SOFLO’s Alcaide Makes Olympic Trials Cut; Marinheiro, Goldman, Greenwood Go Best Times At Purdue Invitational

SOFLO’s Alcaide Makes Olympic Trials Cut; Marinheiro, Goldman, Greenwood Go Best Times At Purdue Invitational


March 30, 2012

It was a big night for South Florida Aquatic Club at the Purdue Invitational at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center Friday in West Lafayette, Ind.

Jessie Alcaide, at 27 one of the most experienced swimmers on the team, had reason to celebrate after making her first Olympic Trials cut in the 50-meter freestyle.

Alcaide, who has been close several times, finished third in the championship finals in personal-best time of 26.19 seconds, under the 26.39 qualifying standard.

“I did it, yeah,” Alcaide said.

Alcaide is enjoying one of her finest meets. She came in with a 26.71 seed time and bettered that in morning prelims in 26.41, just missing the cut. She said she knew she would get the cut in finals.

“I feel good,” Alcaide said. “I was frustrated I kept coming close so many times. I just kept making the little mistakes. My strokes are there, my muscle memory is there and my training is there. I feel I am in the best shape possible.

“It’s just those little mistakes like gliding into my butterfly finish and looking up at the turn in my 100 freestyle.

“My plan was to get the 50 tonight,” Alcaide said. “I really like this meet. This pool is so much cooler, open, airy and well-lit.”

Alcaide was happy with her morning swim and knew what to improve on.

“My 50 was near-perfect,” she said. “I started trying too hard instead of doing what I know. I was a little tight. I knew I just needed to relax and be faster.”

In the 100-meter freestyle, Alcaide finished second in a career-best 57.28, bettering her previous best of 57.32 she swam in morning prelims. She was just off the Olympic Trials standard of 57.19. Alcaide was also fourth in the 100-meter butterfly in 1:02.33, just off her prelim time of 1:02.23, both bettering her previous best of 1:03.08.

Up-and-coming swimmer Marcella Marinheiro had a big breakthrough in her 200-meter backstroke. She had a big time drop in the event finishing 20th in personal best time of 2:23.89 after swimming 2:28.96 in prelims.

Her seed time was 2:05.62 in yards.

Marinheiro was just as excited as Alcaide after swimming her best time at a big meet.

“That was so good,” Marinheiro said after her race. “I was really happy because I have been trying to drop for a while. Then I dropped two seconds and was hoping for more. Since I am 17 it’s hard to drop so many seconds. I felt really good at the moment and I just went for it.

“I have been training a lot,” Marinheiro said. “This is a high quality meet. My first races were okay but my 200 back was really good. I like this meet. I like travelling to meets like this. You get a lot of experience, meet new swimmers and get better.”

Brandon Goldman, despite being sick, won the “B” final of 200-meter backstroke in a personal-best time of 2:09.86 after first lowering his best time of 2:10.36 in prelims. His previous best was 2:11.29.

Goldman was forced to scratch from the 400-meter individual medley because of a lingering illness.

Emily Greenwood turned in another stellar swim in the 200-meter backstroke, finishing sixth in the “C” final and 22nd overall in 2:29.89. She first bettered her best time in prelims in 2:30.21. Her previous best was 2:32.27.

Luke Torres was fifth in the “C” final and 21st overall in the 50-meter freestyle in 24.63 after going 24.49 in prelims. His seed time was 21.89 in yards.


Women’s 200-meter freestyle: 15. Melissa Marinheiro 2:08.48, 23. Marcella Marinheiro 2:12.42, 26. Emma Lincoln 2:13.54.

Men’s 200-meter freestyle: 34. Keegan Boisson-Yates 2:05.17, best time, previous best 2:06.62.

Women’s 200-meter backstroke: 22. Marcella Marinheiro 2:28.96, 24. Emily Greenwood 2:30.21 best time, previous best 2:32.27, 26. Melissa Marinheiro 2:39.39.

Men’s 200-meter backstroke: 10. Brandon Goldman 2:10.36, best time, previous best 2:11.29.

Women’s 50-meter freestyle: 3. Jessie Alcaide 26.41, 9. Sharntelle McLean 26.98, 23. Mariangela Macchiavello 27.62, 34. Emma Lincoln 28.00, best time, 28.04 previous best, 55. Maria Lopez 28.94, best time, previous best 29.52, 56. Emily Greenwood 29.09, 57. Marcella Marinheiro 29.48.

Men’s 50-meter freestyle: 22. Luke Torres 24.49, 35. Keegan Boisson-Yates 25.47.

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SOFLO’s Dara Torres Makes Final At Missouri Grand Prix, Swims Olympic Trials Cut

SOFLO’s Dara Torres Makes Finals At Missouri Grand Prix, Swims Olympic Trials Cut


February 19, 2011

Wearing her South Florida Aquatic Club swim cap for the first time in a swim meet, Dara Torres qualified for her first championship final Saturday morning at the Missouri Grand Prix in Columbia, Mo.

Competing for the first time since the 2009 Rome World Championships and state-of-the-art reconstructive knee surgery, Torres qualified in the 50-meter freestyle.

Despite a tentative start off the blocks, the five-time Olympian finished second in her heat behind U.S. national team member Jessica Hardy, 23, of Trojan Swim Club (25.79) in 25.90 seconds, an Olympic trials cut. 

Torres was seeded fifth coming into the meet in 25.50 and is seeded fourth for Saturday night’s final.

Torres swam in Lane 5 and SOFLO teammate and two-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson was next to her in Lane 6.

Looking nervous before the race, she walked the width of the pool, sat in a corner of the pool and splashed water on herself and her suit. Before she climbed on the blocks, she splashed herself again. After she finished, she was all smiles as she climbed out of the pool.

Torres, 43, is the American record holder in the event with a time of 24.07 she swam at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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