Florida Sweeps Auburn In SEC Dual Meet, Kathleen Golding Wins 200 IM

GAINESVILLE, January 24, 2022— University of Florida men’s and women’s teams swept the Auburn Tigers Saturday in a dual meet at the O’Connell Center.

The men’s team won 201-99 and women’s team won 184-116 in the Gators’ final home meet of the season. Florida won 23 out of 32 events and had 13 athletes gain B-cuts.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Kathleen Golding, a junior, won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:00.28. She was also third in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:48.77 and fourth in the 100-yard freestyle in 51.23.

Senior and two-time Olympic gold medalist Bobby Finke won the 200-yard backstroke in 1:46.25. Gulliver Prep alum Miguel Cancel was sixth.

Olympian Kieran Smith won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:18.16.

The Gators swept the men’s 100 butterfly. Eric Friese was first in 47.56; Isaac Davis second in 47.99 and Jace Crawford third in 48.01.

Newcomer Alberto Mestre took his first win as a Gator in the 100 freestyle in 44.38. Mestre was third in the 50 freestyle.

“We had a good meet today against Auburn,” Florida coach Anthony Nesty said. “We are thankful for Auburn making the trip to compete with us. We are three weeks from Conference and we still have quite a bit of work to do. We will continue to press forward toward our goals and try our best to remain healthy in the process.

“Today was a special day as we celebrated Senior Day. It was a very emotional time for our seniors especially since it was their last home meet.

“The entire team certainly has demonstrated tremendous resilience over the past couple of years and I am extremely proud of each one them.”

The Gators head to Auburn, Ala. for the Auburn Last Chance Invitational on February 4-6 for their last meet before the SEC Championships on February 15-19.

Florida 184, Auburn 116

3-meter diving: 1. Maha Amer, UF 343.65, 2. Carina Lumia, UF 307.05, 3. Elettra Neroni, UF 302.78.

1-meter diving: 1. Maha Amer, UF 284.55, 2. Elettra Neroni, UF 280.50, 3. Carina Lumia, UF 275.85.

200-yard medley relay: 1. Auburn B 1:40.25, 2. Florida B 1:40.62, 3. Auburn A 1:40.90.

1,000-yard freestyle: 1. Elise Bauer, UF 9:49.61, 2. Anna Auld, UF 9:49.67, 3. Lain Shahboz, UF 10:00.83.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Ekaterina Nikonova, UF 1:46.61, 2. Micayle Cronk, UF 1:46.69, 3. Kathleen Golding, UF 1:48.77.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Talia Bates,UF 53.74, 2. Ellie Waldrep, AUB 53.99, 3. Aris Runnels, UF 55.38.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Anastasia Makarova, AUB 1:00.41, 2. Olivia Peoples, UF 1:02.52, 3. Tylor Mathieu, UF 1:02.58.

200-yard butterfly: 1. Amanda Ray, UF 1:58.42, 2. Mabel Zavaros, UF 1:59.02, 3. Nikki Miller, UF 2:00.64.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Ekaterina Nikonova, UF 22.68, 2. Lexie Mulvihill, AUB 22.83, 3. Katie Mack, UF 22.96.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Talia Bates, UF 48.60, 2. Mykenzie Leehy, AUB 49.88, 3. Katie Mack, UF 50.34, 4. Kathleen Golding, UF 51.23.

200-yard backstroke: 1. Meghan Lee, AUB 1:56.48, 2. Rosie Zavaros, UF 1:57.23, 3. Ellie Waldrep, AUB 1:59.07.

200-yard breaststroke: 1. Anastasia Makarova, AUB 2:14.20, 2. Olivia Peopls, UF 2:15.62, 3. Carly Cummings, AUB 2:15.88.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Tyler Mathieu, UF 4:46.61, 2. Elise Bauer, UF 4:49.78, 3. Lain Shahboz, UF 4:52.83.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Olivia Peoples, UF 54.26, 2. Lexie Mulvihill, AUB 54.54, 3. Avery Bargeron, AUB 54.65.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Kathleen Golding, UF 2:00.28, 2. Mabel Zavaros, UF 2:00.29, 3. Meghan Lee, AUB 2:02.76.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Auburn A 3:23.20, 2. Florida B 3:25.23, 3. Auburn B 3:26.94.

