth in 1:05.53. Winter Park junior Isabel English won in 1:03.31.

Rodriguez also finished eighth in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:09.17 after going 2:08.63 in prelims.

Both Golding and Rodriguez wore tech suits but did not shave for the meet. The pair are focusing on USA Swimming Jr. Nationals which they are both qualified for.

“I am really happy with how both girls swam tonight,” SOFLO coach Chris Anderson said. “They have the confidence now which will be good for them at juniors.

“I am really happy how all our swimmers did at all four state meets,” Anderson said. “This is the first time we have had so many swimmers in finals in all four classes. That’s never happened before and it was kind of cool.

“It was a very successful showing for our club. They all swam very well. We did a good job preparing them well for states. Every one of our kids that made it swam faster at state.”

Broward County had two boys state champions.

Cypress Bay senior Marco Guarente was a double winner in the 200-yard individual medley in 1:49.77 and 100-yard breaststroke in 55.76. Both were automatic All-American times.

For South Plantation High School two-time defending champion Logan Downey the day was bittersweet. The talented diver won his third consecutive state title in 1-meter springboard diving with 533.30 points on the same day his father, Stuart, died seven years ago.

Buchholz junior Brooke Schultz won the girls diving title with 525.15 points. She was the only diver to crack 500 points.

In the team competition, Sarasota Riverview defended its boys team title with 324 points. Gainesville Buchholz won its sixth girls state title with 262, nearly 100 points ahead of Sarasota Riverview. It was Gainesville’s first title since 2009.



1.Gainesville Buchholz 262, 2. Sarasota Riverview 195, 3. Olympia 174, 4. Oviedo 157, 5. Boca Raton 126, 6. Lakewood 125, 7. Tampa Plant 114, 8. Palm Harbor 103, 9. Mandarin 96, 10. Lake Brantley 82, 16. Jupiter 53, 18. Cooper City 38, 24. Hialeah Gardens 28, 25. St. Thomas Aquinas 24, 29. Park Vista 17, 34. Wellington 9.


200-yard medley relay:

1.Buchholz (Caitlin Brooks, Savannah Fissenden, Julia Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Cronin) 1:44.81, 2. Lakewood Ranch 1:45.58, 3. Tampa Plant 1:46.59.

200-yard freestyle:

1.Morgan Tankersley, PLAN 1:47.54, 2. Spence Atkins, RIVS 1:49.03, 3. Peyton Palsha, SPET 1:50.37.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Kathleen Golding, CC 2:00.40, 2. Isabel Traba, SARA 2:04.72, 3. Ashley Boddiford, HAGR 2:04.76, 8. Jessica Rodriguez, HG 2:09.17.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Talia Bates, BUCH 23.07, 2. Katie Vasiloff, DURT 23.31, 3. Kaitlyn Cronin, BUCH 23.45.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Katie Vasiloff, DUR 54.78, 2. Madison Jean, LAKE 55.06, 3. Kathleen Golding, CC 55.18.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Lauren Dunn, MAND 50.96, 2. Eli Richardson, VB 51.15, 3. Klaudia Greer, NEW 51.19.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Spence Atkins, RIVS 4:48.74, 2. Morgan Tankersley, PLAN 4:50.52, 3. Peyton Palsha, SPET 4:51.91

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.Buchholz (Kirschtine Balbuena, Kaitlyn Cronin, Juia Rodriguez, Talia Bates) 1:33.88, 2. Tampa Plant 1:35.81, 3. Oviedo 1:37.60.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Caitlin Brooks, BUCH 55.67, 2. Courtney Chapin, LAKE 56.51, 3. Celismar Guzman, SC 56.66.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Isabel English, WP 1:03.31, 2. Jessica Rodriguez, HG 1:03.63, 3. Victoria Miyamoto, BR 1:05.39.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.Buchholz (Kirschtine Balbuena, Savannah Fissenden, Julia Rodriguez, Talia Bates) 3:28.50, 2. Sarasota Riverview 3:29.24, 3. Boca Raton 3:32.05.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Brooke Schultz, BUCH 525.15, 2. Makayla Robillard, OLYM 491.55, 3. Karlee Price, STA 490.65.


1.Sarasota Riverview 324, 2. Countryside 138, 3.Fleming Island 133, 4. Cypress Bay 123, 5. Seminole 119, 6. Boca Raton 107, 7. Jupiter 100, 8. Buchholz 96, 9. Fletcher 88, 10. Winter Park 75, 10. Wellington 75, 18. Miami Beach 39, 19. St. Thomas Aquinas 37, 22. Park Vista 30, 22. Ferguson 30, 27. South Plantation 20


200-yard medley relay:

1.Sarasota Riverview (Austin Katz, Campbell Lee, Keanan Dols, Tyler Carmichael) 1:33.30, 2. Countryside 1:35.11, 3. Seminole 1:36.57.

200-yard freestyle:

1.Austin Katz, RIVS 1:37.05, 2. Daniel Erlenmeyer, LWRA 1:38.81, 3. Drew Clark, RIVS 1:39.20.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Marco Guarente, CB 1:49.77, 2. Keanan Dols, RIVS 1:50.11, 3. John Fulginiti, HAGR 1:50.85.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Cody Cline, WELL 20.14, 2. Brody Heck, BR 20.18, 3. Maverick Layne, SMSA 20.75.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Noah Lense, COUN 48.18, 2. Nick Hackett, FI 48.96, 3. Walker Brooks, GATE 49.27.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Brody Heck, BR 44.49, 2. Maverick Layne, SEM 45.09, 3. Gavin Jones, FLET 45.38.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Drew Clark, RIVS 4:21.84, 2. Daniel Erlenmeyer, LWRA 4:22.67, 3. Alex Cronin, JUP 4:29.41.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.Fleming Island (John Hutton, Jack Neeley, Drew Heinton, Nick Hackett) 1:25.00, 2. Boca Raton 1:26.57, 3. Seminole 1:26.69.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Austin Katz, RIV 47.92, 2. Keanan Dols, RIV 50.40, 3. Walker Brooks, GATE 51.22.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Marco Guarente, CB 55.76, 2. Paxton Rhoads, TP 56.60, 3. Campbell Lee, RIV 57.32.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.Riverview (Austin Katz, Keanan Dols, Drew Clark, Bretty Riley) 3:06.02, 2. Countryside 3:08.76, 3. Cypress Bay 3:09.24.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Logan Downey, SP 533.30, 2. Dylan Power, PLAN 515.00, 3. Max Jenkins, PLAN 481.95.

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