Luke Torres Top SOFLO Finisher, FGC Sweeps On Day Two Southern Zones Championships

Luke Torres Top SOFLO Finisher, FGC Sweeps On Day Two Southern Zones Championships


Luke Torres was the top finisher for the South Florida Aquatic Club Wednesday night in the Southern Zone Championships at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center in Atlanta.

Torres, 16, a member of the Florida Gold Coast All-Star Zone Team, was touched out by FGC teammate Evandro Silva, 18, in the 100-meter butterfly in a career-best swim of 56.38.

Torres, the top seed after morning prelims, finished second in 56.78, off his career-best of 56.66 accomplished at last week’s Senior Championships.

Torres was leading at the 50-meter mark, 29.56-29.97.

It was an Florida Gold Coast sweep with Andres Reyes-Capo, 16, placing third in 57.83, also a career-best.

Other SOFLO swimmers turned in career-best times in the biggest meet of their young careers. The field features most of the fastest swimmers in USA Swimming’s southern zone.

Marco Hosfeld, 14, finished sixth in the boys’ 13-14 200-meter freestyle in a career-best 1:58.84. He first bettered his previous best of 2:01.37 in morning prelims in 1:59.22 and came back to swim faster in finals.

Steph Campo, 12, was eighth in the girls’ 11-12 200-meter freestyle in a career-best 2:14.78. She bettered her previous best time of 2:17.49 in prelims in 2:15.07 and swam faster at night.

Anne Kuczynski, 15, was ninth in the girls’ 15-18 200-meter breaststroke in 2:47.41. Kuczynski bettered her previous career-best of 2:49.54 in morning prelims in 2:46.58.

SOFLO’s Emma Lincoln, 14, finished 12th in the girls 13-14 200-meter freestyle in a career-best 2:11.71 and was second alternate for the finals. Lincoln was also 23rd in the 100-meter butterfly in 1:08.58.

Also in the 200 freestyle, teammate Tyla Martin, 13, was 14th in a career-best 2:12.19. Her previous best was 2:14.22. It was her second age group meet competing as a 13-year-old after aging-up.

Brandon Goldman, 15, was 49th in the 15-18 100-meter butterfly in a career-best 1:03.15.

Also in the 100 butterfly, FGC All-Stars Daniel Spas, 15, and Austin Manganiello, 17, were both disqualified in their heats.

Individual Southern Zone champions were:


Carly Straight, 12, Tennessee, 11-12 200-meter freestyle, 2:11.54, career-best.

Michelle Turek, 13, Florida Swimming, 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 2:06.17, career-best.

Lillian Gordy, 17, North Carolina, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:06.37, career-best.

Alicia Finnigan, 12, Gulf Coast, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:05.15, career-best.

Taylor Weiss, 14, Zones Georgia, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:02.90, career-best.

Angela Algee, 15, Florida Swimming, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:03.20, career-best.

Annie Kyriakidis, 11, SES Southeast, 11-12 50-meter breaststroke, 35.11, career-best.

Sydney Pickrem, 13, Florida Swimming, 13-14 200-meter breaststroke, 2:39.86, career-best.

Ashley Reid, 17, Florida Swimming, 15-18 200-meter breaststroke, 2:39.48, career-best.


Preston Padden, 12, West Virginia, 11-12 200-meter freestyle, 2:08.95, career-best.

Jimmy Yoder, 14, Zones Georgia, 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 1:54.88, career-best.

Ty Rocca, 15, Florida Swimming, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 1:55.18, career-best.

Christian Lam, 12, North Carolina, 11-12 50-meter breaststroke, 33.86, career-best.

Gunnar Bentz, 14, Zones Georgia, 13-14 200-meter breaststroke, 2:23.56.

Walter Loop, 18, Louisiana, 15-18 200-meter breaststroke, 2:23.86, career-best.

Tyler Silver, 12, North Carolina, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:01.03, career-best.

