Fort Lauderdale Flying L’s Sweep West Broward, Ely, McArthur In Season Opener

By Sharon Robb

FORT LAUDERDALE, August 29, 2019—Defending District 11-3A boys champion Fort Lauderdale High School opened the season with three wins Wednesday at its home pool.

The Flying L’s were led by double winner Matthew Gocke, who won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.91 and 100-yard freestyle in 53.00. Jimmy McCrady won the 200-yard freestyle in 2:04.31. Myles Felt, Georgy Goncharov and D. Givskov were also individual winners.

The Flying L’s won two boys relays and all but two events and one relay.

SOFLO’s John Paul Handal of West Broward was a double winner in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:03.40 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:01.13. West Broward also won the 400-yard freestyle relay in 3:49.88.

Fort Lauderdale’s girls team also swept and picked up three wins.

Rylie Barnhardt led Fort Lauderdale with two wins in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:22.50 and 100-yard butterfly in 1:07.70. Teammate Lucas was also a double winner in the 50-yard freestyle in 27.35 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:16.20. The Flying L’s won the 200-yard medley and 200-yard freestyle relays.

SOFLO’s Michelle Marinheiro was a double winner for West Broward and anchored the winning 400-yard freestyle relay. Marinheiro won the 200-yard freestyle in 2:06.94 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:30.29.

The meet was delayed for lightning but was able to resume and finish the full list of events.

Fort Lauderdale 63, West Broward 38
Fort Lauderdale 75, McArthur 25
West Broward 61, McArthur 30

200-yard medley relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale 2:01.95 (Patrocinio, Lucas, Barnhardt, Maisonette), 2. West Broward 2:08.64, 3. McArthur 2:15.73.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Michelle Marinheiro, WB 2:06.94, 2. Luiza Patrocinio, FTL 2:10.32, 3. Gonzalez, MCA 2:17.08.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 2:22.50, 2. Gonzalez, MCA 2:33.46, 3. Bennett, FTL 2:45.40.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Lucas, FTL 27.35, 2. Maisonette, FTL 28.08, 3. Chirgwin, MCA 28.31.

1-meter diving: 1. Maier, FTL 184.01, 2. Hynes, FTL 98.75.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 1:07.70, 2. Gonzalez, MCA 1:09.56, 3. Villar, WB 1:29.92.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Emily Lopez-Diaz, WB 56.12, 2. Maisonette, FTL 1:03.78, 3. Cabanagh, WB 1:13.10.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Michelle Marinheiro, WB 5:30.29, 2. M. Gonzalez, MCA 5:52.81, 3. Coan, FTL 6:26.48.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale 1:49.92 (Patrocinio, Lucas, Maisonette, Barnhardt), 2. West Broward 1:57.32, 3. McArthur 2:02.42.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Luiza Patrocinio, FTL 1:10.11, 2. G. Lissa, WB 1:16.75, 3. Tamayo, FTL 1:49.80.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Lucas, FTL 1:16.20, 2. Chirgwin, MCA 1:20.80, 3. E. Diaz Lopez, WB 1:22.41.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. West Broward 4:17.04 (Terran, Villar, Lissa, Marinheiro), 2. Fort Lauderdale A 5:12.05, 3. Fort Lauderdale B 5:45.53.

Fort Lauderdale 83, McArthur 10
Fort Lauderdale 56, West Broward 38
McArthur 59, West Broward 38

200-yard medley relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:45.85 (Givskov, Goncharov, Felt, Gocke), 2. West Broward 1:48.23, 3. Fort Lauderdale B 1:52.70.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Jimmy McCrady, FTL 2:04.31, 2. Grant Voet, FTL 2:05.05, 3. Diaz, WB 2:08.86.

200-yard individual medley: 1. John Paul Handal, WB 2:03.40, 2. Munoz, WB 2:05.67, 3. Givskov, FTL 2:11.48.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Matthew Gocke, FTL 23.91, 2. Degracia, WB 24.73, 3. Trinadad, WB 26.01.

1-meter diving: None.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Myles Felt, FTL 55.39, 2. Lilley, FTL 57.02, 3. Vazquez, WB 57.96.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Matthew Gocke, FTL 53.00, 2. Rogers, FTL 58.55, 3. Orozco, WB 1:02.13.

500-yard freestyle: 1. John Paul Handal, WB 5:01.13, 2. Jimmy McCrady, FTL 5:33.32, 3. Grant Voet, FTL 5:34.10.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:34.56 (Gocke, Givskov, Goncharov, Lilley), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 1:40.53, 3. West Broward 1:44.71.

100-yard backstroke: 1. D. Givskov, FTL 57.51, 2. Munoz, WB 59.06, 3. Brantmeyer, FTL 1:01.73.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Georgy Goncharov, FTL 1:07.33, 2. Bastos, WB 1:10.87, 3. Degracia, WB 1:12.25.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. West Broward A 3:49.88 (Trinadad, Cabrera, Vazquez, Munoz), 2. West Broward B 4:04.45, 3. Fort Lauderdale 4:15.31.

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West Broward Bobcats Sweep Cardinal Gibbons, South Plantation; SOFLO’s Marinheiro, Monti, Osorio Win

West Broward Bobcats Sweep Cardinal Gibbons, South Plantation; SOFLO’s Marinheiro, Monti, Osorio Win

By Sharon Robb

September 14, 2014—Melissa Marinheiro, Bianca Monti, Alex Monti and Juan Osorio of South Florida Aquatic Club each won two events to enable West Broward High School to sweep the girls and boys team titles in last week’s tri-meet.

