Florida Leads Men’s, Women’s Team Standings After Day Two Of SEC Championships; Crooks Swims Sub-18

By Sharon Robb
COLLEGE STATION, Tex., February 15, 2023—University of Florida leads the men’s and women’s fields after the second day of competition at the Southeastern Conference Championships Wednesday at the Rec Center Natatorium.

The Gators lead the women with 502 and LSU is second with 378. The men lead with 542.5 points and Auburn is second with 380.

Florida won the men’s 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:14.19 with Macguire McDuff, Josh Liendo, Adam Chaney and Alberto Mestre. South Carolina was eighth in 1:17.43 with Patrick Groters swimming anchor leg in 19.12, the fastest of the foursome.

Groters, making his final SEC appearance, was 13th in the 200-yard individual medley prelims in a best time 1:44.09, dropping 1.04 seconds.

In a huge turnaround, LSU won the women’s 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:26.70 with Katarina Milutinovich, Maggie MacNeil, Peyton Curry and Michaela De Villiers. LSU had not sent a relay to the NCAAs in 2016 but have now qualified five in two days.

MacNeil broke her own SEC record to win the 50-yard freestyle in 20.98. She is only the fourth woman to go under 21 seconds.

In the men’s 50, Jordan Crooks of Tennessee won in 17.93, only the second swimmer to go under 18 seconds. He broke Caeleb Dressel’s SEC record of 18.23 set in 2016. Florida’s Josh Liendo (18.39) and Adam Chaney (18.71) were second and third.

In the women’s 500-meter freestyle, it was a sister showdown. Georgia’s Rachel Stege beat her older sister Kristen Stege of Tennessee by just 0.04 seconds, 4:36.31-4:36.35. Sarasota’s Emma Weyant of Florida was third in 4:37.96 and teammate Anna Auld of West Palm Beach was tenth in 4:40.32.

Florida men had four swimmers in the top five of the 500-yard freestyle with Gator Jake Mitchell winning in 4:09.85.

SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding of Florida finished ninth in the 200-yard individual medley prelims in 1:57.27, just off her entry time of 1:57.26. In the final, she finished tenth in 1:56.49, dropping 0.78.

Miami’s Kyle Korvick, a freshman at South Carolina, was 34th in the 500-yard freestyle in a best time 4:25.69, dropping 6.46.

Florida’s Anna Auld of West Palm Beach was tenth in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:40.32, dropping 2.79 off her entry time of 4:43.11.

: 1. Florida 502, 2. LSU 378, 3. Tennessee 375, 4. Georgia 329, 5. Alabama 306, 6. Kentucky 300, 7. South Carolina 286, 8. Texas A&M 226, 9. Auburn 222, 10. Arkansas 205, 11. Missouri 177, 12. Vanderbilt 94.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. LSU 1:26.70 (Katarina Milutinovich, Maggie MacNeil, Peton Curry, Michaela De Villiers), 2. Alabama 1:27.21, 3. Florida 1:27.28 (Ekaterina Nikonova, Katie Mack, Talia Bates, Micayla Cronk).

500-yard freestyle: 1. Rachel Stege, UGA 4:36.31, 2. Kristen Stege, TENN 4:36.35, 3. Emma Weyant, UF 4:37.96, 10. Anna Auld, UF 4:40.32.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Zoie Hartman, GA 1:53.58, 2. Josephine Fuller, TENN 1:55.01, 3. Lauren Poole, KY 1:55.12, 10. Kathleen Golding, UF 1:56.49.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Maggie MacNeil, LSU 20.98, 2. Mona McSharry, TENN 21.74, 3. Kalia Antoniou, BAMA 21.75.

MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Florida 542.5, 2. tie, Texas A&M 380 and Auburn 380, 4. Tennessee 347, 5. Georgia 268.5, 6. Alabama 249, 7. Missouri 214.5, 8. South Carolina 203.5, 9. Kentucky 162, 10. LSU 131.


200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Florida 1:14.19 (Macguire McDuff, Josh Liendo, Adam Chaney, Alberto Mestre) 2. Tennessee 1:15.34, 3. Auburn 1:15.94.