Jimmy Yoder, 14, Zones Georgia, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 58.49, career-best.

Evandro Silva, 18, Florida Gold Coast, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 56.38, career-best.

Other Florida Gold Coast All-Star finishers were:

Quinn Cassidy, 13, second, 13-14 200-meter breaststroke, 2:29.57, career-best.

Isa Paez, 14, second, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:04.26, career-best.

Digby Nothard, 14, third, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 59.16, career-best.

Megan Moroney, 13, fourth, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:04.53, career-best.

Nicolas Medina, 12, fourth, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:06.07, career-best and sixth, 11-12 200-meter freestyle, career-best 2:08.95.

Austin Manganiello, 17, seventh, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 1:58.71.

Vicky Ho, 17, eighth, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:08.88, career-best.

Carlotta Verita, 12, ninth, 11-12 50-meter breaststroke, 36.52, career-best.

Andrew Smiddy, 18, ninth, 15-18 200-meter breaststroke, 2:29.25, career-best.

Rose Smiddy, 11, 11th, 11-12 200-meter freestyle, 2:16.38.

Annie Valls, 14, 11th, 13-14 200-meter breaststroke, 2:52.72, career-best.

Boleck Depawlikowski, 14, 11th, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:02.30.

Evandro Silva, 18, 11th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 1:59.04.

Gaby Garcia, 16, 11th, 15-18 200-meter breaststroke, 2:47.90.

Isabela Reyes-Capo, 12, 11th, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:10.90, career-best.

Namilla Sanchez, 12, 13th, 11-12 200-meter freestyle, 2:17.61, career-best.

Michael Christian, 17, 15th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:00.37, career-best.

Namilla Sanchez, 12, 16th, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:11.61.

Megan Moroney, 13, 18th, 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 2:13.42.

Fatimah Westbrook, 11, 18th, 11-12 50-meter breaststroke, 39.30.

Luis Santiesteban, 14, 18th, 13-14 200-meter breaststroke, 2:49.71.

Arianna Noya, 13, 19th, 13-14 200-meter breaststroke, 2:57.59.

Brittany Hammond, 15, 20th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:11.26, career-best and 27th, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:08.58.

Gaby Garcia, 16, 20th, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:08.87.

Derek Chait, 15, 20th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:00.68, career-best.

Hannah Vandersluis, 15, 21st, 15-18 200-meter breaststroke, 2:53.74.

Michael Christian, 17, 22nd, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:00.54, career-best.

Alexa Rivera, 11, 24th, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:12.86, career-best.

Sivan Fraiman, 15, 28th, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:08.59, career-best.

Daniel Spas, 15, 28th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:01.82.

Zoie Balthazar, 14, 29th, 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 2:16.15.

Tanner Fuller, 12, 29th, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:16.04.

Derek Chait, 15, 29th, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:01.38, career-best.

Alex Cronin, 12, 30th, 11-12 200-meter freestyle, 2:20.29 and 30th, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:16.06.

Carlotta Verita, 12, 30th, 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:14.28.

Annie Valls, 14, 31st, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:10.84, career-best.

Alejandro Vassallo, 14, 31st, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:06.36, career-best.

Jessica Nederlanden, 17, 31st, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:09.82.

Zoie Balthazar, 14, 32nd, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:10.87, career-best.

Andrew Smiddy, 18, 33rd, 15-18 100-meter butterfly, 1:01.64, career-best.

John Floyd, 14, 39th, 13-14 100-meter butterfly, 1:07.96 career-best.

Amanda Montesino, 17, 45th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:14.48.

Sivan Fraiman, 15, 46th, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:14.56, career-best.

John Floyd, 14, 48th, 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 2:14.30, career-best.

Dashley Reyes, 15, 52nd, 15-18 200-meter freestyle, 2:18.28, career-best.

Digby Nothard, 14, 53rd, 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 2:15.28, career-best.

