SOFLO’s Izzy Wilson Takes Fifth At USA Swimming Women’s 7.5K Junior National Open Water Championship

By Sharon Robb
SARASOTA, April 23, 2023—South Florida Aquatic Club’s Izzy Wilson finished fifth at the USA Swimming Women’s 7.5K Junior National Open Water Championship Sunday at Nathan Benderson Park.

On the third and final day of competition, Wilson, 17, finished fifth among a national-caliber field in 1:35.10.19. She was the only Florida Gold Coast swimmer in the field.

Claire Weinstein of Sandpipers of Nevada, third in the 10K on Friday and member of the U.S. World Championship team last year, won the girls 7.5K title in 1:34:00, 16 seconds ahead of NOVA of Virginia’s Claire Stuhlmacher in 1:34:16.56. Sarasota Sharks’ Lolly Milbaum was third in 1:34:38.41.

Ryan Erisman of Laker Swim, runner-up in the Junior 5K race on Saturday, won the boys 7.5K title in 1:26:12.

Two days after racing the 10K swim in the World Championships qualifying race, Katie Grimes and Brennan Gravley were back on course for the 5K. With their bids for Fukuoka already secured, both Sandpipers of Nevada swimmers won titles.

Grimes finished first among the 24 swimmers in the women’s race in 58:37.95, two seconds ahead of Spain’s Angela Martinez (58:39.99). Mariah Denigan, the Indiana swimmer already qualified to join Grimes in the 10K at Worlds, was third in 58:42.49. Anna Auld of University of Florida was 14th in 1:01.57.

Gravley, now competing for the University of Florida, won the men’s race in 55:10.65, a second-and-a-half margin of victory.

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Grimes, Garach Win U.S. Open Water 10K Titles; SOFLO’s Vallmitjana Swims Junior 5K Boys’ Race Saturday

By Sharon Robb
SARASOTA, April 21, 2023—Katie Grimes won the women’s 10K title in the U.S. Open Water National Championships Friday at Nathan Benderson Park.

In a close race, Grimes, 17, of Sandpipers of Nevada surged to overtake the field and won in 1:58.08. Her club teammates Mariah Denigan (1:58:23) and Claire Weinstein (1:58.24) were second and third. University of Florida’s Anna Auld of West Palm Beach was 13th in 2:03:07. Blair Stoneburg of Treasure Coast Aquatics was 19th in 2:05:15.

Grimes was coming off of an impressive 400 IM at the Fran Crippen SMOC last Saturday. She was close to the NAG record for 17-18 (4:31.81), 3/100ths of a second off Elizabeth Beisel’s time in 2011. The time was the second fastest in the world this year.

Grimes, the 2022 World Championship silver medalist in the women’s 1500 meter and 400 IM, was the 10K favorite. She won gold last year at the World Junior Open Water Championships in both the girls 7.5K and team event, and placed fifth in the women’s 10K at the 2022 World Championships.

In another close race, Carlos Garach of Spain won the men’s 10K title in 1:51.05.65 just ahead of Brennan Gravely, the top American finisher in 1:51.05.78 His brother Dylan Gravely was third in 1:51.07.

Brennan Gravley won the Male Open Water Swimmer of the Year in 2022, an honor named the Fran Crippen Memorial award. He finished tied for tenth in the 5K and 12th in the 10K at worlds. He was part of the American team that finished seventh. Gravley is a senior at University of Florida.

Qualifying spots for the 2023 World Championships were decided off national championships. The winners of the men’s and women’s 10K, Garach and Grimes, both earned a spot in both the 5K and 10K events. The second slot at worlds will go to the top American finisher at the Italian leg of the World Aquatics Open Water World Cup.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Juan Vallmitjana, 14, competes Saturday in the junior boys 5K national race. Teammate Izzy Wilson, 17, swims Sunday in the junior girls 7.5K.

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Twelve SOFLO Swimmers Named To Florida Gold Coast Open Water Zone Team

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, April 17, 2023—South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented at the June 2-4 Southern Zone Open Water Championships at Lake Echo, Seven Lakes, N.C.

