By Sharon Robb
MIAMI, July 25, 2022–Niccolo Miccolis is seeing his hard work and dedication pay off.

At 9, Miccolis was one of the youngest swimmers to make his Junior Olympics cut in the 50-meter freestyle during the BB Championships.

Miccolis, who trains with SOFLO age group coach Chloe Hampson, recently moved up from the Bull Sharks to Blue Sharks.

“He is a very hard worker,” Hampson said. “Basically, he is ready for practice early, he shows up to practices and he is always there and very focused.

“I give him a workout, I write the set and I decide the focus and he goes and does it. He will ask questions at practice. He is very focused for a 9-year-old and I have worked with a lot of 9-year-olds. I was one myself.”

Three weeks ago Miccolis got his JO cut at BB Championships and competed the next week at JOs.

“He was so excited at his first JOs,” Hampson said. “He came in, had a new JOs shirt and walked in all confident.”

At JOs, Miccolis finished 21st in the 10-and-under 50-meter freestyle in 36.29. His best time is 34.87. He also swam anchor leg on the second place 200-meter medley relay with teammates Michael Barber, Toma Petkov and Ethan Phan and swam anchor on the 200-meter freestyle relay with Barber, Luis Escobar and Gabriel Ferrer.

Miccolis, 9, is a fourth grader in the Magnet Program at George Washington Carver Elementary School in international studies. His older sister Didia, 11, swims with the Makos and his little brother Leone is taking lessons.

“I am more competitive at practice than my sister but in races she does a little better,” said Miccolis, who has been swimming since he was 2 and started competitive swimming at 8.

“I like competitive swimming and I’m really good at it,” he said. “I like being in the water. I have to keep on training so I can be good. It’s fun. Coach Chloe makes me improve.”

His mom Laura said he loves to stay busy. Swimming has helped him with time management.

“Swimming gives me something to do instead of just sitting on the couch,” Miccolis said. “I like to be organized. I like to have a good schedule. I don’t think I have too much free time with swimming and school.”

His favorite stroke is freestyle.

“I like it a lot,” he said. “I got my first JO in the freestyle. I liked being at JOs because I was one of the youngest swimmers. It was a good experience for me. It was my biggest meet. This has been my best season so far.”

Miccolis played soccer during the winter season and loves skateboarding. He is training to be a certified scuba diver when he turns 10 so he can dive with his sister who is already certified. He likes to collect foreign money. He loves school and his favorite subjects are math and social studies. His favorite swimmer is Caeleb Dressel. He trains close to home at Westminster Christian School’s pool.

“It’s perfect for us because they are all swimming at different times and my husband (Fabio) and I are going back and forth from school and practice,” Laura Miccolis said.

“I am so happy all my kids are swimming,” she said. “I started them early when they were little because I wanted them to be ready in case they fell in a pool. We started them with AquaKids and kept going. We like this environment. We never thought we could start competitive swimming. It keeps them busy and focused. It helps them to be organized and manage their time.

“Niccolo and Didia put a lot of effort into it. Working hard in swimming makes them realize they get results. They put in the effort and it helps them to succeed and improve. We know they are working hard on the little things and these are the little steps that make them realize it is worth it to keep going and working hard to make new goals.”

Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR backpack. Miccolis joins SOFLO swimmers Alex Golding (April), Guillermo Mantilla (March), Tristan Dons (February) and Hashan Ekanayake (January) as 2022 TYR Swimmers of the Month.

SOFLO sponsor TYR is a USA manufacturer of recreational and competitive swimwear, caps, goggles, triathlon gear and accessories and one of the nation’s top companies. TYR, created by athletes, is named for the Norse god of warriors in Germanic mythology.

Among its male-sponsored athletes are 2020 Olympians Michael Andrew, Tom Shields, Nic Fink, Townley Haas and Jordan Wilimovsky and other elite swimmers Matt Grevers, Maxime Rooney, Jacob Pebley and Ryan Lochte.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SOFLO Swimmers Shine At FGC LCM BB Championships South; Varvara Dmitrova Double Winner

By Sharon Robb
MIAMI, July 9, 2022–South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers are seeing all their hard work pay off after another great day of racing at the Florida Gold Coast Long Course Meters BB Championships South Saturday at Ransom Everglades’ Ansin Aquatic Center.

SOFLO’s Varvara Dmitrova, 10, won two events, both with best times. Dmitrova won the 100-meter backstroke in 1:36.48, dropping 1.44 seconds. She also won the 50-meter butterfly in 41.42, dropping 1.02 seconds.