The six-day meet continues today with prelims at 9 a.m. and finals at 6 p.m.

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Luke Torres Looking For Best Times At Senior Championships That Begin Friday

Luke Torres Looking For Best Times At Senior Championships That Begin Friday


CORAL SPRINGS—For two years, Luke Torres has been a work in progress.

After swimming in Brazil since he was 7 years old, Torres and his family moved to South Florida two years ago when he started training at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

Since then, Torres, 16, a junior at Plantation American Heritage School, has bettered his career-best times in all his events and become one of the Florida Gold Coast’s top age group swimmers.

Torres will be among a field of more than 600 swimmers competing in the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships that gets under way Friday at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

Torres is entered in five events: the 100- and 200-meter breaststroke and 50-, 100- and 200-meter butterfly. He is hoping to swim career-best times particularly in the 100-meter butterfly, seeded at 57.64, in which he hopes to swim 55.55. “That’s the goal,” Torres said.

He will also make his debut in the July 27-31 Southern Zone Championships in Atlanta.

Born in San Diego, Calif., Torres has dual U.S. and Brazilian citizenship. He has his sights set on representing Brazil in international competition including the Olympic Games one day.

Torres lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil since he was 3. In addition to swimming, he competed in several sports including soccer, tennis and jiu-jitsu between ages 7 and 9 but decided on swimming when his coach told him he had the body type for a swimmer.

“My coach in Brazil said he could tell by the height of my parents that I would be a really good swimmer,” said Torres, now 6-foot-3. “Then I started beating people. That was the reason I stayed with it. My coaches told me I would be good, but I never thought I would get to this level.”

In Brazil, he competed only in the sprint freestyle. He started training in breaststroke and butterfly at Coral Springs.

Torres’ progress in the butterfly has been remarkable. He has dropped from 59.98 in May 2009 to 57.64 in June 2010 in the 100-meter butterfly and 2:17.92 in June 2009, 2:11.49 in May 2010 to 2:10.08 in June 2010.

“I have changed a lot since I started training with Michael (Lohberg),” Torres said. “My fly has been really good. I have dropped in every single meet.

“Two years ago I was swimming 1:10 before I got here and now my goal for this weekend’s meet is 55. Michael is the best coach I have ever had. Training in this atmosphere with swimmers like Ryan O’Shaughnessy and working with Michael has really helped me improve as a swimmer. He helps me with every single detail and technique.”

Torres said he feels more comfortable with his training and strokes now.

“It is a completely different style in Brazil and Coral Springs,” Torres said. “In Brazil you either do it or you are out and you pretty much train alone. Here it is more relaxed and fun and I train with some of the best swimmers. I am in the best shape I have ever been as a swimmer.”

Torres’ family plans to return to Brazil at the end of the year for business reasons. He plans on using his training time wisely while at Coral Springs.

“I love the feeling when you keep dropping time,” said Torres, who has had some impressive performances at the Texas Senior Circuit Meet, All-Stars and Junior Olympics.

“Looking at the board after my races I see how I am progressing. I am doing so much better than I used to do. It’s really a good feeling to have. It means a lot to train here. I love everyone on the team.”

The men’s field features several top SOFLO swimmers including two-time Olympian Vlad Polyakov, 26, who is swimming the 50- and 100-meter breaststroke for fun; Nawaf Al-Wazzan, 23, in the 50-meter freestyle; Zain Qali, 22; Keegan Boisson-Yates, 15; Marco Camargo, 21; Brandon Goldman, 15; Tyler Sell, 18; Loai Tashkandi, 19; and Marco Hosfeld, 14. Several SOFLO swimmers may swim limited events, choosing instead to focus on zones.


What: Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships

Where: Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, 12441 Royal Palm Blvd.

When: Friday-Sunday, prelims 8:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.

Admission: $3 per session, $2 heat sheets. For information call 954-345-2121.

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