SOFLO Swimmers Open Speedo Winter Junior East Championships With Mixed Results; Smutny Top FGC Finisher

By Sharon Robb

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., December 7, 2017—Kathleen Golding will chalk it off as a learning experience at the Speedo Winter Junior East Championships Thursday at University of Tennessee’s Allan Jones Aquatic Center

The South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer qualified for the final of the 200-yard individual medley in 1:59.93, just off her seed time of 1:59.72 but was disqualified in the final.

Golding, 17, was also 14th in the 50-yard freestyle in 23.02, after going 22.98 in prelims.

Golding, who qualified in five events, has the 400-yard individual medley and 100- and 200-yard freestyles remaining.

All five SOFLO swimmers saw action on Day Two of the national-caliber meet.

SOFLO’s contingent includes Golding, Kelley Heron, Luke Lezotte, Ricardo Roche and Rafael Rodriguez.

Lezotte, swimming his only event, went 21.20 in the 50-yard freestyle and will now time trial every day.

Heron went 2:06.83 in the 200-yard individual medley, faster than her time at the high school state meet and has set herself up nicely for her remaining 100- and 200-yard backstroke events.

Roche, who qualified in five events, went 4:39.23 in the 500-yard freestyle and 1:56.82 in the 200-yard individual medley. He has the 400-yard individual medley, 1,650-yard freestyle and 200-yard backstroke left to swim.

Rafael Rodriguez went 4:37.27 in the 500-yard freestyle and still has the 400-yard individual medley and 1,650-yard freestyle remaining.

Florida Gold Coast’s top finisher was Mary Smutny, 17, of AquaKids Sharks placing third in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:42.80.

The Speedo Winter Junior West Championships are also being held through Saturday at the University of Iowa Recreation Center in Iowa City.


500-yard freestyle: 1. Leah Braswell, York YMCA 4:39.29; FGC: 3. Mary Smutny, AK Sharks 4:42.80; 30. Alessandra Baldari, NPB 4:53.47, 35. Marcella Ruppert-Gomez Gulliver 4:54.96, 51. Anna Auld, ECAC 4:57.52.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Alexandra Walsh, Nashville Aquatics 1:54.02, meet record: SOFLO: 8. Kathleen Golding 1:59.93, prelims; 124. Kelley Heron 2:06.83.

FGC: 34. Shayna Fetes, SAS 2:03.07, 35. Jennifer Secrest, NPB 2:03.13, 45. Mary Smutny, AK Sharks 2:03.68, 63. Alessandra Baldari, NPB 2:04.32, 82. Erica Temperino, ECAC 2:05.23, 83. Andrea Santander, PC 2:05.24, 105. Emily Cordovi, GP 2:06.01, 156. Hannah Virgin, PC 2:08.49.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Gretchen Walsh, Nashville 22.00; SOFLO: 14. Kathleen Golding 23.02/13. 22.98, prelims.

FGC: Swim-off, 4. Chade Nersicio, ECAC 23.39/ 25. 23.32/17. 22.97, finals; 32. Lauren Hew, SAS 23.44, 48. Andrea Santander, PC 23.56 and 48. Mary Smutny, AK Sharks 23.56, 86. Sloan Sizemore, MC 23.87, 88. Jennifer Secrest, NPB 23.88, 106. Catharine Cooper, SFTL 23.99, 119. Hailey Jerew, AK Sharks 24.08, 134. Alexandra Meszaros, PC 24.23, 40. Megan Murphy, ECAC 24.28, 158. Jessica Nava, PC 24.60.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Nashville Aquatics 3:36.68, 17. Pine Crest 3:46.83, 25. East Coast Aquatics 3:49.15.


500-yard freestyle: 1. Drew Kibler, Carmel 4:14.42, meet record; SOFLO: 79. Rafael Rodriguez, 4:37.27; 84. Ricardo Roche, 4:39.23.

FGC: 12. Aitor Fungairino, Metro Aquatics 4:24.27/10. 4:24.05, prelims; 20. Miguel Cancel, Gulliver 4:27.53, 33. Adrian Aguilar, Metro Aquatics 4:03.07, 74. Daniel Jacobs, PC 4:36.15, 91. Cameron Taddonio, BRST 4:42.94.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Carson Foster, Mason Manta Rays 1:43.79; SOFLO: 140. Ricardo Roche, SOFLO 1:56.82.

FGC: 12. Miguel Cancel, Gulliver 1:48.02/16. 1:50.14, prelims, 19. Trahern Gribble, Gulliver 1:49.73/26. 1:50.67, prelims, 30. Patrick Groters, PC 1:50.91, 53. Brandon Vives, MAC 1:52.04, 142. Kevin Degrijze, ECAC 1:58.41.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Drew Kibler, Carmel 19.57; SOFLO: 86. Luke Lezotte 21.20.

FGC: 20. Kyle Dimatteo, Lake Lytal Lightning 20.58/18. 20.50, prelims; 22. Irvin Hoost, Metro Aquatics 20.60/ 21. 20.55, prelims, 24. Cason Wilburn, ECAC 20.87/23. 20.63, prelims, 38. Nico Ferrara, PC 20.80, 48. Jorge Depassier, Azura 20.85, 55. Izaak Bastian, SAS 20.90, 61. Patrick Groters, PC 20.97, 88. Steven Aimable, Azura 21.03.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Mason Manta Rays 3:13.68, 9. Metro Aquatics 3:18.98, 36. Gulliver 3:24.87.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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