Individual SOFLO winners were:
Isabella Montes, 14, 200-meter butterfly, 2:48.52, time drop 6.42.
Haley Garcia, 14, 100-meter breaststroke, 1:32.83.
Joshua Menezes, 13, 200-meter butterfly, 2:39.78.
Niccolo Miccolis, 9, 50-meter freestyle, 34.87, time drop 3.34.
Reynaldo Manzanrez, 10, 50-meter butterfly, 43.95.
Lance Bergeron-Menard, 11, 50-meter butterfly, 35.70, time drop 1.70.

Other top three SOFLO finishers were:
Kaylee Del Rio, 15, 200-meter butterfly, second, 2:58.81.
Didia Miccolis, 11, 100-meter backstroke, second, 1:25.18, time drop 0.34.
Ainsley Miller, 13, 100-meter backstroke, second, 1:16.60, time drop 3.74.
Anjana Andapally, 14, 100-meter breaststroke, second, 1:33.50.
Calista Harries, 15, 100-meter breaststroke, second,1:29.82.
Michael Barber, 10, 100-meter backstroke, second, 1:34.47, time drop 2.64.
Alexander Ross, 12, 100-meter backstroke, second, 1:27.73.
Connor Jimenez, 13, 100-meter backstroke, second, 1:11.65, time drop 4.05.
Mason Jimenez, 14, 50-meter freestyle, second, 28.04, time drop 1.76; 100-meter breaststroke, second, 1:19.95, time drop 4.49.
Marvan Ekanayake, 15, 50-meter freestyle, second, 26.90, time drop 0.69.
Luis Escobar, 10, 100-meter breaststroke, second, 1:48.86, time drop 0.09
Sebastian Fernandez, 17, 50-meter freestyle, third, 27.39, time drop 0.49.
Leonardo Zuluaga, 9, 50-meter butterfly, third, 48.12; 100-meter breaststroke, third 1:50.41, time drop 0.32.
Stephania Dmitrova, 9, 100-meter backstroke, third, 1:42.80.
Sophie Szutkowski, 12, 100-meter backstroke, third, 1:27.02
Sarah Bedoya, 14, 50-meter freestyle, third, 30.55, time drop 0.41.
Rose Seniuk, 13, 200-meter freestyle, third, 2:27.80.
Daniel Chaussky, 11, 200-meter freestyle, third, 2:34.50, time drop 3.39.

The three-day meet concludes Sunday with prelims at 8:30 a.m. The distance 1500-meter freestyle events begin 3:30 p.m. followed by finals at 6 p.m.

SOFLO has the largest contingent with 54 swimmers (34 boys and 20 girls) in 223 individual events.

In addition to host Ransom Everglades and SOFLO, among other teams competing are Gulliver, Metro Aquatics, Midtown Weston, Bravo Swimming, Blue Marlins, Eagle Aquatics, Cooper City Cyclones, North Miami Swimming and Azura.


200-meter butterfly:
13-14, 1. Isabella Montes, SOFLO 2:48.52, time drop 6.42.
15-18, 1. Alexandra De Angulo, MS 2:50.65, 2. Kaylee Del Rio, SOFLO 2:58.81.

100-meter backstroke:
7-10, 1. Varvara Dmitrova, SOFLO 1:36.48, time drop 1.44; SOFLO: 3. Stephania Dmitrova 1:42.80, 6. Gabriela Ekht 1:49.08.
11-12, 1. Antonia Moreno, GRSC 1:24.35; SOFLO: 2. Didia Miccolis 1:25.18, time drop 0.34, 3. Sophie Szutkowski 1:27.02.
13-14, 1. Madison Aguero, BRVO 1:16.01; SOFLO: 2. Ainsley Miller 1:16.60, time drop 3.74, 6. Genesis Escobar 1:20.93, 8. Rose Seniuk 1:21.8.
15-18, 1. Sarah Sousa, MCDA 1:21.08.

50-meter freestyle:
7-10, 1. Sofia Robayo, MWA 35.75; SOFLO: 6. Gabriela Ekht 44.64.
11-12, 1. Isabella Lopez, CANE 31.61; SOFLO: 4. Sophie Szutkowski 32.85, time drop 0.39.
13-14, 1. Madison Aguero, BRVO 29.90; SOFLO: 3. Sarah Bedoya 30.55, time drop 0.41.
15-18, 1. Victoria Reveron, EA 29.92; SOFLO: 7. Judith-Alison Natino 31.77.

50-meter butterfly:
7-10, 1. Varvara Dmitrova, SOFLO 41.42, time drop 1.02.
11-12, 1. Aubrey Moen, CCPR 35.26.

