By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, November 9, 2022—When Lincoln Callaway Coy was learning how to swim in Margate his first coach called him “Lightning Lincoln.”

“I stayed in the lessons for a little while and I was the fastest one,” Coy said.

The 9-year-old fourth grade home schooler is now swimming with the Dippers at South Florida Aquatic Club and continues to work on his speed and technique with Coach Andrea Golding.

Coy started swimming at 5 in a recreation league with the Margate Motion. When he was 8, his family moved to Pembroke Pines where his mother Cristina found the closest club to their home which happened to be SOFLO. His older sister Isabella, 13, and little brother Judah, 5, also swim with SOFLO. His mom swims with the masters program.

“My kids are so much better than me, I empathize how hard it is,” Cristina said. “They really help each other. They are not super close in age so there’s no competition overlap. Whatever knowledge they gain they pass on to each other. They are good pals.

“I didn’t know SOFLO was the best team,” she said. “Swimming seemed like the most healthy way to keep athletic like their dad. Coming from a recreation league to USA Swimming was definitely a step up. We had a lot of work to put in. The coaching has been great.”

Coy has fit in nicely with his new club and coaches and is steadily improving. His first swim meet was the Firecracker Meet at Lake Lytal in July. Three months later he competed in five events at the SOFLO IMR Meet in the 100 individual medley (1:56.46), 100 freestyle (1:46.71), 50 backstroke (59.13), 50 breaststroke (56.64)and 50 butterfly and had two best times.

Coy was disqualified in the fly when his arms didn’t land in the water at the same time. But Coach Andrea told him “you learn the most about swimming when you are disqualified because you never do it again.”

Coy also competed in the 12-and-under 100 IM, 50 breaststroke and 50 freestyle at the Boca Raton Swim Team Not So Scary Halloween Meet. He swam a best time in the IM.

“I like swimming, it’s fun and you get to interact with more kids and learn how to do a very fun sport,” Coy said. “I have made a lot of friends and my teammates are fun to swim with.

“The IMR was my best meet. I did very good in it. I also swam with older kids on different teams which makes me happy because I get to learn more.

“I have been practicing very hard and been improving with Coach Andrea. My goal is speed. I want to get faster and lower my times.”

Golding enjoys working with Coy. “I am so lucky to have Lincoln in Dippers. He is one of the most polite, respectful, hard-working Dipper I have ever had. He shows up ready to train every day. He never complains and always gives his 100 percent effort in practice and at meets. He keeps working on improving his strokes. His work ethic and determination will take him far in the sport of swimming and life.”

He gets his work ethic from his dad, Nathan David Coy, a former top mixed martial arts welterweight American Top Team fighter. He also coached wrestling at ATT Coconut Creek before retiring from the sport. He was an All-American wrestler at Oregon State. He now works for the Florida Forest Service as a firefighter putting out wild fires in the Everglades and other areas.

His dad named Lincoln after one of his childhood heroes, Lincoln McIIravy, a top wrestler at Iowa coached by the legendary Dan Gable. The Hall of Fame freestyle welterweight competed in the Olympics, World Championships and Pan Amercan Games.

“I do wrestling with my dad,” Coy said. “He coaches me at our house. We do running, pushups and pullups. It helps me stay in shape for swimming.”

Coy, who swims four days a week, loves having an older sister to look up to.

“It helps a lot having an older sister in swimming,” he said. “She tells me what she is doing and helps me with a lot of things.

“I love swimming. It helps me stay strong and healthy and also helps my asthma. I am happy with my swimming. It’s worth all the training. I enjoy it a lot.”

His long range goals are swimming in high school and earning a college swimming scholarship. “I want to keep swimming, I don’t want to lose my technique,” he said.

Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR backpack. Coy joins SOFLO teammates Jacob Jones (August), Ethan Hall (July), Adrian Rendon (June), Niccolo Miccolis (May), Alex Golding (April), Guillermo Mantilla (March), Tristan Dons (February) and Hashan Ekanayake (January) as 2022 TYR Swimmers of the Month.

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Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com