Marinheiro, an All-County first team selection last year, won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:58.15 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:10.87

Bianca Monti won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:26.09 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:14.15.

The girls also won the 200-yard medley relay and 400-yard freestyle relay but no names were provided.

Alex Monti won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:08.57 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:08.02

Juan Osorio won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:00.20 and 100-yard backstroke in 58.78.

West Broward defeated South Plantation, 100-73 and Cardinal Gibbons, 116-68 in the boys competition.

In the girls competition, West Broward defeated Cardinal Gibbons, 107-71, and South Plantation 102-84.

West Broward’s next meet is Wednesday against Western and Cypress Bay at the Weston YMCA at 7 p.m.

Please Note:

The above results were gathered from the local newspaper. No coaching representative from the high school team supplied any information, rosters or times. Because of this only the results from the newspaper will be used in the weekly honor roll which is followed around the state by high school and college coaches, parents and swimmers.

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High School: West Broward

College: New York University

Amber Hunter said goodbye to her second family last week.

The longtime Comets Swim Team and South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer left for college and next chapter in her life.

“Today was my last official practice with SOFLO,” Hunter wrote on her Facebook page.

“I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am to have been a part of such an amazing team for the past ten years.

“The pool became my home and my teammates became my family. I’ll miss it incredibly but I’m excited for what the future has in store.”

Hunter started swimming with the Comets ten years ago. She was a top butterflier, ranked among the state’s Top 75 swimmers and was one of the club’s Nike Swimmers of the Month.

“Ten years is a long time,” Hunter said. “It’s hard to remember not swimming and being around everybody.”

She got her introduction to the pool when her mom Terri signed her up for lessons at a Pennsylvania pool. When she and her family moved to South Florida, she joined the Comets.

“I guess I liked it and we continued,” Hunter said.

“When we first moved to Florida I really enjoyed the sport,” Hunter said. “I did a few other sports (soccer and softball) but I stuck with swimming.”

The hard part for Hunter during the team’s annual banquet and her final week of practice with her longtime teammates and coaches was knowing it was probably all for the last time, at least until the holiday break.

“I’m not really saying goodbye, I know I will see them,” Hunter said. “I will keep in touch with my close friends and will be able to see how they are doing. It’s not a serious goodbye, I know I will be back.

“I know it will be a change for sure. It is bittersweet. I am going off to college with bigger goals but I am leaving SOFLO/Comets where I got my start.”

When Hunter started searching for colleges, academics was always the priority for the aspiring writer. She would like to write fiction novels and get involved with publishing and editing other novels.

“Academics was the first thing I wanted and I wanted a college that had the major I wanted,” she said.

“NYU did offer Division 3 swimming and has a sanctioned team,” Hunter said. “I have the best of both worlds with academics and swimming.

“Division 3 is a little bit of a different atmosphere. There is less stress on swimmers. It’s for swimmers who want to be there since there are no swimming scholarships.”

Hunter has plenty of memories from club and high school swimming. Her sophomore year West Broward had a strong 400-yard freestyle relay. “That was a fun relay to race at state,” she said.

“My senior year I made state in the 100 butterfly and finished tenth, second in consolations,” Hunter said. “I didn’t get the times I wanted exactly but I had a lot of fun.

“Swimming really helped me learn a lot of lessons when I was growing up. I learned how to manage my time and about dedication. I think that’s why I stayed in the sport so long. I was focused on my goals and putting in the work paid off in the end.

“It was a lot of fun being part of a team. The team dynamic was great and so was the atmosphere. It was a great thing to be able to stay with a team for so long. I know I am going far away but I am looking forward to the challenge and starting the next chapter of my life.”

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SOFLO’s Marinheiro Wins Region Title For West Broward

SOFLO’s Marinheiro Wins Region Title For West Broward


November 12, 2013

West Broward High School junior Melissa Marinheiro of South Florida Aquatic Club will make her third consecutive state meet appearance this weekend.

At last week’s Region 4-4A Swimming and Diving Championships, Marinheiro won her signature event, the 500-yard freestyle in 5:01.37. She also finished third in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.29.

Also in the 500, Kylie Herman, a junior at Cypress Bay, was third in 5:16.34.

Cypress Bay won the girls 200-yard freestyle relay with Emma Lincoln, Carly Swanson, Kylie Herman and Emiliana Pelaez in 1:42.35.

Cypress Bay was second in the 400-yard freestyle relay in 3:41.46 with Lincoln, Haley Wright, Herman and Pelaez.

SOFLO teammate and Florida International University-bound Maria Lopez of Hialeah Gardens was third in the 100-yard butterfly in 57.29 and fourth in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:55.25.

Jessica Rodriguez, a freshman at Hialeah Gardens, was second in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:08.64 and fourth in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:14.73.

West Broward senior Amber Hunter was fourth in the 100-yard backstroke in 1:02.77, bettering her seed time of 1:04.65.

Nova boys won the region crown for the first time in head coach Karney McNear’s tenure.

Cypress Bay, making its debut in a new region, won the girls team title.

The state psych sheets can be found at under swimming.