100-meter breaststroke:
7-10, 1. Kailee Moure, CANE 1:49.10; SOFLO: 5. Gabriela Ekht 1:54.80, time drop 6.09.
11-12, 1. Rafaela Dabus, GRSC 1:33.01; SOFLO: 7. Sophie Szutkowski 1:37.22, time drop 3.20, 8. Olivia Wilson 1:37.56, time drop 0.97.
13-14, 1. Haley Garcia, SOFLO 1:32.83, 2. Anjana Andapally, SOFLO 1:33.50.
15-18, 1. Katia Alonso, MS 1:28.68; SOFLO: 2. Calista Harries 1:29.82.

200-meter freestyle:
7-10, 1. Eva Kolobova, NMST 2:54.98.
11-12, 1. Sofia Kotz-Agramonte, RANS 2:34.77; SOFLO: 6. Olivia Wilson 2:42.09.
13-14, 1. Elizabeth Lisitsyn, BRVO 2:31.81; SOFLO: 3. Rose Seniuk 2:27.80.
15-18, 1. Mila Fanjul, GRSC 2:22.81; SOFLO: 7. Calista Harries 2:34.99, 8. Kaylee Del Rio 2:35.53, time drop 1.00.

200-meter butterfly:
13-18, 1. Joshua Menezes, SOFLO 2:39.78.

100-meter backstroke:
7-10, 1. Elad Rubenstein, NMST 1:32.57; SOFLO: 2. Michael Barber 1:34.47, time drop 2.64, 8. Ian Ibarra 1:40.26, time drop 3.22.
11-12, 1. Santiago Guio, MWA 1:26.47; SOFLO: 2. Alexander Ross 1:27.73.
13-14, 1. Keagan Ives, MWA 1:10.50; SOFLO: 2. Connor Jimenez 1:11.65, time drop 4.05, 5. Matt McVeigh 1:14.16, time drop 0.57.
15-18, 1. Mateo Silva, CANE 1:11.29.

50-meter freestyle:
7-10, 1. Niccolo Miccolis, SOFLO 34.87, time drop 3.34; SOFLO: 6. Michael Barber 37.02, time drop 1.32., 8. Luis Escobar 37.42, time drop 1.90.
11-12, 1. Mikhail Cherepanov, BRVO 30.62; SOFLO: 6. Daniel Chaussky 32.82.
13-14, 1. Santiago Balbis, GRSC 27.94; SOFLO; 2. Mason Jimenez 28.04, time drop 1.76.
15-18, 1. Dylan Rodriguez, RANS 26.63; SOFLO: 2. Marvan Ekanayake 26.90, time drop 0.69, 3. Sebastian Fernandez 27.39, time drop 0.49, 7. Carlos Rincon 27.66, time drop 0.25, 8. Armando Bertea 27.81.

50-meter butterfly:
7-10, 1. Reynaldo Manzanrez, SOFLO 43.95; SOFLO: 3. Leonardo Zuluaga 48.12.
11-12, 1. Lance Bergeron-Menard, SOFLO 35.70, time drop 1.70; SOFLO: 5. Alexander Ross 38.41.

100-meter breaststroke:
7-10, 1. Leonard Podushkin, NMST 1:46.39; SOFLO: 2. Luis Escobar 1:48.86, time drop 0.09, 3. Leonardo Zuluaga 1:50.41, time drop 0.32.
11-12, 1. Christopher Chaison, MWA 1:22.32.
13-14, 1. Nikita Nesterov, BRVO 1:18.79; SOFLO: 2. Mason Jimenez 1:19.95, time drop 4.49, 4. Ryan Harries 1:21.82, time drop 3.98, 5. Connor Jimenez 1:21.98, time drop 4.99, 6. Martin Petkov 1:22.32, time drop 4.35, 7. Joseph-Blake Natino 1:22.58, time drop 1.56.
15-18, 1. Fabio Di Persio, CANE 1:18.79.

200-meter freestyle:
7-10, 1. Gerson Herrera, BMHG 2:52.69; SOFLO: 6. Luis Escobar 3:08.10, 7. Gabriel Ferrer 3:08.36, time drop 0.39.
11-12, 1. Liam Fothergill, MWA 2:25.93; SOFLO: 3. Daniel Chaussky 2:34.50, time drop 7.43, 6. Atharv Agashe 2:35.92, time drop 6.40.
13-14, 1. Jak Kotz-Agramonte, RANS 2:09.71.
15-18, 1. Anthony Lander, MS 2:08.48; SOFLO: 5. Armando Bertea 2:14.94, time drop 3.39.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com