    500-yard freestyle: 1. Jake Mitchell, UF 4:09.85, 2. Jake Maghey, GA 4:10.03, 3. Alfonso Mestre, UF 4:10.15.

    200-yard individual medley: 1. Baylor Nelson, TAMU 1:40.86, 2. Koko Bratanov, TAMU 1:42.50, 3. Ben Patton, UMIZ 1:42.98, 4. Joaquin Gonzalez Pinero, UF 1:43.09.

    50-yard freestyle: 1. Jordan Crooks, TENN 17.93, 2. Josh Liendo, UF 18.39, 3, Adam Chaney, UF 18.71.

    Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

    Gators Sweep 800 Free Relays On Day One Of SEC Championships; Florida Gold Coast Well-Represented

    By Sharon Robb
    COLLEGE STATION, Tex., February 14, 2023—University of Florida opened with two relay wins Tuesday in the Southeastern Conference Championships at the Rec Center Natatorium.

    What’s expected to be a showdown between defending women’s champion Tennessee and Florida for the women’s title, the Gators got the ball rolling in the 800-yard freestyle relay.

    Florida women won the 800-yard freestyle relay in 6:57.11 with Ekaterina Nikonova, Talia Bates, Emma Weyant and Micayla Cronk while Tennessee was second in 6:58.26.

    The Gators were also second in the women’s 200-yard medley relay in 1:34.76 just behind Alabama in 1:34.20 with Aris Runnels, Nina Kucheran, Olivia Peoples and Katie Mack.

    Defending men’s champion Florida also won the 800 free relay in 6:08.64 with Macguire McDuff, Julian Smith, Alfonso Mestre and Jake Mitchell. Auburn was second in 6:12.39.

    Florida men were also runners-up in the 200-yard medley relay in 1:21.73 with Adam Chaney, Aleksas Savickas, Eric Friese and Josh Liendo.

    In diving, Brooke Schultz of South Carolina won the 3-meter springboard with 356.35 points and Victor Povzner of Texas A&M won the 1-meter with 375.50.

    The Florida Gold Coast is well-represented with qualifiers. They are sisters Kathleen and Molly Golding of Florida, Anna Auld of Florida, Patrick Groters and Kyle Korvick of South Carolina.

    : 1. LSU 178, 2. Florida 150, 3. Kentucky 149, 4. South Carolina 142, 5. Tennessee 136.
    200-yard medley relay: 1. Alabama 1:34.20 (Rhyan White, Avery Wiseman, Emily Jones,Kalia Antoniou), 2. Florida 1:34.76 (Aris Runnels, Nina Kucheran, Olivia Peoples, Katie Mack), 3. Tennessee 1:35.53.

    3-meter diving: 1. Brooke Schultz, SC 356.35, 2. Sophie Verzyl, SC 349.65, 3. Chaira Pellacani, LSU 341.85.

    800-yard freestyle relay: 1. Florida 6:57.11 (Ekaterina Nikonova, Talia Bates, Emma Weyant, Micayla Cronk), 2. Tennessee 6:58.26, 3. Georgia 6:58.90.

    MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Texas A&M 229, 2. Auburn 166, 3. Tennessee 159, 4. Florida 138, 5. Missouri 126.
    1-meter diving: 1. Victor Povzner, TAMU 375.50, 2. Bryden Hatties, TENN 364.40, 3. Rhett Hensley, TAMU 343.60.

    200-yard medley relay: 1. Tennessee 1:21.43 (Bjoern Kammann, Michael Houlie, Jordan Crooks, Guilherme Santos), 2. Florida 1:21.73 (Adam Chaney, Aleksas Savickas, Eric Friese, Josh Liendo), 3. Auburn 1:22.98.

    800-yard freestyle relay: 1. Florida 6:08.64 (Macguire McDuff, Julian Smith, Alfonso Mestre, Jake Mitchell), 2. Auburn 6:12.39, 3. Alabama 6:12.46.

    Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com