Busy Weekend Ahead For SOFLO Swimmers At All Levels

By Sharon Robb

May 20, 2016—From Masters and Olympic-caliber to age group timed finals, South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers will compete in four meets over three days.

While several SOFLO ProFlo swimmers including Olympic gold medalist Claire Donahue are currently swimming in the Validus Bermuda National Championships in Hamilton Thursday through Sunday, SOFLO swimmers will also compete in the Coral Springs Last Chance Masters Meet, Gulliver Long Course Invitational and Jesse Vassallo 2016 Invitational.

“Another crazy weekend for SOFLO,” said SOFLO CEO and head coach Chris Anderson, head of the Florida Gold Coast Swimming’s biggest, busiest and most innovative USA Swimming club.

Fifty-three SOFLO swimmers will compete in 298 individual events at the Gulliver Long Course Invitational at Gulliver Prep Aquatics Center Friday through Sunday.

They are: Ryan Alfonso, 13; Michael Arias, 13; Sophia Bedoya, 13; Megan Biggs, 16; Tyler Bland, 15; Valentina Carrion, 14; Lisette Castellanos, 12; Kyana Castro, 13; Alexandra Crespo, 15; Kayla Cunningham 13; Kerry Ann Cunningham, 10; Daniela Curbelo, 13; Katherine DeBarros, 15; Katrina Del Vecchio, 13; Isabella DiSalvo, 14; Fiorella DiSalvo, 8; Gabriel Ferdinand, 13; Lucas Gandarillas, 14; Eiza Gantus, 14; Tyler Gibson, 16; Alex Golding, 12; Kathleen Golding, 15; Molly Golding, 13; Zackary Harris, 11; Zariya Harris, 16; Wyatt Jennessee, 16; Paige Lane, 13; Lance Lesage, 13; Luke Lezotte, 15; Rebekah Ling, 14; Michelle Marinheiro, 13; Alejandro Mateus, 11; Leonardo Mateus, 14; Matthew Menocal, 17; Pranav Nair, 13; Michelle Ordonez, 13; Abby Oyetunji, 16; Tomas Pelaez, 15; Kevin Porto, 16; Samuel Quintero, 15; Sara Quintero, 12; Ricardo Roche, 16; Jennifer Rodriguez, 15; Rafael Rodrigiez, 14; Nicolas Rossi, 13; Juan Serna 14; Marianna Serrao, 14; Jiovanni Tapia, 13; Amy-Nicole Toro, 14; Michael Toro, 14; Marcos Vazquez, 13; Kellie Wilcox, 15; and Aldo Zepeda, 11.

Fifty-seven more SOFLO swimmers will compete in 314 events on Saturday and Sunday at the Jesse Vassallo 2016 Invitational at the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center.

They are: Alana Acevedo, 14; Sarah Acevedo, 12; Madison Adkins, 9; Daniela Barreto, 12; Fernando Barreto, 10; Kaitlyn Barrios, 10; Shayna Blitz, 11; Samuel Bullen, 11; Mariann Catalasan, 10; Alexis Christensen, 10; Javier Colmenares, 9; Juan Colmenares, 12; Mark Andre De Gracia, 12; Luna Delgado, 10; Kyle Dorn, 10; Matthew Escudero, 9; Mia Escudero, 11; Celeste Estrada, 10; Odin Farkas, 12; Valeria Garcia, 12; Logan Gonzalez, 11; Kalin Hubbard, 12; Danniell Hughes, 12; Aliya Khan, 12; Benjamin Kim, 8; Matthew Kim, 11; jena Legaspi, 12; Jonathan Lozano, 9; Anastasia Lutz, 9; Molly Masson, 12; Yannai Michael, 12; Abigail Natino, 9; Joseph-Blake Natino, 7; Judith-Alison Natino, 10; Jacob Navarro, 10; Sebastian Navarro, 12; Leah Pando, 10; Alessandro Pereira, 9; Giada Porven, 8; Lucas Porven, 10; Enrique Rodriguez, 11; Mary Sawyer, 9; Steve Sawyer, 10; Carleigh Schleicher, 10; Mallory Schleicher, 12; Annie Schulze, 9; Natalia Sibug, 10; Lily Sines, 13; Kailey Smith, 11; Owen Smith, 9; Samantha Solia, 11; Christian Tijero, 10; Emma Twombly, 12; Valerie Vank, 10; Christian Vasquez, 12; Sarah Vasquez, 8; and Nicole Vignali, 10.

SOFLO’s Masters team will compete in the Coral Springs Short Course Yards Last Chance Masters Meet on Saturday at the Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

Warm-up is 11 a.m. and the action gets under way at noon.

SOFLO masters coach and swimmer Carlos Morante will be joined by Xavier Brown, Paula Berti, Marilde Roman, Julia Fermayer, Terri Rivera and Edileide Marinheiro. Morante, Fermayer and Berti are each entered in five events.

The meet is open to all registered USMS swimmers ages 18 and older. Each swimmer is limited to five events plus relays.

Coral Springs Masters will host a social sponsored by Gold Coast Masters after the meet.


What: Gulliver Long Course Invitational

When: Friday-Sunday, all timed finals.

Schedule: Friday, Session 1, 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, Session 2, 9 a.m., Session 3, 2 p.m.; Sunday, Session 4, 9:30 a.m., Session 5, 2:30 p.m.

Where: Gulliver Prep Aquatics Complex, 6575 North Kendall Drive, Pinecrest.

Admission: $3 per session. For information call 305-666-7937.

What: Jesse Vassallo 2016 Invitational

When: Saturday-Sunday, timed finals.

Schedule: Saturday, Session 1, 9 a.m., Session 2, 15 minutes after the previous session; Sunday, Session 3, 9 a.m., Session 4, 15 minutes after the previous session.

Where: Pompano Beach Aquatic Center, 820 NE 18th Ave.

Admission: $3 per session. For information call 954-372-5029.

What: Coral Springs Short Course Yards Last Chance Masters Meet

When: Saturday, noon.

Where: Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, 12441 Royal Palm Boulevard, Coral Springs

Admission: Free. For information call 954-345-2121.