1.Cypress Bay 288, 2. Nova 258, 3. Coral Reef 245, 4. West Broward 181, 5. Miami Palmetto 158, 6. Coral Gables 136.5, 7. Hialeah Gardens 125, 8. Reagan 122, 9. Our Lady of Lourdes 104, 10. Miami Killians 95, 11. Miami Southwest 91, 12. Western 86, 13. Cooper City 70.5, 14. Ferguson 55, 15. Dr. Krop 54, 16. Miami Beach 46, 17. Flanagan 36, 18. South Broward 24, 19. South Dade 23, 20. Miami 8, 21. Braddock 7, 22. Varela 5.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Nova 1:51.41, 2. Coral Reef 1:51.65, 3. Coral Gables 1:56.78, 5. Hialeah Gardens 1:59.05 (Jennifer Mesa, Jessica Rodriguez, Maria Lopez, Claudia Mendez), 7. West Broward 2:00.40 (Amber Hunter, Whitney Johnson, Jade Grimes, Melissa Marinheiro), 9. Cypress Bay 2:03.32 (Jessica Modrak, Alemy Barreto, Andrea Vallejo, Carly Swanson), 11. Cooper City 2:04.68 (Taylor Cook, Star Fassler, Natasha Testa, Ronit Ben-Joseph).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Emma Lincoln, CB 1:52.14, 2. Arianna Noya, DOR 1:54.02, 3. Melissa Marinheiro, WB 1:54.29, 4. Maria Lopez, HG 1:55.25, 6. Kylie Herman, CB 2:00.13, 7. Haley Wright, CB 2:00.29, 10. Sophia Bucaro, CB 2:02.20, 14. Stephanie Mlujeak 2:05.54.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Kelly Fertel, CR 2:07.35, 2. Daniela Veloza, NOVA 2:10.11, 3. Natalie Aulicino, MP 2:13.39, 4. Jessica Rodriguez, HG 2:14.73, 5. Emiliana Pelaez, CB 2:19.08, 7. Star Fassler, CC 2:22.29.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Nicole Ochoa, MK 24.83, 2. Aliyah Waklenad, NOVA 24.85, 3. Kaleigh Newcomb, MP 25.48, 4. Whitney Johnson, WB 25.60, 5. Carly Swanson, CB 25.84, 12. Natasha Testa 27.24.

1-meter diving: 1. Demi Jones, FERG 305.45, 2. Gabrielle Sheerer, FLAN 304.45, 3. Jessica Modrak, CB 301.00.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Isabella Paez, DOR 55.79, AA-C, 2. Amanda Tipton, NOVA 56.63, 3. Maria Lopez, HG 57.29, 5. Amber Hunter, WB 1:00.27, 7. Natasha Testa, CC 1:03.29, 9. Whitney Johnson, WB 1:03.67.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Emma Lincoln, CB 51.70, 2. Daniela Veloza, NOVA 52.78, 3. Nicole Ochoa, MK 55.86, 11. Carly Swanson, CB 58.61.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Melissa Marinheiro, WB 5:01.37, 2. Arianna Noya, DOR 5:04.99, 3. Kylie Herman, CB 5:16.34, 4. Haley Wright, CB 5:18.37, 5. Sophia Bucaro, CB 5:20.82.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cypress Bay 1:42.35 (Emma Lincoln, Carly Swanson, Kylie Herman, Emiliana Pelaez), 2. Coral Reef 1:42.35, 3. Miami Palmetto 1:44.53, 8. Hialeah Gardens 1:50.22 (Maria Lopez, Jennifer Mesa, Claudia Mendez, Jessica Rodriguez), 12. West Broward 2:00.10 (Celine Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Kaycee Ash, Stephanie Mlujeak).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Amanda Tipton, NOVA 57.44, 2. Kaleigh Newcomb, MP 59.06, 3. Lindsay Manganiello, CR 1:00.04, 4. Amber Hunter, WB 1:02.77, 12. Stephanie Mlujeak, WB 1:08.91.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Kelly Fertel, CR 1:05.61, 2. Jessica Rodriguez, HG 1:08.64, 3. Lauren Meyrick, MK 1:08.94, 7. Emiliana Perez, CB 1:11.47, 14. Star Fassler, CC 1:14.06.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Nova 3:38.13, 2. Cypress Bay 3:41.46 (Emma Lincoln, Haley Wright, Kylie Herman, Emiliana Pelaez), 3. West Broward 3:45.32 (Whitney Johnson, Amber Hunter, Stephanie Mlujeak, Melissa Marinheiro), 9. Cooper City 4:04.33 (Natasha Testa, Ronit Ben-Joseph, Taylor Cook, Star Fassler).


1.Nova 272, 2. Miami Palmetto 246, 3. Cypress Bay 229, 4. Reagan 194, 5. Hialeah Gardens 157.5, 6. Miami Columbus 130, 7. West Broward 127, 8. Ferguson 92, 9. Miami Beach 91, 10. Flanagan 84.5, 11. Varela 74, 12. Cooper City 72.5, 13. Miami 71.5, 14. Coral Reef 71, 15. Dr. Krop, Miami Southwest 67, 17. Miami Killian 49, 18. Coral Gables 33, 19. South Dade 31, 20. Hialeah 23, 21. Braddock 21, 22. Western 20, 23. Miami Sunset 7, 24. South Broward 2.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Miami Palmetto 1:38.99, 2. Doral 1:39.72, 3. Cypress Bay 1:41.01, 6. Flanagan 1:46.80 (Gustavo Valery, Fernando Quintero, Nick Dolce, Billy Conway), 10. West Broward 1:49.28 (Jiewon Lee, Alex Morgan, Juan Osorio-Gomez, Alex Monti).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Bradley Adan, COL 1:43.60, 2. Mark Burnley, CB 1:44.74, 3. Marcus Souza, MK 1:45.28, 9. Gustavo Valery, FLAN 1:50.55.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Marco Guarente CB1:57.47, 2. Joaquin Uz, FERG2:00.87, 3. Daniel Boudani, MP 2:03.18, 7. Fernando Quintero, FLAN 2:08.87, 8 Bowie Suen, CB 2:10.37.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Anton Kuzjomkin, NOVA 21.91, 2. Che Davis, DRK 21.99, 3. Alex Morgan, WB 22.08.