SOFLO swimmers on the Florida Gold Coast open water zone team are Jemma Baldwin, 12; Juan Vallmitjana, 14; Amelie Bicerne, 13; Elise Dinehart, 14; Carley Kaplan, 14; Jianna Amores, 12; Enrique Rodriguez, 18; Sophie Szutkowski, 12; Abraham Penaloza, 15; Jaden Amores, 15; Jenesys Amores, 14; and Sarah Vasquez, 15.

The FGC Open Water Zone Team was selected after the local open water qualifier and based on a tiered selection. Alternates were considered through sixth place to fill open spots. Then USA Swimming power points for the 1,650/1,500 was used to fill any remaining spots.

The competition begins with check-in on Friday, June 2nd from 3:30-7 p.m. All swimmers are expected to participate in both Saturday and Sunday events.

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SOFLO’s Izzy Wilson Wins Swim Miami Women’s 5K Title

By Sharon Robb
MIAMI, April 17, 2023–South Florida Aquatic Club’s Izzy Wilson won the Swim Miami women’s 5K race Sunday at Miami Marine Stadium.

Wilson, 16, won the 3.1-mile race in 59 minutes and 39 seconds. She topped a field of 95 women and was ninth overall among a mixed field of 254.

SOFLO teammate Amelie Bicerne, 15, was 38th in the 5K in 1:10:14. She was 13th out of 95 women and 38th overall.

In the 800 meter race Camila Canelon finished in 18:23. She was fifth in her age group, 11th among 54 women and 20th overall.

SOFLO coaches also flexed their muscles in the open water mile.

Jessica Rodriguez, competing in her first open water event since 2013, finished in 23:43. She was fifth among 132 women, second in her age group among 39 women and 19th overall among a field of 364.

George Mersinger finished 104th in 38:22. He was 282nd out of 364 and 117th among the men’s field.


  1. Izzy Wilson, SOFLO 59:39, 2. Jade Marquis 59:48, 3. Rosalie Gauvin 59:53, 4. Delphine Piatera-Mercier 1:01.08, 5. Laurence Michaud 1:01:12; SOFLO: 38. Amelie Bicerne 1:10:14.
  2. Sebastian Gonzalez Barboza 53:47, 2. Edouard Duffy 54:04, 3. Elias Segovia 55:22, 4. Walid Benzaazoua 55:42, 5. Victor Perron 55:44.
  3. Fatima Portillo, Azura 2:06:04, 2. Penelope Harvey 2:06:12, 3. Madeleine Anderson 2:13:56, 4. Rachel Werking 2:19:41, 5. Francesca Smart 2:25:51; Other notables: 6. Lisa Childers 2:30.02, 22. Merle Livand 2:36:12, 24. Vanessa Bonebrake 2:36:47.
  4. Maximiliano Paccot, Azura 1:52:38, 2. Philippe Lacasse 1:52:43, 3. Bruno Paquet 1:55:48, 4. Mathis Bourbonnais 2:02:45, 5. Ricardo Valdivia 2:07:41: Other notables, 14. David Zubero 2:22:35, 28. David Boudreau 2:43:10.

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Izzy Wilson, Juan Vallmitjana Top SOFLO Finishers At FGC Open Water Qualifier, Headed To Zones

By Sharon Robb
NORTH MIAMI, April 12, 2023—In an exciting finish, Izzy Wilson of South Florida Aquatic Club finished runner-up to Fatima Portillo in the women’s 5,000-meter race at the Florida Gold Coast Open Water Qualifier Saturday at Florida International’s Biscayne Bay campus.

Wilson 14, finished in 47:58, just behind Portillo, 20, in 47:54.

Two other SOFLO girls finished among the Top 10. Carley Kaplan, 14, was ninth in 50:37 and Elise Dinehart, 14, was tenth in 51:04.

Juan Vallmitjana, 14, was SOFLO’s top boys finisher in the 5000 placing sixth in 46:24. Enrique Rodriguez, 18, was seventh in 46:38.

Florida Gold Coast’s number of Open Water Zone spots per age group are: 11-12, 4 boys, 4 girls; 13-14, 6 boys, 6 girls; 15-16, 6 boys, 6 girls; and Open age group, 4 boys and 4 girls.

The open water zones are June 2-4 at Seven Lakes, N.C.