Florida 201, Auburn 99

1-meter diving: 1. Conner Pruitt, AUB 372.83, 2. Leonardo Garcia, UF 315.83, 3. Hunter Kebler, AUB 311.85.

3-meter diving: 1. Leonardo Garcia, UF 413.03, 2. Conner Pruitt, AUB 397.58, 3. Anton Svirskyi, UF 332.93.

200-yard medley relay: 1. Florida A 1:27.50, 2. Auburn A 1:27.56, 3. Florida C 1:28.26.

1,000-yard freestyle: 1. Trey Freeman, UF 8:55.93, 2. Bobby Finke, UF 8:56.58, 3. Jack Vandeusen, UF 9:10.42.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Kieran Smith, UF 1:32.96, 2. Alfonso Mestre, UF 1:36.25, 3. Oskar Lindholm, UF 1:38.21.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Aidan Stoffle, AUB 48.15, 2. Nathaniel Stoffle, AUB 48.31, 3. Adam Chaney, UF 48.65.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Reid Mikuta, AUB 53.39, 2. tie, Raphael Windmuller, UF and Julian Smith, UF 55.22.

200-yard butterfly: 1. Mason Laur, UF 1:46.68, 2. Jace Crawford, UF 1:47.70, 3. Mason Mathias, AUB 1:48.88.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Macguire McDuff, UF 20.01, 2. Will Davis, UF 20.17, 3. Alberto Mestre, UF 20.21.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Alberto Mestre, UF 44.38, 2. Macguire McDuff, UF 44.51, 3. Trey Freeman, UF 44.62.

200-yard backstroke: 1. Bobby Finke, UF 1:46.25, 2. Lleyton Smith, AUB 1:46.44, 3. Andrew Simmons, AUB 1:46.65.

200-yard breaststroke: 1. Reid Mikuta, AUB 1:58.79, 2. Raphael Windmuller, UF 1:59.64, 3. Peter Bretzmann, UF 2:00.28.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Kiernan Smith, UF 4:18.16, 2. Alfonso Mestre, UF 4:20.65, 3. Michael Bonson, AUB 4:27.89.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Eric Friese, UF 47.56, 2. Isaac Davis, UF 47.99, 3. Jace Crawford, UF 48.01.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Julian Smith, UF 1:48.81, 2. Seth Maschmeier, AUB 1:50.34, 3. Reid Mikuta, AUB 1:50.45.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Florida A 2:57.07, 2. Florida 2:57.17, 3. Auburn 2:59.63.
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Georgia Sweeps Florida In Season-Opener; SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Has Four Top Four Finishes

By Sharon Robb

ATHENS, Ga., October 30, 2020—Georgia knocked off Florida in both teams’ season-opener Friday at Gabrielsen Natatorium.

The Gators women’s team, ranked No. 10 in the nation, dropped a 184-116 decision to No. 4 Georgia.

It was Florida’s first competition after a 252-day break because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Kathleen Golding had a pair of third-place finishes in individual events.

The sophomore had the third fastest time in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:49.82 and 200-yard individual medley in 2:02.18. She was also fourth in the 100-yard freestyle in 50.73 and anchored the Gators’ second place 400-yard freestyle relay that finished in 3:24.50.

“I am very proud of how our women competed this morning,” said women’s coach Jeff Poppell. “With 12 newcomers, it’s a different team from last year and one that we’re learning more and more about each day.

“Having the opportunity to compete against Georgia in the first meet of the season serves as a great barometer as to where we are presently and the significant amount of work that still needs to be done between now and the championship portion of our season.”