1-meter diving: 1. Corey Balko, WB 395.50, 2. Jeremy Lentin, MP 345.75, 3. Fabien Dumarielle, NOVA 329.80.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Robert Ballestas, COL 51.58, 2. Brandon Parkinson, NOVA 52.39, 3. Bradley Adan, COL 52.54, 21. Teddy Sandoval, CC 1:00.70.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Joseph Hunt, MP 47.68, 2. Mark Burnley, CB 47.88, 3. Anton Kuzjomkin, NOVA 48.17.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Carlos Gallego, CB 4:49.87, 2. Craig Drennan, FERG 4:55.94, 3. Samuel Hicks, COL 4:56.38, 5. Alex Monti, WB 4:59.28, 10. Teddy Sandoval, CC 5:19.64, 15. Matthew Menocal, WB 5:24.43, 18. Simon Ortiz, WB 5:31.34.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cypress Bay 1:29.26, 2. Nova 1:29.60, 3. Hialeah Gardens 1:30.09, 13. West Broward 1:43.95 (Brendan Cassie, Brandon Adelkopf, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Zed Rezende).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Richard Gullage, MP 53.78, 2. Miguel Madeira, DOR 54.67, 3. Tobias Faucher, DOR 56.27, 4. Gustavo Valery, FLAN 56.88, 9. Fernando Quintero, FLAN 59.36.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Alex Morgan, WB 56.27, AA-A, 2. Marco Guarente, CB 57.95, 3. Joseph Hunt, MP 59.33, 8. Bowie Suen, CB 1:03.88, 14. Alex Monti, WB 1:08.44, 21. Baldwin Suen, CB 1:11.62.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Nova 3:15.42, 2. Doral Reagan 3:15.95, 3. Miami Palmetto 3:18.30, 4. West Broward 3:33.28 (Alex Monti, Juan Osorio-Gomez, Matthew Menocal, Alex Morgan), 12. Cooper City 4:07.05 (Teddy Sandoval, Patrick Ellis, Trevor Stickler, Isaiah Deal).

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SOFLO’s Walters, Perry, Monti, Marinheiro Sisters Win For West Broward

SOFLO’s Walters, Perry, Monti, Marinheiro Sisters Win For West Broward


October 17, 2012

West Broward High School swimmers got the chance to fine tune one last time before next week’s districts Thursday night in the regular season finale at Plantation Central Park Aquatic Complex.

West Broward girls and boys teams defeated Western and lost to defending district champion St. Thomas Aquinas.

In the girls competition, sisters Melissa and Marcella Marinheiro won events.

Marcella Marinheiro won the 100-yard backstroke in an exciting race, just edging out Amber Hunter, 1:03.69-1:03.78. Marcella Marinheiro was second in the 200-yard freestyle in 2:00.09. Hunter was second in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:00.

Melissa Marinheiro won the 500-yard freestyle in 5:14.37.

In the boys competition, Jacob Walters was a double winner in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:07.14 and 100-yard butterfly in 53.95.

Will Perry won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.95 and was second in the 100-yard freestyle in 52.89.

Alex Monti won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:08.57 and was second in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:07.70.


West Broward 123, Western 56

St. Thomas Aquinas 139.50, Western 44.50

St. Thomas Aquinas 115, West Broward 65

200-yard medley relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:55.29 (Sammy Stinemire, Natalya Wozab, Kristina Brennan, Carolina Vargas), 2. West Broward 1:57.06 (Marcella Marinheiro, Whitney Johnson, Amber Hunter, Melissa Marinheiro), 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 2:09.27 (Sofia Pozsonyiova, Chloe Gerena, Brianna Giordanella, Renata Rios).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Mia Fiorenzi, STA 1:57, 2. Marcella Marinheiro, WB 2:00.09, 3. Sophia Oliva, STA 2:01.58.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Chloe Gerena, STA 2:22, 2. Marie Borelli, STA 2:23.87, 3. Whitney Johnson, WB 2:24.48.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Katherine Callahan, WB 25.67, 2. Sammy Stinemire, STA 25.94, 3. Kaycee Ash, WB 27.50.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Alexa Elkins, WES 258.15, 2. Gabriella Comunale, STA 250.95, 3. Nerissa Scott, STA 225.90.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Mia Fiorenzi, STA 58.73, 2. Amber Hunter, WB 1:00.00, 3. Melissa Marinheiro, WB 1:01.08.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Sophia Oliva, STA 55.28, 2. Kristina Brennan, STA 57.02, 3. Sammy Stinemire, STA 58.19.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Melissa Marinheiro, WB 5:14.37, 2. Jade Grimes, WB 5:40.08, 3. Camila Manrique, WES 5:43.26.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:43.05 (Sammy Stinemire, Carolina Vargas, Mia Fiorenzi, Sophia Oliva), 2. Western 1:52.77 (Antonia Jaramillo, Alexa Elkins, Alyssa Fergula, Camila Manrique), 3. West Broward 2:04.49 (Sofia Vera-Lourenco, Kaycee Ash, Katherine Callahan, Victoria Lumelski).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Marcella Marinheiro, WB 1:03.69, 2. Amber Hunter, WB 1:03.78, 3. Kristina Brennan, STA 1:05.43.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Natalya Wozab, STA 1:12.91, 2. Chloe Gerena, STA 1:16, 3. Sofia Pozsonyiova, STA 1:21.63.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 3:42.46 (Kristina Brennan, Carolina Vargas, Mia Fiorenzi, Sophia Oliva), 2. West Broward 3:43.33 (Whitney Johnson, Amber Hunter, Marcella Marinheiro, Melissa Marinheiro), 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 4:09.67 (Brianna Giordanella, Renata Rioas, Marie Borelli, Jenna Diaz).