BOYS 5000 (41 swimmers finished)

  1. Maximiliano Paccot, 43.00; SOFLO: 6. Juan Vallmitjana 46:24, 7. Enrique Rodriguez 46:38, 11. Jaden Amores 47:19, 16. Marvan Ekanayake 50:01, 18. Abraham Penaloza 50:14, 24. Giorgio Rusconi 52:57, 29. Ryan Harries 53:48.

BOYS 2000 (23 swimmers finished)

  1. Diego Dulieu 23:34.

GIRLS 5000 (32 swimmers finished)

  1. Fatima Portillo, 47:54; SOFLO: 2. Izzy Wilson 47:58, 9. Carley Kaplan 50:37, 10. Elise Dinehart 51:04, 11. Jenesys Amores 51:06, 14. Amelie Bicerne 51:20, 15. Sarah Vasquez 51:29, 23. Sophie Szutkowski 55:16.

GIRLS 2000 (20 swimmers finished)

  1. Gia Euseppi 25:29; SOFLO: 6. Jianna Amores 26:49, 11. Sophia Rodriguez 28:18, 12. Alexandra Strong 28:20, 14. Didia Miccolis 30:07.

SOFLO had 22 swimmers (13 girls and 9 boys) in the field. The open water event was hosted by Hurricane Aquatics. Niccolo Miccolis also competed and finished the 500. He was the only SOFLO swimmer in the race but his time was not reported by meet organizers or official scorer.

SOFLO will have three swimmers and two coaches compete in Sunday’s Swim Miami Open at Miami Marine Stadium, the longest standing open water swim on the East Coast and one of the largest in the U.S.

Izzy Wilson and Amelie Bicerne will swim the 5K and Camila Canelon will swim the 800. SOFLO coaches Jessica Rodriguez and George Mersinger will swim the mile.

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SOFLO Swimmers Headed To Florida Gold Coast Open Water Qualifier On Saturday

By Sharon Robb
NORTH MIAMI, April 6, 2023—South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented at the Florida Gold Coast Open Water Qualifier on Saturday at Florida International’s Biscayne Bay campus.

SOFLO will have 22 swimmers (13 girls and 9 boys) in the field. SOFLO swimmers competing are:

Girls 13-14 5,000 freestyle: Elise Dinehart, Jenesys Amores, Sophia Szutkowski, Carley Kaplan.
Girls 15-16 5,000 freestyle: Sarah Vasquez, Izzy Wilson, Genesis Escobar, Amelie Bicerne.
Boys 13-14 5,000 freestyle: Juan Vallmitjana, Ryan Harries.
Boys 15-16 5,000 freestyle: Garrett Garcia-Studdard, Marvan Ekanayake, Jaden Amores, Abraham Penaloza, Giorgio Rusconi.
Boys 17-and-over 5,000 freestyle: Enrique Rodriguez.
Girls 12-and-under 2,000 freestyle: Sofia Rodriguez, Jemma Baldwin, Jianna Amores, Didia Miccolis.
Girls 13-14 2,000 freestyle: Alexandra Strong.
Boys 12-and-under 500 freestyle: Niccolo Miccolis.

The open water event is hosted by Hurricane Aquatics. Start time is 7:45 a.m. for the men’s 5K followed by 7:50 a.m. women’s 5K, 9 a.m. men’s 2K, 9:30 a.m. women’s 2K; 10:15 a.m. open 500 and 10:45 a.m. team pursuit relay.

The start/finish is on the east lawn. The race will take place in Biscayne Bay, a salt water bay off Miami.

Thirty-seven girls are entered in the 5,000 freestyle; 44 in the boys’ 5,000; 20 in the girls 2,000; 24 in the boys 2,000; 23 girls in the mixed 500 freestyle; and four mixed relays in the 700 freestyle relay.

Florida Gold Coast will fill the following number of Open Water Zone spots per age group:
11-12, 4 boys, 4 girls.
13-14, 6 boys, 6 girls.
15-16, 6 boys, 6 girls.
Open age group, 4 boys and 4 girls.
Open water zones are June 2-4 at Seven Lakes, N.C.