The women’s team will next swim University of Miami on Nov. 5 at Ann Marie Rogers Swimming and Diving Pool. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the public will not be allowed to attend the meet. After UM, it will be the Toyota US Open in Sarasota, Nov. 12-14; Auburn Invitational, Nov. 18-20; and Miami Diving Invitational on Dec. 2-4.

Georgia men’s team, ranked No. 8 in the nation, knocked off No. 3 Florida, 164.5-134.5.

The Gators won five men’s individual events and Robert Finke, Trey Freeman and Kieran Smith turned in the nation’s fastest times in their events.

Finke, a junior, won the 400-yard individual medley in 3:50.33.

Freeman, coming off a last season’s injury, won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:36.10.

Smith, the 2020 SEC Male Swimmer of the Year, won the 100-yard freestyle in 43.35.

Freshman diver Leonardo Garcia won his UF debut in the 3-meter springboard with 399.83 points and was second on 1-meter with 321.60 points.

“I am pleased with our efforts today against Georgia,” UF men’s coach Anthony Nesty said. “We obviously have areas we need to improve in, however, the men performed well at this time in the season. This unprecedented time has certainly been a life lesson in resilience and our men have embraced that challenge.

“Despite the many challenges before us all, we will continue to press forward, committed to our team goals. Our work is not done. We have quite a way to go down this path.”

Florida will next compete in the 2020 Toyota US Open on Nov. 12-14 in Sarasota. Because of COVID-19, USA Swimming has scattered the event across nine regional sites. Instead of 800 swimmers in one location, each site will host around 200 athletes.

A few days later, UF will compete in the Auburn Fall Invite on Nov. 18-20 and end the year with the Miami Diving Invitational on Dec. 2-4 in Coral Gables.

Georgia 184, Florida 116

200-yard medley relay:

  1. Georgia A 1:39.63 (Gabi Fa’Amausili, Dakota Luther, Maxine Parker), 2. Florida A 1:39.97, 3. Georgia B 1:41.25.

1000-yard freestyle:

  1. Olivia Anderson, GA 9:57.35, 2. Tylor Mathieu, UF 10:03.08, 3. Madison Kolessar, UF 10:04.29.

200-yard freestyle:

  1. Courtney Harnish, GA 1:47.04, 2. Jillian Barczyk, GA 1:49.12, 3. Kathleen Golding, UF 1:49.82.

100-yard backstroke:

  1. Lain Shaboz, UF 54.86, 2. Gabi Fa’Amausili, GA 54.89, 3. Celisma Guzman, UF 55.99.

100-yard breaststroke:

  1. Zoie Hartman, GA 1:00.56, 2. Danielle Dellatorre, GA 1:00.99, 3. Vanessa Pearl, UF 1:01.76.

200-yard butterfly:

  1. Dakota Luther, GA 1:57.95, 2. Call Dickinson, GA 1:58.06, 3. Courtney Harnish, GA 1:59.53.

50-yard freestyle:

  1. Maxine Parker, GA 22.80, 2. Katelyn Mack, UF 22.87, 3. Sloan Reinstein, GA 23.38.

3-meter diving:

  1. Elizabeth Perez, UF 343.13, 2. Ashley McCool, UF 318.75, 3. Emma Whitner, UF 293.48.

100-yard freestyle:

  1. Maxine Parker, GA 49.86, 2. Katelyn Mack, UF 50.34, 3. Gabi Fa’Amausili, GA 50.62, 4. Kathleen Golding, UF 50.73.

200-yard backstroke:

  1. Calli Dickinson, GA 1:58.85, 2. Lain Shahboz, UF 1:59.84, 3. Annette Schultz, UF 2:00.30.

200-yard breaststroke:

  1. Dani Dellatorre, GA 2:11.38, 2. Zoie Hartman, GA 2:13.36, 3. Vanessa Pearl, UF 2:13.56.

500-yard freestyle:

  1. Courtney Harnish, GA 4:47.51, 2. Jillian Barczyk, GA 4:52.54, 3. Tylor Mathieu, UF 4:53.45.

100-yard butterfly:

  1. Calli Dickinson, GA 53.73, 2. Dakota Luther, GA 54.49, 3. Kenady Beil, UF 55.19.

1-meter diving:

  1. Ashley McCool, UF 291.90, 2. Elizabeth Perez, UF 274.20, 3. Meghan Wenzel, GA 267.08.

200-yard individual medley:

  1. Zoie Hartman, GA 2:00.27, 2. Vanessa Pearl, UF 2:01.49, 3. Kathleen Golding, UF 2:02.18.

400-yard freestyle relay:

  1. Georgia A 3:20.62 (Maxine Parker, Gabi Fa’Amausili, Courtney Harnish, Danielle Dellatorre), 2. Florida A 3:24.50 (Katelyn Mack, Gabrielle Hillis, Lain Shahboz, Kathleen Golding), 3. Georgia B 3:24.64.
    Georgia 165.5, Florida 134.5

    200-yard medley relay: 1. Georgia A 1:26.71 (Javi Acevedo, Jack Dalmolin, Luca Urlando, Dillon Downing), 2. Georgia B 1:28.83, 3. Florida B 1:30.17.

1,000-yard freestyle:

  1. Jake Magahey, GA 8:53.73, 2. Greg Reed, GA 8:55.00, 3. Bobby Finke, UF 8:57.43.

200-yard freestyle:

  1. Trey Freeman, UF 1:36.10, 2. Zach Hils, GA 1:36.36, 3. Ananda Lim, GA 1:37.25.

100-yard backstroke:

  1. Javi Acevedo, GA 47.10, 2. Clark Beach, UF 48.50, 3. Ian Grum, GA 49.17.

100-yard breaststroke:

  1. Dillon Hillis, UF 54.73, 2. Jack Dalmolin, GA 55.18, 3. Harrison Wayner, GA 56.24.

200-yard butterfly:

  1. Luca Urlando, GA 1:44.05, 2. Camden Murphy, GA 1:44.59, 3. Kieran Smith, UF 1:44.74, 6. Miguel Cancel, UF 1:49.29.

50-yard freestyle:

  1. Dillon Downing, GA 19.87, 2. Eric Friese, UF 20.08, 3. Adam Chaney, UF 20.15.

1-meter diving:

  1. Zachary Allen, GA 327.00, 2. Leonard Garcia, UF 321.60, 3. Nicholas Lydon, UF 293.55.

100-yard freestyle:

  1. Kiernan Smith, UF 43.35, 2. Zach Hils, GA 44.73, 3. Ananda Lim, GA 45.00.

200-yard backstroke:

  1. Javi Acevedo, GA 1:43.37, 2. Clark Beach, UF 1:45.11, 3. Bobby Finke, UF 1:45.34, 7. Miguel Cancel, UF 1:48.17.

200-yard breaststroke:

  1. Jack Dalmolin, GA 1:59.99, 2. Dillon Hillis, UF 2:00.59, 3. Mateusz Dubas, UF 2:02.96.

500-yard freestyle:

  1. Jack Magahey, GA 4:19.14, 2. Trey Freeman, UF 4:19.46, 3. Alfonso Mestre, UF 4:21.67.

100-yard butterfly:

  1. Luca Urlando, GA 47.02, 2. Camden Murphy, GA 47.04, 3. Eric Friese, UF 47.56.

3-meter diving:

  1. Leonard Garcia, UF 399.83, 2. Zachary Allen, GA 346.80, 3. Nicholas Lydon, UF 301.13.

400-yard individual medley:

  1. Bobby Finke, UF 3:50.33, 2. Andrew Abruzzo, GA 3:50.83, 3. Greg Reed, GA 3:54.51, 5. Miguel Cancel, UF 3:55.44.

400-yard freestyle relay:

  1. Florida A 2:55.66 (Trey Freeman, Adam Chaney, Eric Friese, Kieran Smith), 2. Georgia A 2:55.77, 3. Florida B 2:58.58.

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SOFLO Well-Represented At Conference Meets That Begin Wednesday

SOFLO Well-Represented At Conference Meets That Begin Wednesday


February 15, 2011

SOFLO’s Tiffany Oliver and Ashley Hicks will make their debut at the Atlantic Coast Conference Swimming and Diving Championships Wednesday at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center in Atlanta.

The Florida State freshmen head a strong team that could challenge for the women’s crown.

Oliver is seeded third in the 100-yard freestyle (49.26), fifth in the 50-yard freestyle (22.71) and ninth in the 200-yard freestyle (1:48.52).

“This is what we’ve been recruiting for,” FSU coach Neil Harper said. “That is why you come to Florida State, to compete for a chance to go to NCAA’s and I think we have got that now.”

Other teams competing are University of Miami with SOFLO’s Dana Hatic; Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

“We’ve done a lot of hard work and preparation since the start of the semester,” Harper said. “We’re looking forward to competing against the rest of the ACC.”

Florida State and Virginia finished tied atop the league standings with both posting perfect 3-0 records in ACC dual meet action. The Seminoles posted a better overall record (10-1) while Virginia finished 6-2.

Last year the Seminoles finished third among women’s teams. FSU is seeking its second title, the first won in 2006. Virginia, winner of the last three championships, is looking to claim its ninth title overall in school history.

“That’s what it’s all about, doing the best you can in your own lane,” Harper said. “You can’t control what the other teams do, you just have to maximize what you can do and we have typically done that.”

FSU’s diving teams, coached by former local Olympian Patrick Jeffrey and buoyed by both depth and talent, will also compete.

The men’s swimming team with SOFLO’s Tyler Sell, also a freshman, competes next week (Feb. 23-26) at the same venue.

University of Miami enters ACC’s with a 8-1, the best single-season record in more than ten years. The Hurricanes have won 12 of their last 13 dual races and look to improve on last year’s finish in which three swimmers earned NCAA “B” cut times.

“I really think heading into ACC’s that we can do some great things,” said UM coach Christie Shefchunas.

Live results and video streams can be found at TheACC.com and  www.seminoles.com.

Southeastern Conference Championships

University of Florida will host the SEC meet at the Stephen O’Connell Center Natatorium for the first time since 2005 Wednesday through Saturday in Gainesville.

The Gators have won 33 SEC men’s titles, more than half of the next best total of 15 by Auburn.

The women’s team has won a league-high 17 titles, also more than half of the next best total of 7 by Georgia.

But this year it won’t be easy. Three schools, Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee in addition to Florida are Top 10-ranked teams.

The league went to a new format this year, splitting the diving into a separate three-day meet with those points carried over to the swimming competition.

Florida’s women’s team, the 2009 SEC champions, enter the meet in second place following the diving competition, and the men enter in third place.

The ten teams competing are Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

“This should be a fantastic meet,” Florida coach Gregg Troy said. “It should be a well-contested race. On paper, it looks like Auburn maybe is a little bit favored on the men’s side and Georgia on the women’s, but that’s why you have this competition.

“We know that in the women’s meet, we’re in it,” Troy said. “We have a real good situation and are comfortable with what we need to do. On the men’s side, it’s going to give us some opportunities because we at least know the points we need to make up.”

Swimming tickets sold out in the first 12 minutes they went on sale for the 1,200-seat venue, however GatorVision Online will provide free live video streaming of the meet at gatorzone.com.

SOFLO’s Taylor McKnight is a freshman on the Gators women’s team.

Big Ten Championships

Indiana, winner of four conference titles, hopes to defend its title at its home pool with two returning individual winners from last year, Margaux Farrell and Alysa Vavra.