West Broward 103, Western 70

St. Thomas Aquinas 132, Western 42

St. Thomas Aquinas 120, West Broward 60

200-yard medley relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:42 (Alex Lilley, Matthew Wathen, Brandon Goldman, RJ Moore), 2. Western 1:51 (Francisco Alvarez, Adam Saryeldin, Patrick Funderburk, Jaide Francis), 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:52.09 (Francisco Gallo, Michael Crispo, Javier Menchaca, Henry Perillo).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Esteban Velasquez, STA 1:53.59, 2. Chris Litts, STA 2:02.09, 3. Jorge D’Ugard, STA 2:10.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Jacob Walters, WB 2:07.14, 2. Kyle Desrosiers, STA 2:07.17, 3. Alfred Maria, STA 2:22.74.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Will Perry, WB 23.95, 2. Andrew Szatkowski, STA 25.07, 3. Francis Callahan, WB 25.09.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Jack Harrington, STA 247.80, 2. Corey Balko, WB 195.30.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jacob Walters, WB 53.95, 2. Gabriel Perez Silva, STA 56.47, 3. Felipe Farias, STA 57.92.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Kearn Kurbanalo, STA 51.79, 2. Will Perry 52.89, 3. Dan Acevedo, STA 55.61.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Alex Behnam, STA 5:02.20, 2. Alex Monti, WB 5:07.70, 3. Patrick Funderburk, WES 5:31.76.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:35.84 (RJ Moore, Jorge D’Ugard, Brandon Goldman, Michael Crespo), 2. Western 1:40.89 (Julio Mata, Brendan Roth, Adam Saryeldin, Jaide Francis), 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:43.60 (Felipe Farias, Francisco Gallo, David Radoskowicz, Dan Acevedo).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Francisco Alvarez, WES 58.40, 2. Javier Menchaca, STA 1:00.37, 3. Eric Goldenberg, STA 1:06.66.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Alex Monti, WB 1:08.57, 2. Henry Perillo, STA 1:10.13, 3. Kearn Kurbanali, STA 1:10.46.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 3:29 (Alex Behnam, Henry Perillo, Esteban Velasquez, Gabriel Perez Silva), 2. West Broward 3:39.56 (Will Perry, Francis Callahan, Alex Monti, Jacob Walters), 3. Western 3:42.58 (Patrick Funderburk, Julio Mata, Jaide Francis, Francisco Alvarez).

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 SOFLO Swimmer Posts Six Best Times At FSU Spring Meet


May 25, 2012

Amber Hunter knows all about work ethic.

The West Broward High School sophomore has been putting the work in and out of the pool and it’s beginning to pay off.

Hunter, 16, turned in six lifetime bests in long course meters during the Florida State Spring Meet earlier this month at the Morcom Aquatics Center in Tallahassee.

“I have been training really hard lately and it’s starting to pay off,” Hunter said. “All the hours and work I am putting in is turning into my times improving. It makes all the hard work worth it.”

Hunter lowered her times in the 200-meter freestyle (2:16.52), 100-meter butterfly (1:07.98), 200-meter butterfly (2:31.46), 50-meter freestyle (29.48), 200-meter individual medley (2:37.74) and 100-meter freestyle (1:03.02).

“It was a good environment and nice atmosphere for a swim meet, I was able to swim pretty relaxed,” Hunter said.

“I was happy being able to compete that well at the beginning of the season being a little out of my comfort zone swimming against older college athletes. It was an encouraging start of the season.”

Of course, it didn’t hurt having teammate and two-time Olympian Alia Atkinson helping her warm-up and warm-down and giving her advice before prelims and finals. They would also watch each other’s races.

 “I was happy to do that well since I was in the middle of hard training,” Hunter said. “I was surprised I went all best times. I had some specific goals in mind for some of them. The other ones I just went with it. I was hoping to do better in a few of them but not all of them.

“At the end of the weekend I was getting pretty tired physically,” Hunter said. “In the middle of it I felt really good but I think the last day we were all getting a little tired.”

A few weeks ago, Hunter started weight training twice a week at the gym in addition to her regular dryland training.

“It’s been more physically hard,” Hunter said. “I always did different drylands but this was the first time I am doing heavy weights. Leading up to the end of the summer I think I am going to see a difference in the pool but it’s still too soon to tell. It’s really tough training.”

Hunter has been swimming for 12 years. She followed her big sister’s footsteps and started with swimming lessons in Pennsylvania. When she and her family moved to South Florida she joined the Comets in 2000 and started competing with the club.

When she was younger she was involved with soccer, softball and dance but decided to focus on swimming when she got to middle school.

Hunter knew it was only a matter of time before her hard work investment started paying off dividends.

“I went through the different stages,” Hunter said. “I would do very well and then not so well. I realized after trial-and-error when I train hard, it pays off. It’s just always been my goal to train hard and get better. I just never had an idea of how far I wanted to go with it.”