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Former Gator Wins Swim For Alligator Lighthouse Open Water Swim

ISLAMORADA, September 14, 2022—Defending champion Connor Signorin topped a field of 450 swimmers from around the nation to capture his second consecutive Swim for Alligator Lighthouse, an 8-mile open-water swim held off the Florida Keys on Saturday.

Signorin, 30, of the Tampa Bay area and former University of Florida swimmer, finished the race in 3 hours, 7 minutes and 8 seconds. Last year he won in 3:05:37.

The five time All-American and the rest of the field swam to Alligator Reef Lighthouse off Islamorada, rounded the beacon, and swam back to the start and finish points at Amara Cay Resort.

Islamorada’s Corley Smith, 17, of Coral Shores High School and Florida Keys Swim Club, coached by two-time Olympian Jon Olsen, won the women’s race in 3 hours, 43 minutes and 13 seconds.

In other divisions, Greg Hodson and Joan Wheeler had the fast two-person relay time of 4:05:44.

Lynnette Hennessey and Kolby Minckler of Hilton Head, S.C. and Joe Green from Bluffton, S.C. won the three-person class in 4:08:13.

The winning four-person team was Marty Berman, Andrew Freeman, Keith Kessler and Michael Miller of Ponte Verde in 4:27:46.

The annual swim was created by Florida Keys artist “Lighthouse Larry” Herlth to raise awareness for the need to preserve the 150-year-old Alligator Reef Lighthouse and five other aging lighthouses off the Florida Keys.

The swim also raises money for college scholarships for Keys students interested in competitive swimming.

Alligator Reef Lighthouse is named after the USS Alligator, a U.S. Navy schooner that ran aground on the reef in 1822 and sank. Despite misconceptions, there are no alligators around the lighthouse since those reptiles primarily live in fresh water.

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Swim4Nick Swim Clinic Set For August 21 At Plantation Aquatic Complex

By Sharon Robb
PLANTATION, August 10, 2022—The fifth annual Swim4Nick Swim Clinic is set for Sunday, August 21 at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

The free clinic, that benefits the Nicholas Dworet Memorial Fund, Inc., is for novice and intermediate, middle and high school swimmers. It is a clinic and not a swim lesson. Participants should know all four strokes. The clinic is 9 a.m.-noon.

The clinic is meant to help local swimmers improve their swim strokes as well as bring swimmers from different high school and club swim teams together for a day of fun and remembering Nicholas Dworet and to help keep his legacy alive.

Dworet was killed Feb. 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting. Dworet started swimming at age 7 and had a scholarship waiting for him at University of Indianapolis the fall of 2018 and hoped to swim in the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics.

Dworet was always helping friends and teammates. In his memory, the swim clinic is held in his honor for swimmers who want to improve through hard work and dedication just as Dworet did through the years.

High school, college and club coaches will be on hand to work with swimmers. Swimmers will be coached on all four swim strokes and will move from station to station to get tips from the coaches.

There will be giveaways and raffles. Swimmers will receive a welcome gift. After the clinic swimmers will enjoy a pizza lunch and raffle where every swimmer will receive a prize.

Since it was started, the clinic has hosted nearly 300 swimmers of all ages. The Nicholas Dworet Memorial Fund, Inc. has given away more than $18,000 in scholarships and aid to local swimmers.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Ana Frable was among scholarship recipients this year. Other recipients were Alejandro Huerta, Tristan Bragg, Joshua Cajuste, Maggie Carlson and Giulianna Garcia.

Registration closes Friday, August 19. To register go to or email No children under 8 years old will be allowed to participate. The Nicholas Dworet Fund, Inc. Swim4Nick is a 501C(3) charity.

The second annual Swim With Nick Ocean Race, presented by Salty Sports Society, is Oct. 1 at 7:30 a.m. at Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park in Dania Beach. Distances are 500 yards, 1.2 and 2.4 miles. Presenting sponsor is Broward Health Coral Springs. To register go to

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Alia Atkinson Named FINA Athletes’ Committee Chair; Dylan Carter Selected For Committee

By Sharon Robb
BUDAPEST, Hungary, June 30, 2022—Five-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson was elected the first-ever chair of FINA’s Athletes’ Committee at the 19th FINA World Aquatics Championships.