SOFLO’s Natasha Moodie of Michigan is among favorites to challenge for titles in the 50- and 100-yard freestyles. Last year Moodie, a 2008 Olympian for Jamaica, was an all-conference second team selection.

Moodie, a school record holder, is the only senior on the team. She is the Wolverines’s top freestyler, holding team season-highs in both the 50-yard freestyle (also meeting the NCAA provisional qualifying standard) and the 100-yard freestyle.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be part of such a large tradition at Michigan,” Moodie said. “The first thing off the blocks I think of is how bad do I want it?”

The Wolverines finished third last season, its sixth straight conference finish in the top four since its last team title in 2004.

SOFLO’s Brittney Phelan, a freshman and Nicholas Schwab, a redshirt sophomore, are at Indiana.

The Big Ten will hold championships in 21 events beginning with the 200-medley and 800-freestyle relays on Wednesday night at the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center.

During the last three days of the competition, trials begin at 11 a.m. with finals taking place at 6:30 p.m.

Live results for the meet are available through Indiana’s website at IUHoosiers.com.

Big East Championships

Seton Hall sophomore Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Louisville’s Kevin Bandy and West Virginia’s Kyle Bandy, all SOFLO teammates, will be reunited on the same pool deck when Louisville hosts the Big East championships that begin Wednesday.

Making his second conference appearance, O’Shaughnessy will compete in both breaststroke events. Last year he made finals. He is one of 19 Seton Hall swimmers competing.

Kevin Bandy and his teammates will have the home pool advantage at the Ralph Wright Natatorium. The Cardinals are the top-ranked team in the Big East. The men’s team is ranked No. 19.

Bandy has the team’s second-fastest time in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:32.22, fourth-fastest in the 200-yard backstroke in 1:54.61 and fifth-fastest in the 50-yard backstroke in 25.36.

Twin brother Kyle Bandy is expected to compete in the 200-yard butterfly.

PAC-10 Championships

SOFLO’s Caroline Kuczynski of Arizona State will compete in the Feb. 23-26 PAC-10 Championships in Federal Way, Wash. In the team’s final dual meet of the season on Saturday, Arizona defeated the women’s team, 177-123 in Tucson. She won the 100-yard butterfly in 54.95, was a member of the second place 200-yard medley relay (1:41.98), third in the 200-yard butterfly (2:02.75) and led off the third place 400-yard freestyle relay team (3:31.77).

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championships

Freshman Justin Grigull of Iona College will compete in the MAAC Swimming and Diving Championships, hosted by Canisius College at Flickinger Athletic Center at Erie Community College in Buffalo, N.Y. set for Thursday through Saturday.

Grigull, honored as a Student-Athlete of the Week during the regular season, is a school record holder in the 200- and 500-yard freestyle events.

In his final meet of the regular season, Grigull won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.23 in his team’s 117.5-82.5 victory over St. Francis in Brooklyn, N.Y. Also in a MAAC tune-up against Fairfield in New Rochelle, N.Y., Grigull won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:45.70.

Sunshine State Conference Championships

SOFLO’s Bianca Muniz and her St. Leo College teammates will compete in the first-ever Sunshine State Conference Championships at the Central Florida YMCA Aquatic Center beginning Thursday.

Muniz, a freshman, is coming off an outstanding first collegiate season that includes Sunshine State Conference Women’s Swimmer of the Week honors.

Muniz will compete in both breaststroke events and relays.

Five SSC schools will compete, Florida Southern, Nova Southeastern, Rollins, St. Leo College and Tampa.

Several SSC swimmers have already posted preliminary time standards for the NCAA Division II meet set for San Antonio, March 9-12.

All swimming conference championships will allow several of the sport’s standout performers to improve upon their NCAA “B” qualifying times or clock an NCAA “A” qualifying time, earning a trip to the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships, March 17-19 for women in Austin and March 24-26 for men in Minneapolis.

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