Hunter is hoping to put in a good summer of training to prepare for the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships along with the 2012 high school season. Last year she qualified for states on a relay. This season as a junior she would like to go in an individual event in addition to the relay.

“I am excited about the high school season,” said Hunter, who is also sad she is losing one of her relay teammates and friend, Leonie Davies, who is moving to Texas with her family in June. “High school swimming is always a lot of fun. You spend time with your friends and socialize. It takes away from the stress of club swimming.

“Swimming in college is definitely what I am looking for, I would love to get a scholarship,” Hunter said. “I am focusing on academics and swimming because I want to swim in college.”

Also at the FSU Spring Invite, SOFLO teammate Tiffany Oliver, who will be a junior in the fall at FSU, bettered her best times in the 200-meter freestyle (2:04.96), 50-meter freestyle (25.90), 100-meter backstroke (1:09.10) and 100-meter freestyle (56.95). Oliver, 19, is currently training for next month’s U.S. Olympic trials in Tallahassee.

Atkinson was able to lower her best time in the 100-meter backstroke (1:06.81) and 200-meter individual medley (2:17.53) and is now preparing to compete in next week’s Santa Clara Invitational.

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West Broward Girls Shine At Class 3A State Meet; St. Thomas Aquinas Boys Second

West Broward Girls Shine At Class 3A State Meet; St. Thomas Aquinas Boys Second

November  10, 2011


Leonie Davies, Amber Hunter and sisters Marcella and Melissa Marinheiro put West Broward High School on the map Thursday night at the FHSAA Class 3A Swimming and Diving Championships at the Central Florida YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando.

The four-year-old Pembroke Pines-based high school finished tenth among the field of 51 girls teams with 83 points, finishing ahead of older, more established teams Boca Raton, Douglas, Nova and St. Thomas Aquinas.

The only other South Florida team among the Top 10 finishers was Miami Palmetto, third with 114 points.

“We are still not very popular on campus, but, hopefully this will help,” said Davies, making her third state meet appearance. “We are better than the football team.”

Said Hunter, a sophomore making her state debut: “I’m hoping West Broward gets known as a swimming school. Hopefully, we made a statement and established ourselves. We are trying to get ourselves out there.”

In front of a standing-room-only crowd at the indoor facility, the West Broward swimmers, all members of the South Florida Aquatic Club at the Academic Village Pool in Pembroke Pines, scored points in both individual and relay events with only four swimmers.

The foursome finished fifth in the 400-yard freestyle in a season-best 3:35.78 (previous best was 3:38.52, No. 3 ranked in the county) to pick up 28 points and added another six points with a 14th place finish in the 200-yard medley relay in 1:56.00.

Melissa Marinheiro, a freshman making her state debut, finished sixth in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:52.98 and sixth in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:00.32, slower than her career-best time of 4:57.53 in morning prelims.

“I am happy with my first state meet,” Melissa said. “I have been practicing a lot. I am happy with the results. I made “A” finals and got my times. I was hoping I would make finals. The 500 was definitely tough dropping time in the morning and then coming back at night. They definitely went out fast at night. I have to train more to keep up next time.

“I wasn’t nervous being at my first state meet, but it was definitely nerve wracking and it was awesome, too. I definitely want to come back to states.”

Melissa compared the state meet to the Brazilian Junior Nationals which she will race in two weeks. “I am excited to go back and see my friends,” she said. “These are definitely the two biggest meets of my life.”

Older sister Marcella Marinheiro, a junior, also making her state meet debut, was eighth in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:53.90 and seventh in the 100-yard backstroke in 58.22, a best time. Her previous best was 58.62.

“I am really  happy,” Marcella said. “I trained really hard and good results came so I am really happy.

“We did really well as a team and beat St. Thomas. This is the best I have done so I am very happy. Our relay was great. We want to make states next year and do better.”

Hunter was thrilled for her teammates.

“It’s exciting for me to compete with the other girls,” Hunter said. “It was a fun experience. It was great we finished tenth. We only have so many girls to begin with. We weren’t really sure what to expect. We set goals for ourselves. We’re happy with how each of us did. I am so proud of everybody. We all did really well. We were really pumped up.

“This was really fun for me,” Hunter said. “I’ve never been at this level before. It’s a fun experience. I wasn’t intimidated, I was more nervous.”

Competing at her third state meet, Davies was the most experienced and steadying influence on the team.

“I think it’s great we finished tenth,” Davies said. “It was such a team effort. I was really happy we all relied on each other. It wasn’t really intimidating being here, it was more motivating. It was totally a good nervous. We were hoping to do well. You can do anything you want if you work hard and really want it.”

Sarasota Riverview won the girls team championship with 214 points.

St. Thomas Aquinas boys’ team finished runner-up in the boys’ final standings with 192 points. Boca Raton was fourth with 174.

Palm Harbor won its second boys team title in the history of the school with 235 points.

In addition to the Marinheiro sisters, Hunter and Davies, several other SOFLO swimmers did well in championship and consolation finals.

St. Thomas Aquinas junior Brandon Goldman swam two career-best times in morning prelims. He posted 1:54.40 in the 200-yard individual medley and finished seventh in the 200-yard individual medley final in 1:55.28 (previous best, 1:57.58). He also swam a lifetime best of 52.92 in the 100-yard backstroke and placed seventh in the 100-yard backstroke in 53.11 (previous best, 53.14).

St. Thomas Aquinas, with Goldman swimming leadoff, was third in the 200-yard medley relay in 1:37.74. Goldman touched second on his backstroke leg in 24.44.