The former longtime South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer was among 20 athletes elected by their peers from their aquatic sport with six athletes later appointed and six others named honorary members by FINA, the international swimming federation. The sports represented are synchronized swimming, diving, high diving, open water swimming, swimming and water polo.

Atkinson, a four-time gold medalist at the World Swimming Championships (25-meters), will serve a four-year term. Voting took place by electronic ballots throughout the championships. Atkinson, 33, and six others ran unopposed.

“Today marks another significant step forward for both FINA and all aquatics athletes,” Atkinson said. “The Athletes’ Committee will act as a critical link between athletes and FINA.

“Having the athlete community choose those who represent them in important decisions is critical for the future development of our beloved sport.”

Atkinson’s final competitive meet was the 2021 15th FINA Short Course World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

British diver Jack Laugher, a three-time Olympic medalist, was named vice-chair of the committee.

The elected contingent includes nine other swimmers: former Plantation American Heritage swimmer Dylan Carter of Trinidad & Tobago; Therese Alshammar of Sweden, Ireland’s Shane Ryan, Hong Kong’s Siobhán Haughey, Dmitriy Balandin of Kazakhstan, Australia’s Jessica Hansen, Papua New Guinea’s Ryan Pini, Uganda’s Jamila Nsibambi Lunkuse and Matthew Sates of South Africa.

The second diving representative elected was Maria Polyakova of Russia, a former European champion in the women’s 1-meter springboard.

Synchronized swimming is represented by Egypt’s Nehal Saafan and Bill May of the U.S. Brazil’s Ana Marcela Cunha, who used to train in Davie, and the Netherlands’ Ferry Weertman will represent open water swimming.

Anna Bader of Germany and Alain Kohl of Luxembourg were elected to represent high diving, along with water polo players Margarita Plevritou of Greece and Felipe Perrone Rocha of Spain.

“Athletes are the heartbeat of aquatics,” said FINA President Husain Al-Musallam. “There is no sport without athletes. This is why I am so proud to be part of these historic elections.

“With equal gender representation and athletes from all six continents across all disciplines, I have no doubt that those elected will strengthen and promote the athletes’ voice for the benefit of the entire aquatics community.”

Britain’s three-time Olympic and eight-time World Championship swimming gold medalist Adam Peaty was among the six current athletes appointed by Al-Musallam to join the Athletes’ Committee. Hungary’s Dániel Gyurta and Italy’s Federica Pellegrini are also set to serve on the panel as elected members of the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission.

The Athletes’ Committee is responsible for offering input into the organization of the World Championships and the development of technical rules, and is designed to serve as the “athletes’ voice in aquatics sport”.

This is Musallam’s first World Championships as President, which was marked by FINA’s decision to require transgender athletes to have completed transition by the age of 12 to be eligible for women’s events.

OPEN WATER SWIMMING: Florida’s Anna Auld Seventh In 25K

Brazilian Ana Cunha, who once trained in Davie, won a close race in the women’s 25K at the 19th FINA World Championships in 5:24:15.0. She was followed by Lea Boy of Germany, 5:24:15.2 and Sharon van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands, 5:24:15.3. University of Florida’s Anna Auld of West Palm Beach, representing the U.S., was seventh in 5:26:25 among a field of 15 swimmers.

Italy’s Dario Verani won the men’s 25K title in 5:02:21 followed by Axel Raymond of France, 5:02:22 and Hungary’s Peter Galicz, 5:02:35. Azura’s Maximiliano Paccot of Uruguay was unable to finish after swimming for 1:34:08 among a field of 25 swimmers.

In the men’s 10K, Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy’s won in 1:50:56 followed by teammate Domencio Acerenza, 1:50:58 and Germany’s Florian Wellbrock, 1:51:11. Azura’s Jahir Lopez of Ecuador was 46th in 2:03:23 and Maximiliano Paccot of Uruguay was 48th in 2:05:01.

In the women’s 10K, Sharon van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands won in 2:02:29.2 followed by Leonie Beck of Germany, 2:02:29.7 and Cunha, 2:02:30. American Katie Grimes was fifth in 2:02:37.