Emma Lincoln of Cypress Bay won the consolation 200-yard freestyle two seconds faster than her morning prelim time in 1:52.72. Lincoln was also sixth in the 100-yard freestyle in 52.20.

Taravella junior Keegan Boisson-Yates was second in the consolation 50-yard freestyle in a best time 21.56 (22.04 previous best).  He was seventh in the 100-yard freestyle in a best time 46.59 (47.26 previous best).

Mauricio Hidalgo of Douglas was seventh in the 100-yard butterfly in 53.39, a best time (53.85 previous best).

The competition continues Friday with the Class 1A meet, historically the fastest competition in meet history. Defending champion Jacksonville Bolles is the overwhelming favorite to repeat as team champions.

SOFLO will have seven swimmers in the field including Pine Crest freshman Tyla Martin, making her state meet debut; University of Florida-bound Luke Torres of American Heritage; Lindsey Sauer of South Florida Heat; Marco Hosfeld of University School; and Steph Campo, Jenna Diamond and Natasha Payamps of Coral Springs Charter.

It will also mark the final state meet appearances of California-bound Lauren Driscoll and Florida-bound Lindsey McKnight.

The state meet final is being webcast live on and live results on


1.Sarasota Riverview 214, 2. Palm Harbor 145.5, 3. Miami Palmetto 114, 4. Tampa Plant 111, 5. Spruce Creek 106, 6. Countryside 103, 7. Buchholz  101, 8. Dr. Phillips 93, 9. Olympia 84, 10. West Broward 83, 11. Jupiter and St. Thomas Aquinas 78, 13. Oviedo 76, 14. Newsome 68, 15. Lake Brantley 66, 16. Tampa Wharton 64, 17. East Lake and Boca Raton 63, 19. St. Petersburg 41, 20. Seminole 39.5, 21. Hagerty 39, 22. Orlando Boone 33, 23. Reagan, Sarasota and Lyman 30, 26. Northeast 27, 27. Coral Reef 24.5, 28. East Ridge and Fleming Island 24, 30. Winter Park and Cypress Bay 23, 32. Winter Springs 20, 33. Seminole 19, 34. Nova 18, 35. Wiregrass 17, 36. Wellington 15, 37. John I. Leonard and Viera 13, 39. Douglas , West Orange and Plant City 11, 42. East Bay 8, 43. Deerfield Beach 7, 44. Palm Beach Central 6, 45. South Plantation 5.5, 46. Hialeah Gardens 5, 47. Lake Howell and Ferguson 4, 49. Atlantic Coast 3, 50. Miami Beach 2, 51. Park Vista 1.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Lake Brantley 1:48.58 (Brittany Lacroix, Breanna Nguyen, Michelle Pope, Chloe Soler), 2. Miami Palmetto 1:48.71, 3. Jupiter 1:48.84; SOFLO: 10. St. Thomas Aquinas (Ashley Monaghan, Marie Borrelli, Mikaela Michalowitz, Sophia Oliva), 12.  Douglas 1:55.10 (Emily Greenwood, Selina Voelkel, Kristina Nork, Anne Kuczynski), 14. West Broward 1:56.00 (Marcella Marinheiro, Melissa Marinheiro, Amber Hunter, Leonie Davies).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Taylor Katz, Riverview 1:47.24, 2. Michelle Turek, Palm Harbor 1:48.11, 3. Kendal Casey, Spruce Creek 1:48.46; SOFLO: 6. Melissa Marinheiro, West Broward 1:52.98, 8. Marcella Marinheiro, West Broward 1:53.90, 9. Emma Lincoln, Cypress Bay 1:52.72.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Ashlee Linn, Riverview 1:58.80, 2. Sydney Pickrem, East Lake 2:00.55, 3. Chelsea Britt, Boone 2:01.09; SOFLO: 16. Anne Kuczynski, Douglas 2:12.96, 17. Mia Fiorenzi, St. Thomas Aquinas 2:13.95.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Riki Bonnema, Olympia 23.18, 2. Hope Bruens, Boca Raton 23.26, 3. Lauren Hall, Countryside 23.88; SOFLO: 23. Kristina Brennan, St. Thomas Aquinas 25.23.

100-yard butterfly:  1. Angela Algee, Dr. Phillips 54.77, 2. Kayla Moran, Lyman 55.04, 3. Kaitlin Pickens, Seminoles 55.68; SOFLO: SOFLO: 12. Maria Lopez, HG 58.74.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Harper Bruens, Boca Raton 50.39, 2. Michelle Turek, Palm Harbor 51.06, 3. Daniele Johnson, Miami Palmetto 51.07; SOFLO: 6. Emma Lincoln, Cypress Bay 52.20, 19. Anne Kuczynski, DOUG 54.81, 22. Kristina Brennan, STA 55.65.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Taylor Katz, Riverview 4:47.22, 2. Kendal Casey, Spruce Creek 4:51.19, 3. Cameron Davis, Sarasota 4:52.46; SOFLO: 6. Melissa Marinheiro, West Broward 5:00.32.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Sarasota Riverview, 2. Oviedo, 3. Palm Harbor; SOFLO: 11. St. Thomas Aquinas (Kristina Brennan, Mia Fiorenzi, Carolina Vargas, Sophia Oliva).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Ashlee Linn, Riverview 53.95, 2. Chelsea Britt, Boone 54.88, 3. Jessica Piper, St. Petersburg 56.72; SOFLO:  7. Marcella Marinheiro, WB 58.22, 19. Emily Greenwood, DOUG 59.99, 24. Maria Lopez, HG 1:02.88.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Sydney Pickrem, East Lake 1:02.91, 2. McKenna Harris, Spruce Creek 1:04.88, 3. Daniele Johnson, Miami Paletto 1:05.35; SOFLO: 18. Mia Fiorenzi, STA 1:10.11, 21. Ashley Monaghan, STA 1:10.26, 23. Kelly Kealty, TAR 1:13.10.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Riverview 3:29.25 (Ashlee Linn, Nancy Hu, Lexy Raybon, Taylor Katz), 2. Palm Harbor 3:34.11, 3. Spruce Creek 3:34.88; SOFLO: 5. West Broward 3:35.78 (Marcella Marinheiro, Amber Hunter, Melissa Marinheiro, Leonie Davies) 3:35.78; 10. St. Thomas Aquinas 3:39.39 (Kristina Brennan, Mia Fiorenzi, Mikaela Michalowitz, Sophia Oliva).

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Shannon Potter, Winter Springs 460.45, 2. Carly Alexander, STA 443.10, 3. Alexis Gonzales, East Lake 432.90; Other locals: 5. Amanda Habig, St. Thomas Aquinas 431.10. 10. Julia Hackett, St. Thomas Aquinas 390.15, 19. Nerissa Scott, St. Thomas Aquinas 237.75, 20. Jennifer Huchler, Cypress Bay 230.90.


1.Palm Harbor 235, 2. St. Thomas Aquinas 192, 3. Winter Park 181, 4. Boca Raton 174, 5. Riverview 117, 6. Countryside 108, 7. Miami Palmetto 85, 8. Dr. Phillips 79, 9. Seminole 71, 10. Clearwater 66, 11. Cypress Bay and Olympia 57, 13. Timber Creek 54, 14. Jupiter 52, 15. Hagerty 43, 16. Tampa Plant 42, 17. Seminole 41, 18. East Lake 40, 19. Lake Brantley 39, 20. Northeast 38, 21. Venice and Oviedo 37, 23. East Ridge and Bloomingdale 35, 25. Fort Pierce Central and Mandarin 29, 27. Fleming Island 28, 28. Spruce Creek and Dr. Krop 24, 30. Coral Glades and Miami Sunset 23, 32. Miami Columbus 22, 33. Sarasota 21, 34. South Broward and Taravella 20, 36. Vero Beach 19, 37. Fletcher 16, 38. Coral Gables 15, 39. Freedom 13, 40. Ferguson and Dwyer 12, 42. Wharton 10, 43. Charlotte and Reagan 9, 45. Spanish River 6, 46. George Steinbrenner 5, 47. First Coast and Newsome 4, 49. George Jenkins, University High and Douglas 2, 54. Wellington 1.      


200-yard medley relay: 1. Palm Harbor 1:33.70 (Ryan McRae, David Morgan, Zach Perrotti, Jason Williams), 2. Boca Raton 1:36.90, 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:37.74 (Brandon Goldman, Josh Asseraf, Alex Lilley, RJ Moore).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Nick Alexiou, Clearwater 1:36.27, 2. Steyn Funk, Olympia 1:39.56, 3. Derek Pridemore, Venice 1:41.43.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Justin Kaisrlik, East Ridge 1:49.60, 2. Zackary Metka, Seminole 1:50.54, 3. David Morgan, Palm Harbor 1:50.86; SOFLO: 7. Brandon Goldman, St. Thomas Aquinas 1:55.28.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jason McCormick, Boca Raton 20.82, 2. Avery Warrington, Winter Park 20.85, 3. Jason Williams, Palm Harbor 20.87; SOFLO:  10. Keegan Boisson-Yates, Taravella 21.56.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jacob Kingsford, Winter Park 50.74, 2. Alex Lilley, STA 50.95, 3. Cole Hensley, Oviedo 50.96; SOFLO: 15. Mauricio Hidalgo, Douglas 53.39.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Steyn Funk, Olympia 45.34, 2. Avery Warrington, Winter Parl 45.35, 3. Jason Williams, Palm Harbor 45.94; SOFLO: 7. Keegan Boisson-Yates, TAR 46.59.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Nick Alexiou, Clearwater 4:24.30, 2. Alexander Katz, Riverview 4:26.59, 3. Derek Pridemore, Venice 4:28.31.

200-yard freestyle relay:  1. Winter Park 1:24.50 (Jacob Kingsford, Ory Tasman, Jeandre Pretorius, Avery Warrington), 2. Boca Raton 1:25.40, 3. Palm Harbor 1:26.03.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Georgi Krastev, Northeast 50.82, 2. Costa de Assis, Fort Pierce Central 51.26, 3. Joshua Oathout, Lake Brantley 51.76; SOFLO: 7. Brandon Goldman, St. Thomas Aquinas 53.11.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Jason Coombs, Hagerty 54.89, 2. David Morgan, Palm Harbor 56.45, 3. Zackary Metka, Seminole 56.96; SOFLO: 16. Alex Evdokimov, TAR 1:00.47.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Winter Park 3:05.35 (Jacob Kingsford, Ory Tasman, Jeandre Pretorius, Avery Warrington), 2. Boca Raton 3:09.08, 3. Countryside 3:09.99.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Joey Dowd, OLY 496.30, 2. Diego Arostegui, CGL 464.10, 3. Ryan McIntire, FLET 450.10; Other locals: 10. John Harrington, STA 383.80, 11. Joe Subrey, CGL 381.55, 21. Andrew Barker, DOUG 144.05.

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