In the men’s 5K, Germany’s Florian Wellbrock won in 52:48 followed by Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri, 52:52 and Mykhailo Romanchuk of Ukraine, 53:13. Azura’s Maximiliano Paccot of Uruguay was 41st in 59:43.

In the women’s 5K, Cunha also won in 57:52 followed by Aurelie Muller of France in 57:53 and Italy’s Giulia Gabbreilleschi in 57:54. University of Florida’s Anna Auld of West Palm Beach was 20th in 1:00:57. Azura’s Fatima Portillo, 19, of El Salvador was 37th in 1:04:56.

In the opening event, the 6K mixed relay, Germany (1:04:40), Hungary (1:04:43.0) and Italy (1:04:43.0) were the top three finishers. The U.S. finished seventh in 1:05:50. Twenty-three nations competed.

The historic inaugural Caribbean Games are underway in Guadeloupe. More than 800 athletes from 29 countries began competing on Thursday. Seven sports over five days are being held. The event is being televised on Panam Sports Channel.

Panam Sports President Neven Ilic watched with sport leaders throughout the continent and wished the athletes nothing but success during the Games.

“It’s nice to see the joy of the athletes parading. They are the future of our sport and our work must focus largely on them, on the new generations. We started with the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games, then came the Rosario 2022 Youth South American Games and now the Caribbean has its own celebration of U-23 sport. I congratulate CANOC and Guadalupe for this fantastic and historic party and wish much success to the enthusiastic athletes.”

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SOFLO Swimmers Compete This Weekend At Southern Zone Open Water Championships

By Sharon Robb
DeLEON SPRINGS, Fl., May 13, 2022—After checking in, swimmers got a chance to warm up Friday for the Southern Zone Open Water Championships Saturday and Sunday at Camp Winona YMCA.

South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented on the Florida Gold Coast zone team with seven swimmers in the two-day event hosted by Hydro4 Swimming and Florida Swimming.

Florida Swimming has won the event for the past three years followed by North Carolina, Gulf Swimming and South Texas Swimming.

On Saturday at 8:15 a.m. the 11-12 2K, 13-14 5K and Senior Open and 15-16 5K races will be held.

Sunday’s events at 8:45 a.m. feature the 11-12 2K Team Pursuit Race; 13-14 2K Team Pursuit Race; 15-16 2K Team Pursuit Race and Open 2K Team Pursuit Race.

The 5K course is a rectangular shape with multiple buoys placed on the course to identify the course boundaries. The start and finish are in-water. The races are being live streamed on YouTube. Results will be posted on Florida Swimming’s open water swimming page.

The water depth off the dock is 15 feet and water temperature is expected to range from 72-78 degrees.

SOFLO’ top qualifier is Natalie Gembicki, 17, who was SOFLO’s top girls’ finisher in the FGC local qualifier placing second in the 17-and-over 5K in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 22 seconds for the 3.1 course off Pompano Beach Pier.

Other SOFLO swimmers are: Juan Vallmitjana, 13, Alexander Miller, 16, Jemma Baldwin, 12, Izzy Wilson, 15, Amelie Bicerne, 15, Ivan Grass, 17 and Ryan Harries, 13.


11-12, 1. Cali Jerabek, 2. Gia Euseppi, 3. Alina Rodriguez, 4. Jemma Baldwin, SOFLO.
13-14, 1. Erin Reid, 2. Frankie Ninova, 3. Kalina Gitchev, 4. Allison Connors.
15-16, 1. Izzy Wilson, SOFLO, 2. Lily Blanco, 3. Evelyn Balog, 4. Amelie Bicerne, SOFLO.
Open, 1. Leslie Dame, 2. Natalie Gembecki, SOFLO, 3. Samira Zambrano.

11-12, 1. Caleb Camponera, 2. Luke Reid.
13-14, 1. Andreas DaSilva, 2. Juan Vallmitjana, SOFLO, 3. Ryan Harries, SOFLO, 4. Kavon Clarke.
15-16, 1. Billy Connors, 2. Caleb DaSilva, 3. Lucas Young, 4. Michael Grenier.
Open, 1. Giuliano Brunetti, 2. Fernando Collazo, 3. Ivan Grass, SOFLO, 4. Kolby Hardin.

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